Best Ice Cream in Honolulu: Top 5 Spots You Can’t Miss Out On!

Welcome fellow ice cream enthusiasts!

Over the years, I’ve ventured far and wide in search of the perfect scoop, and recently, my taste buds led me to the beautiful city of Honolulu. Between soaking up the sun on white sandy beaches and exploring lush green landscapes, my boyfriend Mark and I made it our mission to savor every single chilly bite this lovely place had to offer.

As an avid ice cream fan since childhood (let’s be honest – we all screamed for a scoop or two), I thought I’d hit the jackpot after trying numerous frozen delights across various states. However, nothing prepared me for the rich flavors that encapsulate Hawaii’s majestic spirit. From locally-sourced ingredients to unique flavor profiles embodying Hawaiian culture, each spoonful took me on a palatable journey filled with pure joy and pleasure.

During our time in Honolulu, Mark labeled me as an unstoppable “ice-cream-tasting-machine.” It started as a playful tease but ultimately transformed into pride when witnessing my dedication towards finding you lovely readers only THE BEST ice creams that will leave you mesmerized.

Warning: You might find yourself booking your next vacation solely based on these creamy concoctions! Don’t worry though; everyone deserves a flavor-driven adventure now and then!

Now go ahead – dive into paradise with every lick or bite from these heavenly scoops that are sure to redefine how you perceive ice cream forever. Happy indulging!

Lappert’s Hawaii – The Finest Ice Cream in Kauai

Nestled on the island of Kauai, Lappert’s Hawaii is an ice cream haven with its roots dating back to the 1980s. Known for crafting a delightful assortment of flavors from natural and locally-sourced ingredients, it continues to be a hot spot for ice cream lovers.

Every scoop at Lappert’s brims with authentic tastes thanks to their commitment to using real fruit and rejecting artificial flavors. Indulge in unique combinations showcasing papaya, coffee, passion fruit, coconut, macadamia nuts, and lychee for a tropical paradise in each bite.

I remember arriving on a sweltering Sunday morning craving chocolatey goodness; that’s when I discovered Heavenly Hana. A velvety sensation studded with marshmallow swirls and chunks of chocolate awaits you – don’t pass this one up!

Although lines may initially seem intimidating, efficient service ensures your wait time breezes by before diving into their divine creations.

What I relished about Lappert’s Hawaii:

  • Incredibly creamy ice creams
  • True-to-nature fruit flavors
  • An extensive list of tempting offerings

Experience an unforgettable tropical escape through every lick at Lappert’s!

Wing Shave Ice & Ice Cream – A Haven of Homemade Flavors in Honolulu

Situated in Downtown Honolulu, Wing Shave Ice & Ice Cream is a delightful parlor perfect for curbing your cravings and satisfying your ice cream desires. This charming establishment exudes an undeniable Hawaiian vibe that reflects its locally-run nature.

What makes Wing’s ice cream exceptionally luscious is the homemade touch. The fresh-from-scratch flavors outshine typical chain store alternatives. You can choose from an array of irresistible options like vanilla, chocolate, rose, mint chocolate rocks, and pumpkin cheesecake – my personal favorite!

In addition to their ice creams, Wing’s excels at creating exquisite shave ices using all-natural ingredients such as coconut milk and herbal sorbets. These chilly treats strike the right balance between sweetness and subtle flavor.

And don’t worry if you have dietary restrictions! They also offer vegan non-dairy options that taste just as amazing. I had the tea & cookies flavor which was among their plant-based selections.

Make sure to add Wing Shave Ice & Ice Cream to your list of must-visit spots because:

  • Their ice creams and shave ices are made from scratch without any preservatives.
  • All-natural ingredients ensure authentic flavors.
  • The warm-hearted local staff adds a welcoming touch.

Indulge yourself with some heavenly homemade goodness at this delightful destination!

Somisomi – An Irresistible Fusion of Unique Flavors and Novelty Cones

Browsing the streets in search of delightful treats? Don’t miss Somisomi, where you’ll find an extraordinary range of ice cream flavors served in fish-shaped waffle cones – a uniquely charming touch.

As avid explorers, my boyfriend and I have discovered countless ice cream spots during our journeys. But trust me when I say, Somisomi has swiftly become one of our favorites!

With 12 enticing flavors to select from and a new flavor concoction introduced every week, there’s never a dull moment at this enchanting parlor. We first tasted their horchata ice cream here, reminiscing about it ever since.

Emerging from Los Angeles before spreading throughout the US, Somisomi has proven time and time again just how spectacular their offerings are. The joint is also renowned for Ah-Boong, a delectable Korean dessert that will leave you craving more.

We stumbled upon this gem at Ala Moana Center while exploring on foot.

Here’s why you simply must visit Somisomi:

  • Their extensive array of flavors ensures that decision-making is an adventure.
  • Smooth texture meets unrivaled quality with each scoop.
  • Fish-shaped waffle cones add whimsy to your treat-filled experience!
  • Stores spread across the USA speak volumes about their dedication to exceptional taste.

Make it your mission to indulge in some fantastic frozen delights at Somisomi!

Monsarrat Shave Ice – A Deliciously Organic Frozen Treat

When in Hawaii, indulging in shave ice is an absolute must. That’s where Monsarrat Shave Ice comes in! Don’t let the tiny window shop fool you: this hidden gem nestled next to Pioneer Kitchen on Monsarrat Avenue provides delightful offerings.

Organic ingredients and natural fruits form the delicious foundation for their flavorful shave ice selections. You’ll even discover chunks of fruit embedded within your frozen paradise. Plus, their garnishing skills are just as charming as the treat itself!

Our love for Monsarrat Shave Ice tempted us to return twice during our stay. While I couldn’t resist their mixed berry and green tea delight, my boyfriend was enamored with yuzu.

Here’s why a visit (or two) to Monsarrat Shave Ice is a must:

  • All organic ingredients serve up guilt-free dessert indulgence.
  • The fruity twist in each selection leaves taste buds tingling.
  • A diverse variety of flavors ensures something for everyone!
  • Affordable prices pair perfectly with local charm and zero artificial additives or flavors.

Make it a priority to try these delectable organic treats at Monsarrat Shave Ice!

II Gelato Hawaii – Where Hawaiian Flavors Meet Italian Mastery

If you savor the unique and crave authentic flavors, don’t miss out on II Gelato Hawaii. Run by an expert who studied the art of gelato-making in Italy, this parlor offers tempting gelato combinations crafted from local organic ingredients and natural flavors – ensuring both healthful and delectable choices.

The fusion of velvety smooth Hawaiian-inspired flavors with a touch of Italian elegance creates some of the most unforgettable frozen treats. Prepare to be captivated by exotic offerings where classic gelatos entwine with distinctive local tastes.

A myriad of options caters to any palate – from traditional favorites to locally-infused sensations. Our top picks included Tahitian Vanilla, Hawaiian apple banana, and chocolate ginger – mouthwatering evidence that uniqueness abounds at II Gelato Hawaii!

Don’t leave Honolulu without stopping by because:

  • You’ll treat yourself to some exceptional gelato.
  • The exquisite blend of island and Italian influences is irresistible.
  • Quality is paramount thanks to all-natural, organic ingredients.
  • This rare opportunity for enjoying local Hawaii flavors in creamy gelatos awaits you.

Seize your chance for a flavor-filled experience as lush as paradise itself at II Gelato Hawaii!

Wrap Up: Best Ice Cream In Honolulu 

Nothing can beat a scoop of delicious ice cream after a hot day on the beach. We get you and that’s why I have gathered my best finds when it comes to ice cream in Honolulu. And when I say ice cream, I don’t mean the ordinary kind. I’m talking about the ones you find at a bona fide ice cream shop.

So, when you enjoy your best days on the uninhibited beaches of Honolulu, you can cool it down with the ice cream you’ll never forget. There’s Dave’s Ice Cream, a must-visit for their unique and local flavors, and if you’re into something more traditional, their vanilla ice cream is exceptional.

For fans of more textured desserts, you can’t miss the local shaved ice, it’s an entirely different experience compared to your usual ice cream cone. And if you’re looking for variety, Honolulu has numerous ice cream shops to choose from. The best ice cream shops even include the tiny ice cream shop around the corner that offers its customers a slice of paradise with every scoop.

Homemade ice cream is also a common find in these shops. There’s nothing like tasting ice cream sandwiches and frozen yogurt made from local and fresh ingredients. The Wing Ice Cream Parlor is renowned for its soft serve and diverse flavors, including an unforgettable vegan ice cream. The process of making fresh ice cream or even making homemade ice cream is a sight to behold in these shops, where you can witness the authenticity of their craft.

The Wing Ice Cream’s decor sets the ambiance, making it a perfect place to enjoy your rolled ice cream or indulge in the famous Magnolia Ice Cream. Every lick, every bite, it’s as if you are tasting all the ice cream flavors of the world in this vibrant city.

The premium ice cream, prepared with fresh fruit, takes the experience to another level. If you fancy a bit of an Italian vibe, some shops offer delicious gelato, prepared following authentic traditional Italian processes. Local ice cream stores often pride themselves on providing super premium ice cream, made with fresh ingredients like Kona coffee or a surprising yet delightful soft serve flavor like blue cotton candy.

For non-dairy options, some shops serve homemade sorbet and Il Gelato, giving you the chance to savor every sweet moment in Honolulu. For a memorable experience, don’t miss out on Honolulu’s best shave ice. The way each shop makes shave ice is unique, and arguably the best shaved ice can also be found here.

I hope you have a great time enjoying the sugar spree in Honolulu, and don’t forget to mention your favorite place when it comes to Ice cream in Honolulu. Whether you’re in for the traditional ice cream, or willing to experiment with different styles like the shaved ice, or enjoy a sweet treat from the best ice cream shops, this place has it all.


Where can I find a delicious ice cream shop in Honolulu with unique flavors?

If you’re seeking a delicious ice cream shop offering unique ice cream flavors, check out Dave’s Ice Cream in Aiea, Hawaii, and Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream located in Chinatown. These shops offer an array of exquisite options like matcha ice cream, ube ice cream, and many other delicious treats.

What are some of the best ice cream spots in Oahu featuring fresh fruit toppings?

For the best ice cream spots that use fresh fruits on their frozen delicacies, visit Il Gelato and Lucy’s Lab Creamery in Oahu, specifically in Waikiki and Waipio, Hawaii. Here you’ll discover scrumptious creations garnished with luscious pieces of fruit like pineapple, mango, and strawberry for a taste sensation that tastes delicious!

Which ice cream inside places serve fascinating combinations like Fruit Loops vodka or Rice Syrup Samurai as part of their menu?

Head to Kalihi for exciting flavor concoctions such as Fruit Loops vodka and Rice Syrup Samurai! The adventurous spirit at these local restaurants will provide your taste buds with frosty experiences that aren’t easily forgotten. Don’t forget to check their menu.

Are there any delectable pastries or mochi desserts available alongside soft-serve offerings in Honolulu?

For dessert aficionados craving both soft-serve delights and mouthwatering pastries or mochi treats, look no further than some fantastic establishments around town. Dive into this world where frosty indulgences meet chewy confections for a palate-pleasing experience!

Looking for more unique flavor options?

Why not head to the truck located in the heart of Waipio, Hawaii that offers blueberry ice cream with chunks of chocolate chip, or explore the delicious world of Dioscorea alata (ube) at a charming plantation in Maui.

A hidden gem in Honolulu is a delightful shop that serves honeydew (melon) ice cream topped with caramel fudge. Their Instagram page is full of vibrant photos that can’t help but make your mouth water.

Some ice cream shops also take influence from the Empire of Japan with flavors like matcha latte and haupia pie ice cream. These creamy offerings are known for their high butterfat content, giving them a rich, velvety texture.

For those seeking an even more adventurous experience, there are parlors offering taiyaki ice cream – a fish-shaped waffle cone filled with soft serve and often garnished with fruit preserves. It’s a unique twist on a traditional dessert that is as Instagram-worthy as it is delicious!

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