The 6 Best Kualoa Ranch Tours in Oahu

Hey there, fellow Oahu adventure seekers!

I’ve been exploring and researching Kualoa Ranch for quite some time now. You see, my boyfriend and I just can’t get enough of this incredible place in Oahu. So trust me when I say that I know the ins and outs of all the amazing guided tours the ranch has to offer.

You’re probably here because you want to take a break from those crowded beaches and experience something truly memorable – I totally get it! That’s why I’m sharing my love for Kualoa Ranch with you, as well as my top tour recommendations based on what type of adventurer you are.

So, whether you’re looking for family-friendly fun or adrenaline-pumping excitement, fear not! This article has got everything you need to make an informed decision about which Kualoa Ranch tour is perfect for you.

Warning: After experiencing these captivating tours, don’t be surprised if your friends start bombarding you with questions about how to plan their own Oahu escape!

Ready? Let’s discover what unforgettable adventures await us at Kualoa Ranch.

Kualoa Ranch Horseback Walking Tour

Enjoy the island’s best riding trails at the Kualoa Ranch, where guests can walk their horses through lush valley grounds and rainforests. In addition, the ranch offers a horseback walking tour that’s ideal for families and beginners as expert wranglers accompany you. 

The 2-hour trip goes at a relaxed pace through the cattle ranch, with scenic stops at the Ka’a’awa Valley, the filming site of Hollywood films like Pearl Harbor and Jurassic World. You’ll also pass by World War II bunkers, which are a great photo op. 

My boyfriend and I loved walking our well-trained horses through the ranch grounds and enjoying the scenic views. Here’s why it’s the best Kualoa Ranch tour:

  • You can enjoy views of the lush green Kanehoalani Mountains while riding. 
  • The guides narrate the ranch’s history in detail on the trip. 
  • Guests can explore the stables and see farm animals and cattle on the ranch. 

Hollywood Movie Sites Tour at Kualoa Ranch

Many of Hollywood’s major blockbusters like Jumanji, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, 50 First Dates, and Magnum P.I. were filmed at the Kualoa Ranch, and you can explore their filming sites with this tour. So you’ll spend ninety minutes with an experienced tour guide on the trip, which gives insider tips on the filming.

The trip takes place on a vintage school bus that passes through the Kualoa Ranch’s expansive 4,000-acre grounds. My boyfriend and I loved hearing commentary on the ranch’s history and learning about the impressive list of films filmed here. You’ll also see where a dinosaur chase took place in Jurassic Park and take a picture of Godzilla’s giant footprint.

The tour continues with sightseeing to the Mokoli’i Islands, the lush Ko’olau Mountain range, and the Kaneohe Bay, where Johnny Depp sailed in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

We had a wonderful time seeing the sites of our favorite movies up close and hearing commentary from the guide. Here’s why it’s the best Kualoa Ranch tour:

  • You’ll see a World War II bunker that houses props and souvenirs from the movies filmed here. 
  • The guide is terrific and answers all your questions about the ranch.
  • The stunning filming locations make for a great photo op.

Jurassic Valley Zipline Tour at Kualoa Ranch

Ziplining is a favorite activity in Hawaii, and you can ride over the Ka’a’awa Valley rainforest on this ziplining tour at the Kualoa Ranch. This tour is ideal for beginners and those with prior experience, as you can ride with an instructor or your partner on the course’s fourteen tandem cables. 

You’ll begin the ziplining adventure on the Kualoa Ranch grounds by getting fitted for gear and receiving safety instructions from the guide. Then, you’ll zoom over rainforest canopies and past running streams on the ziplines ranging from 200 feet to ¼ mile, increasing with speed on every line. 

In addition, the course has two suspension bridges which allow you to take in aerial views of the breathtaking landscape. Finally, end your tour with short hikes through nature trails as your instructors point out native medicinal plants growing in the valley. 

My boyfriend and I loved riding the Jurassic Valley lines and seeing aerial views of Northeast Oahu on this tour. Here’s why it’s the best Kualoa Ranch tour:

  • You’ll learn about the local plant and animal life residing in the area from your guide.
  • The tour provides all necessary ziplining equipment and detailed instructions for first-timers. 
  • You can choose from multiple tour times in the morning and afternoon according to your schedule. 

UTV Raptors Tour in Kualoa Ranch

Embark on a thrilling ride at the Kualoa Ranch with a UTV Raptors tour, which places passengers on open-air 4WDs for a self-driven tour of the Ka’a’awa Valley. This tour is great for small groups and families as the UTVs can hold two to six people, so the whole family can ride in one. 

The tour is led by a guide’s vehicle that takes you on a saddle trail to the filming sites of Jurassic Valley’s blockbuster movies. You’ll also enjoy riding through muddy pathways and plunging into rushing streams as you drive to remote areas in the valley. 

In addition, this tour allows you to interact with people in other UTVs passing by and stop to take pictures of the many gorgeous sights. 

We had the most amazing time exploring the 1000-acre Ka’a’awa Valley on UTVs, and here’s what makes it one of the best Kualoa Ranch tours:

  • The guides know their way around the valley well and stick to the most scenic routes. 
  • The tour includes a few pit stops where the guides explain the ranch’s history and take your photos.
  • The tour takes you to unseen parts of the ranch, which show undeveloped Hawaii’s rugged beauty. 

Kualoa Ranch Jungle Expedition Tour 

Experience a new side to the picture-perfect Kualoa Ranch from this tour which takes you on an off-road adventure through steep jungle trails and the rugged back-country terrain of the ranch. The tour takes place on a six-wheel-drive Swiss Pinzgauer, led by an expert driver who navigates the bumpy road well.

The driver takes you to secluded spots overlooking Eastern Oahu like the Moli’i Pond, an 800-year-old ancient Hawaiian fishpond, the Mokoli’i Island, and Kaneohe Bay, which gives breathtaking views of the lush Chinaman’s Hat. 

In addition, the tour stops at remote lookout points on the Kualoa Ranch, where you can stop to take in the serene surroundings and snap some memorable photos. 

We had an incredible time driving through the jungles of Oahu on this thrilling trip. Here’s why it’s the best Kualoa Ranch tour:

  • The driver is terrific and shares fun stories with you throughout the ride. 
  • You’ll also hear about the history of Hawaii and the ranch from your guide. 
  • The six-wheel drive is a military-designed vehicle that is ideal for riding over rough terrain.

Ocean Voyage Expedition at Kualoa Ranch 

The Kualoa Ranch isn’t all valley floors and rainforests, as its lands encompass many scenic water bodies like the Kaneohe Bay, Hokule’a Beach, and Moli’i Pond. This 1.5-hour takes you through these stunning water bodies and more on a luxury catamaran cruise, with stops at scenic lookout points on the shore.

You’ll start by driving by the Moli’i Pond on the Ranch grounds, an 800-year-old pond that was used to supply local villages with fish. Then, you’ll reach Secret Island and board the catamaran, which sails past the remains of the prehistoric Ko’olau volcano, which formed Kaneohe Bay, the Ko’olau mountains, and Mokoli’i Island. 

In addition, the tour passes by Hokule’a Beach, a stunning white-sand shore home to a modern replica of an ancient Hawaiian sailing boat. 

We were in awe of the breathtaking shores seen from this tour and considered it one of the best Kualoa Ranch tours. Here’s why you will too:

  • You’ll learn about the traditional aquaculture practices of Hawaii used in the Moli’i Pond.
  • The tour stops by Mokoli’i Island and Hokule’a Beach for photo ops.
  • You’ll hear informative commentary on the history of Hawaii and Oahu from your guides.


Is it worth it to go to Kualoa Ranch?

If you’re in Oahu, missing out on a Kualoa Ranch tour would be a big mistake, as its expansive grounds house rainforests, lush gardens, a ziplining course, and stunning water bodies. The ranch is also a must-visit for movie buffs as it was the filming site of Hollywood blockbusters like Jurassic World, Pearl Harbor, and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Can you go to Kualoa Ranch without a tour?

The Kualoa Ranch is a privately-owned cattle ranch that is open to visitors year-round if they’re accompanied by guided tours. You can only go as far as the ranch’s on-ground gift shop without a tour.

How long does it take to tour Kualoa Ranch?

Depending on which tour you pick, it can take 1-3 hours to explore the grounds. The UTV and movie location tours will take longer and will most likely tour major parts of the ranch. 

Winding Up The Best Kualoa Ranch Tours

The Kualoa Ranch is an unmissable destination in Oahu, as it offers terrific tours for people of all ages and abilities. There are guided tours for adventure activities on the ranch, like ziplining and UTV rides, and scenic tours to enjoy its stellar views. 

Looking for a family-friendly trip at the Kualoa Ranch? Try riding ziplines and walking horses.

Need to try a thrilling adventure activity at the Kualoa Ranch? Take a UTV tour and a jungle expedition on a six-wheeler. 

Want to take in scenic views of the ranch? Take the Hollywood movie sites tour and the Ocean Voyage tour.

The best Kualoa Ranch tours have something fun for everyone!

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