Best Huli Huli Chicken Kauai: Savor Authentic Hawaiian Food

Welcome chicken lovers to the paradise of huli huli!

My charming boyfriend and I spent our last vacation in Kauai, beach surfing by day and enjoying finger-licking good chicken by evening. I tell you now; pick your swimsuit wisely if you don’t want to go a size larger after binging on what I can best describe as heaven sent hens!

Over 3 days, we sampled dishes from countless food trucks, road-side stalls, and swanky restaurants; such dedication could only lead to one thing: finding the best Huli Huli Chicken place in Kauai! You know what they say about “the couple that eats together”; well, they roll together… towards more delicious food!

Right from my first bite of the Hawaiian chicken delicacy back in the summer of ’05 when it filled me with longing for tropical islands yet unconquered. Ever since then, my taste buds have been on numerous tasty travels. So trust me, when I put together my top spots with just the right seasoning, that hit all those yummy notes.

A quick chuckle-induced warning: Please ensure your car seats are fully adjustable. Once you’ve experienced these heavenly dishes…let’s just say expanding waistlines will be an unintended souvenir!

So buckle up for deliciousness as we delve into Kauai’s best Huli Huli Chicken joints together! Let’s get started already!

Bobbie’s Restaurant – Authentic Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken in Kauai

Bobbie's Restaurant - Authentic Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken in Kauai

Tucked away in Hanapepe, Bobbie’s Restaurant was an unexpected gem my boyfriend and I discovered on our Hawaiian adventure. Contrary to its modest exterior, this local eatery served some of the most delightful island dishes we’ve had.

The highlight? Their specialty Huli Huli Chicken (an authentic Hawaiian barbecue staple). The moist, tender chicken enticed us with its smoky aroma so profound that it remained embedded in our memories long after leaving Kauai. Paired with flavorful rice and classic mac salad creating a perfect plate lunch. Another standout was the kalua pork; slow-braised until melt-in-the-mouth tender.

What brought color to our culinary experience at Bobbie’s Restaurant were:

  • Warm hospitality from friendly staff
  • Generously portioned meals guaranteeing great value for money
  • Unassuming yet bustling ambiance depicting true island life
  • Alluring flavors compelling you to detour just for a meal
  • Memorable experiences like braving a flood for their highly sought-after dinners

And let’s not forget their surprising affordability! With ample food, under $20 bought us half-a-chicken complete with sides and even dessert! Despite getting there late due to rain-induced road blocks, we lucked out as they had chicken left — apparently a rarity by nightfall due largely thanks to popular demand!

Bobbies restaurant imparts an unforgettable taste of Kauai without dwindling your vacation budget; truly reflecting the saying: Don’t judge by appearances!

Happy Eats Kauai – Unbeatable Hulu Huli Chicken Experience in Kauai

Happy Eats Kauai - Unbeatable Hulu Huli Chicken Experience in Kauai

Believe me, when I say this; Happy Eats showers you with the best Huli Huli chicken you’d ever taste. Whether you opt for their marinade or go for dry rub, your palate will be exploding with flavors that transport you straight to culinary heaven.

Considering we were always starving after our explorations, my boyfriend and I especially adored their combo plates. Our staple was the dry rub chicken and ribs combo—unmatchable in flavors! The scrumptious banquet doesn’t drain your pockets either—a complete treat at just $16!

My taste buds are tingling as I recall their succulent pork and beef ribs—so delectable that it feels inadequate to describe them only using words. Imagine a rib so masterfully prepared that it falls right off the bone while still maintaining an unbeatable flavor profile—it’s what dreams are made of!

The authentic Hawaiian experience doesn’t stop at savory offerings either. Indulge in some mouth-watering desserts inspired by traditional recipes passed down from their grandmother—I promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s why Happy Eats stole my heart (and stomach):

  • Huli huli chicken smothered In irresistible marinades
  • Scale-busting combo platters fit for sharing
  • Finger-licking good ribs bursting with rich flavor
  • Must try heirloom Hawaiian desserts revived from granny’s kitchen
  • Affordable pricing ensuring great bang for your buck

So don’t wait anymore—if visiting Kauai island, make sure a meal at Happy Eats tops your itinerary. Trust us, one bite of this food haven’s fare is enough to make any food lover fall head over heels!

Keo’s Huli Huli Chicken – CLOSED

Keo's Huli Huli Chicken - CLOSED

Remember how I mentioned our first visit to Happy Talk Lounge? Well, I couldn’t resist sharing another gem from our trip: the legendary Keo’s Huli Huli Chicken. Nestled along the breathtaking Road to Hana, this spot was yet another reason we returned to Kauai for a second time.

Misleading though it may seem as another roadside BBQ stand, Keo’s offers an unrivaled Hawaiian experience. Its charm lies not only in its open-air environment but also in its smoked dishes that scream—no, sing—comfort food.

As we took bites into succulent halves of chicken grilled over an open fire with kiawe wood and liberally coated with Keo’s secret dry rub marinade, my boyfriend and I were instantly transported back to our previous visit—a testament to consistency only expert cooks can master. Though the side offerings left room for culinary exploration (are those ribs boiled?), we agreed there is no competition when it comes to taste; their tasty huli huli chicken steals the spotlight.

This thriving locale effortlessly marries traditional Hawaiian cuisine with heartwarming memories creating a homely feel absent in ordinary eateries—an unexpected place blossoming with flavors worth taking detours for!

Here are some reasons why you should pencil Keo’s into your itinerary:

  • Incomparable huli huli chicken charred on a robust kiawe wood fire
  • Wonderful homey ambiance unlike typical tourist hotspots
  • Diverse menu options open to trying different grill preparations
  • Fresh locally-grown salad accents wonderfully smokey mains
  • Exceptional value considering portion size

Known across Kauai, this hidden gem holds claimed fame due largely because of its signature Hawaiian barbecue – authentic huli huli chicken. Pay it one visit during a lazy midday pitstop on your way around this beautiful island (or again and again if you’re someone like us!) —and trust me—you’ll thank me later!


What can you expect when ordering a half chicken for dinner in Hawaii?

Definitely, when ordering a half chicken for dinner in Hawaii, especially at popular places like Bobbie’s Restaurant or Happy Eats Kauai, gourmands can anticipate moist and tender meat infused with delicious local flavors. It is often served alongside flavorful rice which complements each bite perfectly.

For entertainment purposes, where could one eat the best chicken along the main road in Hawaii?

For entertainment purposes and an authentic culinary experience combined, food lovers should definitely visit Happy Eats Kauai located on the main road of Kauai island. The ribs combo offers unbeatable flavors you’d ever taste.

Can I easily locate places serving excellent Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken by signage on site?

Absolutely! Places like Bobbie’s Restaurant and Happy Eats Kauai usually have visible signs clearly displayed on their site to help patrons identify their location. For instance, if driving down the main road in Hawaii during your vacation – keep an eye out for these signs!

Where would you recommend going for a memorable Hawaiian half chicken dinner with rice during my visit to Hawaii?

I cannot stress enough about how worth it is to dine at restaurants such as Bobbie’s Restaurant or Happy Eats Kauai while visiting this tropical paradise. Both serve sumptuous dinners that include primarily a delectable meal of juicy half-chicken paired with savory Hawaiian-style rice.

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