Best Korean BBQ in Honolulu: Savor the Unbeatable Flavors!

Welcome, Korean BBQ enthusiasts!

I’m about to open the treasure trove of my personal experiences exploring every grilling corner of Honolulu. For the past few years, I’ve devoted myself to scouring this beautiful island capital for Korean BBQ joints that serve up real flavor — and boy did I hit a goldmine!

No visit would be complete without indulging in the sizzling goodness of authentic Korean BBQ. Granted, our first-time visits were rather tricky; hunting down quality food in an unfamiliar place is not always fun. Over time and countless meals later, we came across some absolute gem spots which house mouth-watering barbecues you wouldn’t want to miss.

So here is my sincere offering: A carefully put-together list of top three remarkable spots where your hunt for delicious and reasonably priced Korean BQQ in Honolulu ends! We’ll dive deep into each restaurant’s unique qualities – menu specifics, eye-popping features, competitive pricing…, you name it!

Warning: After sinking your teeth into one succulent strip after another from these places… well let’s just say those home-cooked recipes might need a spell on the bench.

And with that said… Let’s get on-track to embark upon an unforgettable culinary journey through sunny streets of Honolulu.

Gen Korean BBQ House – The Best Korean BBQ Restaurant in Honolulu

Imagine enjoying succulent barbecued delights within a chic modern setting. That’s what Gen Korean BBQ House offers you—a serene, tasteful ambiance to relish authentic barbecue dishes at Ala Moana, one of the tranquil corners of Honolulu.

Frequently visited by my boyfriend and me, Gen Korean thrills us again each time we drop by with its mouth-watering food variety and excellent value. Besides being aesthetically appealing with its glass windows and rustic wooden seating arrangements adorned with colorful lighting, dining here is an enthralling gastronomic experience itself.

Here’s why you will find yourself falling in love with this place:

  • Friendly atmosphere: Perfect for families as they offer discounts on meals for children aged between 5 to 10.
  • Built-In Grills: Every table is equipped with a built-in grill where customers can roast their meat according to their preferences.
  • Varied Food Menu: A vast selection of 36 items offered at the lunch buffet that includes tantalizing marinated steaks and shrimps besides traditional Korean dips.
  • Refreshments: Bottled or draft beers are available alongside flavored soju or any soft drinks you prefer.
  • Courteous Customer Service: The restaurant staff attends quickly without letting you wait for long despite heavy footfall most times.
  • Pocket-friendly prices: Any full-course meal along with drinks costs less than $30 per person on average.

But there’re certain factors which need your attention:

Reservations required due to its incredible popularity leading sometimes even up to two weeks waiting!

Parking might be difficult due firstly because of the crowded garage parking area but also lack-of-spaces can be problematic if street parking isn’t available nearby too!

Sadies BBQ Inn – The Undiscovered Jewel of Hawaiian BBQ Cuisine

Strolling post a spree at the Pearl Shopping Center, my boyfriend and I stumbled across a compact yet inviting eatery—Sadies BBQ Inn. It might seem an unsuspecting locale initially but let me assure you, its fiery Korean barbecue offerings turn you into regular patrons in no time.

The minute we tried Sadies’ takeaway for the first time, there was no looking back. With every visit thereafter, our fondness only grew exponentially!

Reasons Sadies should be on your to-eat-at list are:

  • Multiple Parking Options: Securing parking will be trouble-free thanks to the garage near the restaurant along with separate provision for bikes.
  • Diverse Menu: From barbecued meats like chicken or pork to flavor-packed seafood stir-fry or comforting soups and stews—every dish is crafted excellently here.
  • Pocket-friendly Side Dishes: Offerings such as kimchi and sushi ranging between $9-$13 guarantee no meal feels incomplete without accompaniments!
  • Handy Takeaway Containers: Truly laudable is their initiative allowing customers to pack leftovers using provided handy containers.

Remarkably priced under $40 per person for a full-course delight besides ensuring wheelchair access portrays Sadie’s isn’t just about terrific food but also cares genuinely about each guest.

However, do remember few points before confirmation:

Table reservations are mandatory if dining-in though quick takeaways too aren’t ruled out! Surprisingly fun addition—feel free to carry your own brew since they sadly don’t stock up on alcohol!

Mes Bar-B-Que – The Ultimate Korean BBQ Destination in Honolulu

Imagine savoring lip-smacking barbecue under a blanket of Hawaii’s cool evening sky! At the heart of Honolulu, Mes Bar-B-Que makes this dream come true with its drool-worthy Korean dishes.

We, my boyfriend and I, ventured here along with some friends on recommendation to sample their renowned beef BBQ. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of phenomenal! From flavor profiles that take your taste buds on an unforgettable culinary trip to satiating portion sizes—Mes garnered our praises and overstuffed stomachs alike!

Unpacking why you too should rendezvous at Mes’ are:

  • Street Parking Availability: No parking woes courtesy a spacious street-parking segment.
  • Outdoor Seating Convenience: Bask in Hawaiian tranquility dining alfresco under umbrella shading each table for comfort!
  • Authentic Korean Cuisine: Traditional yet tantalizing BBQ offerings including jun apart from lighter options like soups or noodles.
  • Wide Array of Sides: Add more dimension to your meal by picking from an assortment including rice, kimchi or sweet potato sides priced within $15!

Dog-lovers rejoice as they welcome furry buddies happily besides maintaining neat restroom facilities for visitors.


They unfortunately neither serve alcohol nor permit outside-alcohol inside. Plus carrying any sort of eats except those purchased here is strictly discouraged.

This cozy island nook awaits your visit—a uniquely memorable experience guaranteed!


Now that you know the top Korean BBQ restaurants, you can easily go and enjoy mouthwatering, unique flavored BBQ with the best views! You will want to come back again and again to taste the different Korean BBQ varieties! Have fun!


Is Korean BBQ expensive in Honolulu?

There are many restaurants in Honolulu where you can eat Korean BBQ at a budget-friendly price. The maximum cost for a BBQ platter is about $30.

Which places in Honolulu have the best Korean BBQ?

Honolulu has tons of Korean BBQ restaurants; some of the best are:

  • Gen Korean BBQ 
  • Ono Korean BBQ
  • Peppas Korean BBQ
  • Chois Garden

Are the BBQ houses open till night in Honolulu?

Yes, many restaurants are open till the early morning in Honolulu. Some of the Korean BBQ restaurants that stay open till late at night are:

  • Sik Do Rak
  • Sura Hawaii
  • Topped Waikiki

Where in Honolulu HI can I find Korean Barbecue spots offering grilled meat?

You will come across various top-notch Korean BBQ restaurants in different corners of Honolulu, HI. One notable place is the Gen Korean BBQ House where you can enjoy the dining experience with a built-in grill at each table to roast your choice of grilled meat according to your preference.

What are some stand-out features of the best Korean BBQ Restaurants in King St, Honolulu HI?

Most standout features common among the best Korean barbecue restaurants on King St like Seoul Tofu House include a wide variety of offerings such as beef tongue, pork belly, and other types of good food including complimentary appetizers pending on special meal packs or days! Many also provide takeout for convenience.

Can we mention any family-friendly Best Korean BBQ Restaurants near the Salt Lake Shopping Center or Samsung Plaza that have outdoor seating?

While many restaurants do not specifically emphasize their ‘family pack’ options but yes many establishments generally accommodate bigger parties by providing economies-of-scale kind discounts during meal times. Specifically, Mes Bar-B-Que located at the heart downtown allows alfresco-dining experiences under umbrella-shading comfort to anyone visiting there! Another option is Sadies Inn which ensures accessibility to wheelchairs; it’s not flashy setup guests every age group would feel welcomed comfortably and dine together while enjoying fresh-off grill barbecues amidst lovely Hawaiian breeze!

Is there a contrast between fast food places and authentic traditional-style servings provided by Korean Restaurants when considering Food quality within them?

Definitely! When comparing native-food outlets probably the easiest distinguish lies in taste profiles both categories extensively cover basic meats rice cabbage variants kim chee soups items carefully seasoned marinated fine-tuned plethora taste-bursts uncommon run–mill joint thus eating essentially means fully immersing oneself whole tradition stems hundreds years ago delivered straight culinary plate diverse succulent cuisines ready tickle sense bite ensuring come-away enriched knowledge palate too against largely monotonous menu mostly gravitating around burgers fries shakes occasional tortillas re-heated patties falling significantly short terms nutritional value flavor therefore prefer exploring indulging rather pigeonholing single cuisine helps round out metropolistic lifestyle found Hawaii Enjoy journey discovering what delights hold waiting firsthand!

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