The 4 Best Places in Kauai for Horseback Riding

Aloha, fellow horse lovers!

Let me tell you about the time my boyfriend and I discovered a hidden gem when we escaped the waters of Hawaii and went on an incredible adventure. Kauai has been hiding some amazing secrets, and I’m here to let you in on one: horse riding across breathtaking landscapes that’ll leave you craving for more.

You see, Hawaii isn’t just about beaches and waterfall hikes – it’s also home to the long-lost legacy of paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) who left behind sprawling ranches perfect for tourists like us. Now, as someone who’s been studying and researching horseback riding excursions for quite a while now (I know, obsession much?), I can promise you that these Kauai ranches will take your vacation to a whole new level.

Now imagine this: galloping along beautiful trails through dense forests with native plants surrounding you, occasionally catching glimpses of distant waterfalls and majestic mountains. Sounds too good to be true? Well, trust me when I say that it gets even better as these well-maintained ranches offer some seriously well-trained horses – making it an experience suitable for anyone who loves horses or wants a piece of cowboy action.

Warning: Once you’ve tried horse back riding in Kauai, you might find yourself trading your beach towel for a saddle every chance you get!

So buckle up, fellow adventurers! I’m here to guide you through the best horseback riding spots in Kauai that my boyfriend and I have personally tried and loved. Let’s dive into this unexplored world of equine magic together and create memories like never before. Yee-haw!

CJM Country Stables

Those looking to ride horses on the beach should visit CJM Country Stables in South Kauai, which offers beachside rides with terrific views. The stables have two tours: the historic Mahaulepu Trail and Secrets Beach, with experienced guides and well-kept horses. 

Riders receive a horse according to their riding skill on arriving for the tour, or you can choose one from their extensive stables. For the Mahaulepu Beach Ride, you’ll pass through the Heritage Trail and see a variety of scenery and terrain, like coastal and mountain vistas, and the ranch’s agricultural land. The ride lasts two hours and ends at a stream by one of the most amazing beaches in Hawaii. 

If you’re traveling with family, take the Secret Beach Picnic Ride, shorter and less strenuous than the other one but offers the same views. After an hour of riding, you can explore the beach while your guides prepare a delicious picnic lunch.

We’ve taken both rides with CJM Stables on separate occasions, and they never disappoint. My boyfriend and I get excellent horses each time we ride with CJM, and we grow fond of our horses by the ride’s end. 

Check out CJM Country Stables for great Kauai horseback riding on your next trip. 

  • You can also book a private horse ride and lessons with the ranch. 
  • The guides are amazing and help you get comfortable with riding.  
  • You can buy great souvenirs from their gift shop after the ride. 

Princeville Ranch

Head to one of Kauai’s oldest ranches, Princeville Ranch, on the North shore, that’s been operating since 1978. They offer horseback riding lessons from expert instructors on the ranch, along with rides on their extensive grounds with stunning landscape views. 

You can book a trip with their instructors, lasting two to four hours, and take in views of the Hanalei mountains close to the ranch on your ride. We booked a ride and asked our instructor for the best views, and she took us to a nearby waterfall with a small pond and ledge to jump in and a stunning trail leading to it. 

In fact, the Princeville Ranch has such extensive terrain that you can take ATV tours and ride zip lines from their grounds, with beautiful mountain scenery.

We highly recommend experienced and novice riders to visit Princeville Ranch, as they offer the best Kauai horseback riding experience. 

  • The instructors are excellent and guide you well throughout the trip. 
  • You can have HD-quality pictures taken throughout the ride and purchase them for $20.
  • The ranch offers a nice sandwich lunch after your lesson.

Silver Falls Ranch

Located in Kilauea, the Silver Falls Ranch is another terrific place to take horseback riding tours and lessons in Kauai. The ranch has experienced instructors and well-trained horses, so you can learn riding or take a trip to the nearby Silver Falls.

Their guided horseback tours are terrific and take riders through the Makaleha mountain range, with a stop by a tropical botanical garden on the way. You’ll arrive at Silver Falls after an hour of leisurely riding, where horses and riders can take a break and see the beautiful natural pool.

Take the three-hour Tropical Trail ride, passing through the mountain’s hidden trails and ancient volcanic base for a more scenic and relaxed route. Once you arrive at the falls, enjoy a picnic lunch and swim in the freshwater mountain pool.

We loved visiting the Silver Falls Ranch for its unmatched trail views, so don’t miss them for the best Kauai horseback riding. 

  • The ranch offers private tours for experienced riders.
  • Riders can opt for a nonstop horseback ride and learn to gallop and trot on horses.
  • Their instructors are friendly and give great lessons to children.

Healing Horses Kauai

At Healing Horses in Lihue, horseback riding becomes accessible for those with mobility issues and is a form of therapy and healing. The founder of the stables started using horses for equine therapy in 2001 and is committed to helping people recover from mental and physical illnesses through time with horses.

On their extensive grounds, they offer riding lessons and excursions for children, beginner riders, and experienced riders. In addition, they offer wheelchair-accessible mounting ramps so everyone can enjoy riding on their well-trained horses. 

This ranch is a terrific place for children to learn riding skills, vaulting, and horsemanship from expert instructors and build a social community from their many outreach and volunteer programs. 

We highly recommend trying out Healing Horses when you’re in Kauai, as they combine great riding with therapy. 

  • They offer short horsemanship camps open to everyone. 
  • They have a Handi-Van parking area and ADA toilets.
  • Anyone can volunteer on the ranch and help in their Equine Therapy activities. 


Kauai’s rugged mountains and countryside make it the best place for horseback riding, especially with many stables and ranches operating throughout the island. Tourists and locals in Kauai love riding horses on its beaches, through dense greenery, and on the island’s gorgeous mountainscape. 

Head to CJM Country Stables for the best beachside horseback riding. 

Ride through the Hanalei mountains and waterfalls with Princeville Ranch.

Take a ride to an enchanting waterfall and hidden mountain trail with Silver Falls Ranch.

Discover healing and horseback riding together at Healing Horses.

So make sure to try horseback riding on your next trip to Kauai!

Last Updated on March 28, 2023 by Brigitte