Best Kihei Food Trucks – Discover Mouthwatering Meals!

Welcome fellow food truck enthusiasts!

If you’re anything like me, the thought of delectable street eats makes your mouth water. Recently, my boyfriend and I went on a mission to discover the best food trucks in Kihei, Maui. We were determined not to let our taste buds down.

After countless hours of chowing down and endless debates over which dishes really hit the spot, we’ve managed to narrow it down to three unbeatable favorite food truck options. Our journey led us through the wonders of the Kinaole Grill food truck, a staple of Kihei food, as well as other marvelous mobile kitchens found at the vibrant food truck park nestled in South Maui gardens.

You see folks; we want nothing more than for you all to experience those magical bites that transport you straight to flavor heaven. And guess what? We totally get that no one wants mediocre meals or regrets when vacationing in paradise!

So here’s some insider scoop from yours truly: These top-notch Kihei food trucks, including Kinaole Grill food truck and other fantastic Maui food trucks, have proven their mettle with their drool-worthy menus while still being friendly on our pockets – satisfaction guaranteed without breaking your bank!

Warning: You may find yourself hopelessly addicted once you taste the good food coming out of these trucks!

Now pull up a chair (or stand at the nearest picnic table), because it’s time for us adventurers-cum-foodies to relish every bit of goodness coming out of these marvelous mobile kitchens… Bon Appétit!

Kina’ole Grill – Best Food Truck in South Kihei

The Kina’ole Grill food truck, founded by a local former caterer, has blossomed into one of Kihei’s most renowned eateries. Offering Hawaiian and Polynesian cuisine, this vibrant food truck is famous for serving delectable fish-based plate lunches.

You can find the Kina‘ole Grill Food Truck parked just off South Kihei Road near Kamaole Beach Park 1. Adorned with its signature colorful beach scene painting, it’s impossible to miss!

While there’s no seating available at the food truck itself, don’t let that stop you from enjoying their delicious dishes. Do as we did—grab your order to go and savor it under palm tree shades at nearby Kamaole Beach Park 1.

PRO TIP: Don’t miss out on their bestsellers like coconut shrimp, calamari, and Mahi Mahi! This favorite food truck is known for its good food!

My boyfriend and I eagerly ordered coconut shrimp alongside chicken katsu plate lunch. The coconut shrimp were coated in coconut flakes and fried to golden perfection while remaining succulent inside. Both dishes came with fresh salad and Kewpie sauce—a feast for the taste buds!

What won our hearts about Kina’ole Grill’s fare:

  • Generous portions of mouthwatering dishes
  • Affordable prices; almost everything is less than $20
  • Temptingly tasty meals rivaling even fancy restaurants
  • Freshly prepared plates made-to-order

Vidad’s Local Kine Grindz – Best Food Truck in Kihei for Hawaiian-Filipino Fusion Cuisine

While exploring Kihei, we accidentally discovered Vidad’s Local Kine Grindz—a hidden gem that many tourists might overlook. Intrigued by their unique offering of Filipino-Hawaiian fusion cuisine (often called “Kine Grindz”), we eagerly chose it as our lunch spot. This Filipino food experience was simply unforgettable!

Vidad’s motto—“it’s all about making things ono” (Hawaiian for delicious)—certainly holds true, as their dishes left us craving more.

PRO TIP: Don’t miss out on anything involving adobo and their fresh seafood specials! This truck, which could easily become your favorite food truck, has something for everyone!

My boyfriend and I ordered pork belly adobo along with Lechon kawali over adobo fried rice and garlic noodles. The generously portioned garlic noodles were among the best we’ve had, loaded with crispy fried garlic bits. A must-try if you’re a fan of bold flavors! The rice boasted a well-balanced blend of mild adobo seasoning with a hint of tart vinegar.

Ultimately, Vidad’s proved to be an ideal choice for those looking to expand their palates beyond standard fried rice options.

Other notable features that make Vidad’s stand out:

  • Excellent pricing for generous portions
  • Free parking available
  • Friendly staff providing great service
  • An extensive menu with numerous tempting choices
  • Delicious dessert offerings like shave ice

Give Vidad’s Local Kine Grindz a try—you won’t be disappointed! You’ll find this food truck near the Costco Gas Station!

Aloha Thai Fusion Food Truck – The Best Maui Food Truck Serving Thai-Hawaiian Fusion in Kihei (Near Azeka)

Aloha Thai Fusion, a renowned company operating a restaurant, catering services, and food truck throughout Maui, specializes in tantalizing Thai fusion dishes. The talented Thai chef brings over 10 years of high-end restaurant experience, ensuring authenticity that will satisfy any discerning palate.

The company’s “Aloha” motto guarantees a delightful experience for visitors as well as attracting local patrons. This truck has positioned itself among the best Maui food trucks!

PRO TIP: Don’t miss out on their fish tacos and refreshing Thai Mee—both crowd favorites!

We relished the pad thai with perfectly cooked prawns that maintained their succulence. Their scrumptious fish tacos were served with a sweet mango lime sauce and garnished with cilantro—a light and refreshing treat.

What stood out at Aloha Thai Fusion:

  • Exceptional service from the friendly staff providing coupons for future visits
  • High-quality food paired with reasonable prices
  • Proximity to the beach—enjoy fantastic views while dining
  • Vegan and vegetarian options available

Experience Aloha Thai Fusion Food Truck yourself; it’s undeniably deserving of five stars!

South Maui Fish Company – Best Food Truck Serving Fresh Seafood in Piikea Area

The South Maui Fish Company features a food truck that offers some of the freshest seafood selections in the Piikea area. With locally caught fish and homemade recipes, it prides itself on serving high-quality dishes.

Their menu includes mouthwatering options like fresh fish tacos, grilled mahi-mahi plates, ceviche with taro chips, and poke bowls. You can expect friendly service and reasonable prices at this fantastic location!

We ordered their fish tacos with crisp cabbage slaw and zesty garlic aioli which were simply divine! The flavors complemented each other perfectly to create a memorable dining experience.

Perks of eating at South Maui Fish Company:

  • Incredible quality seafood
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Located conveniently near Piikea
  • Daily specials with unique offerings
  • Fresh, locally caught fish on the menu


In Kihei, a food truck isn’t just a place serving a quick but greasy grab-and-go lunch. Instead, it’s where you can find some of the best Kihei food trucks offering the most delicious Maui food.

In reality, most food trucks here, including the amazing Kinaole Grill food truck and other gems at the Kihei food truck park, are far superior in their menus. From using the freshest local ingredients to producing the best multicultural cuisine Hawaii is famous for, like chicken bacon ranch or braised beef loco moco. Try eating at any of these Maui food trucks once and report whether you are a convert.


Why eat at a Kihei food truck?

I’ve made at least 3 attempts at ordering from food trucks in Kihei, and I think that food trucks are superior in food quality to any fancy restaurant. 

Also, Kihei has so many varieties of food trucks that you can spend all your days moving from one food truck to another and enjoying the best food Maui has to offer you that you won’t feel the need to eat at a brick restaurant.

Where can I find freshly roasted iced coffees and Mexican food in Kihei, HI?

In South Maui around Kihei Rd, you’ll come across various food trucks that serve freshly roasted iced coffees along with delicious Mexican eats. Exploring the local Maui food truck park will provide a nice selection of both beverages and culinary delights.

What are some must-try dishes at Outrigger Pizza or an authentic southern BBQ food truck?

Outrigger Pizza is known for its mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas featuring unique toppings like pineapple coleslaw or gourmet herb rice crust. When visiting a southern BBQ food truck in Kihei, HI, expect to savor delectable smoked meats paired perfectly with traditional homemade side dishes.

Do any pirate-themed food trucks operate near the bustling Kihei road area?

Yes, Kraken Coffee Maui is a pirate-themed truck offering both excellent coffee options and delightful snacks perfect for your foodie experience near Kihei road. Keep an eye out for this themed treasure while exploring the vibrant street scene!

Can I enjoy my meals outdoors while trying different scrumptious offerings from various food trucks in the Food Truck Park on South Maui?

Absolutely! In South Maui’s Food Truck Park located on Kihei Rd, you can relish a wide array of tastes – from tempting herb rice bowls to succulent southern BBQ dishes – set within charming outdoor spaces perfect for embracing the carefree island life.

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