Best Ice Cream in Oahu for a Heavenly Treat!

Welcome fellow ice cream enthusiasts!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share my sweet discoveries with you. After my boyfriend and I moved to Oahu, we made it our mission to find the best places for cool treats on this gorgeous island. Let me tell you – the journey was absolutely fantastic!

I’ve spent the last few weeks venturing all over Oahu, trying out scoop after scoop of creamy goodness while also doing plenty of research on what makes a great ice cream shop. Of course, I couldn’t just rely on my own taste buds; I had to take into account other people’s opinions as well. One thing is certain though – these six delicious spots have truly stolen not just mine but also my boyfriend’s heart.

In order to decide which places made the cut for me, I considered factors such as flavor variety, unique offerings, ambiance, and customer service. The final list is curated keeping in mind different tastes and preferences because let’s face it – there isn’t an ice cream one-size-fits-all solution.

Warning: Your taste buds might never be satisfied anywhere else once you’ve visited these exquisite locations!

Now that we’re all drooling with anticipation (believe me, so am I), join me as we uncover those hidden gems serving up delightful frozen delights in paradise. Get ready for a delicious adventure that will make your trip to Oahu even more memorable!

Angel’s Ice Cream – A Delectable Dessert Oasis in Laie, Oahu

Nestled in the northeastern corner of Oahu, Angel’s Ice Cream stands as a delightful gem amidst the bustling streets. Offering an array of ice cream flavors and other desserts, this charming shop became one of my favorite places to visit during my stay on the island.

We discovered Angel’s Ice Cream while exploring with friends and their two daughters. It turned out to be a mouthwatering paradise for all ages —a true frozen delight! The abundant flavor options catered to everyone’s taste buds.

The white chocolate macadamia ice cream I had was divine. Even their shaved ice impressed us with its refreshing quality. The rich and satisfying flavors were coupled with generously-sized servings that made our experience even more memorable.

During our time in Oahu, we just couldn’t resist returning five times—with each visit proving equally enchanting! No wonder Michelle Obama and her daughters adore this place too.

Here are some highlights from our visits to Angel’s Ice Cream:

  • Reasonably priced treats for such indulgent flavors
  • Friendly staff who provided outstanding service
  • An extensive variety of ice cream choices alongside different cones
  • Delicious alternative sweets available besides ice cream

Scoops of Paradise – Heavenly Homemade Ice Cream in Haleiwa, Hawaii

The name Scoops of Paradise captures the essence perfectly. Imagine scoops taken from the finest edges of heaven and placed in Hawaii for us to savor. This cozy ice cream shop, located in Haleiwa, offers some of the most exquisite homemade ice cream you can imagine.

Infused with natural flavors and local Hawaiian charm, each bite is like a serotonin boost wrapped in creamy goodness. The inviting atmosphere brims with warmth and tranquility.

With an extensive variety of intriguing offerings available, I was particularly fond of the pineapple cheesecake and cookies-and-cream flavors. My boyfriend couldn’t get enough of his chocolate macadamia nut treat either!

Moreover, what sets Scoops of Paradise apart is their attentive team. Every staff member demonstrated patience and attentiveness throughout our visits—an embodiment of authentic Hawaiian hospitality.

Some standout aspects we adored about this establishment include:

  • Delicious homemade ice cream crafted from all-natural ingredients
  • A genuinely friendly staff eager to make your experience exceptional
  • An enormous selection of delightful flavor options—each one as delectable as the next

Magnolia Ice Cream and Treats – Your Destination for Refreshing Frozen Delights in Oahu

When craving tantalizing ice cream in Oahu, look no further than Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats. Known for their luscious, creamy offerings, this gem truly stands out.

As we explored Pearl Harbor’s captivating surroundings, a happy detour to Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats made our sunny day even more delightful. This haven of exquisite frozen desserts offered us the perfect sweet indulgence.

In addition to their extensive array of unique flavors, they also serve delicious Halo-Halo—a much-loved Filipino treat that is refreshing and vibrant. Though I usually gravitate towards shaved ice cream, I couldn’t resist trying halo-halo during my visit and was thoroughly impressed by its wonderful taste.

Magnolia’s ice creams boast a superb texture: soft, creamy yet surprisingly light on the palate. Brimming with rich flavors of tropical essence that satisfy without weighing you down—a true joy for every dessert lover!

Here are some highlights from our experience at Magnolia Ice Cream & Treats:

  • Multiple locations across Honolulu, Waikiki, Kapolei, and Waipahu
  • A wide range of local flavors infused with irresistible tropical notes
  • Serving traditional desserts alongside their famous ice cream selections

Lucy’s Lab Creamery – A Haven of Homemade Ice Cream in Honolulu, Oahu

Situated in the vibrant city of Honolulu, Lucy’s Lab Creamery offers some of the most delightful ice cream experiences you’ll encounter while staying in Oahu.

What sets Lucy’s Lab apart from other ice cream shops is its commitment to freshness and authenticity. They create their homemade ice cream using locally sourced ingredients, allowing each spoonful to burst with the essence of Hawaii.

One exemplary item we tried was their Pan de Crème—a soft toasted bun filled with generous scoops of velvety ice cream. It more than surpassed our high expectations based on rave reviews online! The serving size was substantial enough that it proved to be a challenge even for two people.

Adding charm to your visit, the ambiance at Lucy’s is imaginative and artsy, complete with a welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff members eager to assist you.

Here are some remarkable aspects we enjoyed at Lucy’s Lab Creamery:

  • Delectable flavors crafted from lovingly made recipes
  • Rich and creamy textures achieved by using fresh local ingredients
  • An inviting environment adorned with artistic elements

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha – The Ultimate Shave Ice Experience in Oahu

During our time in Oahu, we were constantly seeking refreshments to combat the balmy Hawaiian heat. Our favorite method? Savoring shave ice—and there’s no better place to indulge than Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha.

This delightful spot sets itself apart with its warm and welcoming Hawaiian ambiance—a characteristic that undoubtedly attracts countless customers. But it is not solely their inviting atmosphere responsible for drawing such crowds; it’s also their incredible shave ice creations!

At Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha, you can discover an abundance of toppings and flavors to experiment with. Here, you have complete control over your dessert experience by customizing your very own shave ice concoction. However, if you’d rather leave decision-making to the experts, they also provide a pre-made menu featuring crowd pleasers.

Some standout aspects we truly appreciated about this lively establishment include:

  • Serving some of the most delectable shave ice in town
  • An extensive variety of tantalizing toppings available
  • A charming Hawaiian interior that enhances the overall experience
  • The freedom to personalize your shave ice or choose from their recommended combinations

Gelato Cafe Haleiwa – A Gelato Lover’s Dream Come True in Hawaii

Everyone deserves a fantastic gelato experience, and that’s exactly what Gelato Cafe Haleiwa offers. We discovered this gem on a trip with friends and instantly fell in love.

Not only did we relish their heavenly gelatos, but we also noticed the exceptional customer service and friendly atmosphere during our visits. The staff at Gelato Cafe Haleiwa genuinely knows how to make you feel right at home.

My personal favorite was their coconut banana flavor, while my boyfriend couldn’t get enough of the green tea variety. If you’re looking for some sweet relief from Hawaii’s tropical heat, there’s no better place than this gelato wonderland!

Here are several reasons why your Hawaiian adventure wouldn’t be complete without trying Gelato Cafe Haleiwa:

  • Unsurpassed quality when it comes to crafting delicious gelato
  • Welcoming and attentive staff who elevate your experience
  • Serving authentic Hawaiian shave ice for a taste of local tradition
  • An impressive range of flavors and delightful combinations to choose from


Oahu is a beautiful piece of heaven on Earth. In order for you to savor it fully, you need to try these ice cream shops.

Because the spirit of Hawaii is best reflected in their food. So, in order to cherish that spirit, you better not miss out on any of these delicious delights that the locals make for you with love.

I hope you leave this article knowing what you want to experience when you come to Oahu. And I hope you leave these 4 places knowing you didn’t waste your time on trashy low-quality ice cream.

Aloha, my fellow travelers!

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