Best Happy Hour Waikiki: Epic Vibes & Savings Revealed!

Welcome fellow happy hour enthusiasts!

I’ve spent the last month exploring the gems of Waikiki’s happy hour scene alongside my boyfriend, venturing to both well-known hotspots and hidden treasures. Well, let me tell ya – we enjoyed some incredible drinks, delectable food, and gorgeous views that revitalized our senses.

You see, I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to happy hours and savoring that perfect blend of leisurely indulgence while truly appreciating the beauty around me. This adventure allowed us not only to discover luscious flavors but create memorable moments together.

So here I am now, ready to share with you my master list: the top 5 best happy hour spots in Waikiki based on location, ambience, menu offerings (oh boy!), drink quality and variety – all at irresistible prices.

Warning: once you experience these heavenly havens during golden hour by the beach yourself… you might find excuses for ‘just one more’ rooftop tiki-torch lit escapade every single evening!

Now roll up those sleeves and let’s dive into this sea of flavor right away!

#1. The Hideout at the Laylow – Cheap Happy Hour Waikiki – A Hidden Gem with an Open Lanai Setting

The Hideout at the Laylow - Cheap Happy Hour Waikiki - A Hidden Gem with an Open Lanai Setting

This modern, stylish, open-air restaurant is in the newly renovated Laylow Hotel. They have a nice-sized bar, and inside table seating that is not overcrowded. The outside is a rooftop terrace setting with a gorgeous urban view.

Happy hour is from 5 pm to 6 pm daily. Even though it’s a short time frame, the food menu and drink options are abundant. You must try the Crispy Pork Belly & Brussels Sprouts, Kalua Egg Rolls, and the Wonton Poke Tacos (with mango salsa)! They are all only $10 each and taste incredible. They have delicious pineapple jam, sauces, and slaw that pair well with the meals.  

They have a beer, wine, spirits, and cocktail options for drinks. I highly recommend trying the Laylow “Hawaiian Style” Mai Tai. It has Dry Curacao, Lime, Orgeat, Pineapple, and Lilikoi in it. The presentation is amazing, and the taste is strong and exotic.

I would recommend the Sea Glass Pinot Grigio or Barossa Valley Estate Shiraz for wine lovers.

When we were there visiting, live musicians played, which was perfect for the relaxing vibe. I appreciated that it wasn’t too loud so we could still have a conversation. Our waiter was quick and friendly.

This restaurant is my number one pick for happy hour because:

  • The food is really tasty.
  • The drink menu has something for everyone, and the prices are reasonable.
  • The view, design, and atmosphere of the restaurant are relaxing and fun.
  • They have a beautiful outside seating area with an urban view and a fire pit.

Address: 2299 Kūhiō Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815

#2. SKY Raw & Bar – Best Happy Hour Honolulu – The Best Rooftop Bar

SKY Raw & Bar – Best Happy Hour Honolulu - The Best Rooftop Bar

This bar is on the 19th floor and has an amazing view. From the rooftop seating, you can enjoy the blue ocean view during the day, an amazing sunset in the evening, and urban city lights at night. Oh, and there is also a beautiful view of Diamond Head. The seating is spacious.

Happy hour is shorter than in most restaurants (4 pm to 5 pm), but it is well worth the visit. We made reservations well in advance. Our waiter was friendly, knowledgeable about the menu and drinks, and accommodating.

We started with some $2 oysters on the shell and chardonnay, a perfect match for our surroundings. I was happy to see that there were nice food options from $6 to $12. I recommend the spicy Ahi poke and chicken liver pate. Everything is extremely well prepared and perfectly seasoned.

If you are a cocktail lover, try the coconut curl slushy cocktail for $9 each.

They also have great sushi and sashimi menu, brunch menu, and taco Tuesdays. So it’s well worth visiting multiple times.

Friday and Saturday, they have great parties with a dress code. So I will be visiting again for an elegant night out.

This choice is my close second because:

  • The venue is beautiful with an amazing Diamond Head and city view.
  • The food is well-priced, fresh, expertly prepared, and delicious.
  • Service is high quality and friendly.
  • It’s a place worth visiting on many occasions for different specials and themes.

Address: 2270 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

#3. Morimoto Asia – Best Happy Hour Food Waikiki – Best Modern Eatery with High-End Japanese

Morimoto Asia – Best Happy Hour Food Waikiki - Best Modern Eatery with High-End Japanese

This is not a spot you will typically see advertised for its happy hour. But believe me, it’s an awesome choice. This restaurant is beautiful inside and out and has a renowned chef. The decor is sleek and elegant, and there is beautiful covered seating outside overlooking the ocean. (It’s right across from Waikiki Beach!)

We made reservations ahead, and happy hour lasts from 5 pm to 7 pm daily. The presentation and service here are impeccable. The restaurant is very busy, but they are well organized. The servers are friendly and professional. Everything is on time, but they do not rush you.

The happy hour menu is well-paired, and just about everything is under $10. We ordered too much food, but the highlight was the rock shrimp and wagyu meatball sliders. They come with delicious papaya slaw that I could eat all day.

For drinks, don’t miss out on their original lychee spritz, which is cold, aromatic, and juicy. Even the mint garnish on the drink was nice. Also, the sour blueberry cocktail was something different and special.

We also had dinner here a few nights later. The sunset was amazing, and the kung pao chicken was the most delicious I have ever had!

Don’t miss out on this modern, high-end happy hour because:

  • The food is delicious with Thai, Japanese, and Chinese influences.
  • They have a wide selection of creative and original cocktails.
  • The view of Waikiki beach is impressive, and the seating area is comfortable and spacious.
  • They have well-organized and professional service you will appreciate.

Address: 2490 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

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#4. RumFire – Best Happy Hour Waikiki with Beachfront View

RumFire – Best Happy Hour Waikiki with Beachfront View

This beachfront restaurant offers everything Hawaii has to offer. It’s the perfect vacation destination. The tranquil atmosphere and several well-placed fire pits add excitement to the outdoor seating area.

Happy hour is every day from 3 to 5 pm and offers a variety of tasty food and drinks. We were seated right away because we took advantage of the call-ahead service. Our waiter had a bright smile and was professional.

They serve some fun, delicious fusion food and our favorites were the Korean fried chicken wings, pork & shrimp lumpia, and kalua pork nachos. The combination of flavors is truly wonderful, and the ingredients are super fresh. There are plenty of options for about $10 each.

They have a great draft beer selection, which my boyfriend loved. I enjoyed the Hawaiian 75 cocktail (with pure guava) and the smokey passion margarita (with passion fruit and lime). Both were under $10 each.

It turns into an amazing nightclub on Fridays and Saturdays, so visit again for some dancing.

Here’s why I loved this spot for happy hour:

  • The beachfront property is beautiful with a pleasant tropical vibe.
  • The service is fast, well-informed, and accommodating
  • There are plenty of food options with exciting flavors and seasoning.
  • The cocktails are fantastic, with great beer and wine options.

Address: 2255 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

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#5. DECK. at Queen Kapiʻolani Hotel – Happy Hour Honolulu with Luxury Views and Service

DECK. at Queen Kapiʻolani Hotel – Happy Hour Honolulu with Luxury Views and Service

Most people will send you here for happy hour if you ask around. We listened, checked it out, and were not disappointed. This spacious restaurant has a large bar and a covered terrace overlooking the mountains and the sea. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxing, and the bonfire is a pleasant touch.

We made reservations to secure a perfect spot on the covered terrace. Food is discounted a few dollars during happy hour, which runs from 2 to 4 pm. Our drink order and food arrived quickly, and the server was welcoming.

We tried the chicken wings, beef sliders, and chips with guacamole. Everything was well seasoned and tasted delicious, but my favorite was the sweet and spicy glaze on the wings.  

They have a very varied drink menu. There are over ten craft cocktail options. Also, a nice selection of wine, beer, and alcohol-free cocktails. I enjoyed the Lilikoi margarita and the mean girl mule, which was $18 and had amazing tastes of strawberry, lime, ginger, and mint.

Don’t miss out on this happy hour because:

  • The space is stunning with a peaceful and luxurious vibe.
  • The view from the terrace is stunning, and everything is well adorned.
  • The food is exceptional, and there are unique options.
  • The drink menu is extensive, and the cocktail options are endless.

Address: 150 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815


Waikiki has a beautiful and fun atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to enjoy diverse and exotic happy hour specials.

What I loved the most was that each bar and restaurant offered delicious food and drink options at happy hour prices. Not to mention the remarkable and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

From traditional options like tacos and burgers to sushi and Hawaiian poke options, Waikiki happy hour offers them all in a perfect setting. Don’t forget the delightful signature cocktails as well, like Sangria and Paradisio Martini.

Among these eateries, Basalt, known for its unique Hawaiian cuisine, has a notable happy hour menu. From the duck empanadas to the Mahi-mahi, and the favorite, Kalua pig quesadilla, it’s a treat for every taste bud. Also, the rich, truffle-laden Wagyu Burgers offer a burst of flavors that is a must-try. The empanada filled with cheese and mushroom, particularly the Pleurotus variety, is a favorite. They also serve a variety of sushi such as spicy tuna roll and salmon carpaccio, which pair well with their Japanese cuisine offerings.

Maui Brewing Co., besides being an excellent choice for outdoor seating, is a gem for craft beer lovers. It boasts a wide variety of beers brewed in Oahu and Kauai, including the classic Heineken. The brewery also serves unique dishes like Tuna and Edamame, and don’t forget their fried rice. Additionally, it’s a perfect place for late-night happy hour.


What is a popular dish to try during happy hour in Waikiki Beach?

During happy hours at Waikiki Beach, a popular dish to enjoy is the BBQ chicken pizza, as well as the kalua pig quesadilla. The tasty happy hour menu also features other delicious options like adobo chicken wings and four cheese spinach dip. Don’t miss out on the great happy hour prices.

Can you recommend any restaurant that offers late night happy hours near Diamond Head?

Tommy Bahama Restaurant, situated near Diamond Head, provides late night happy hour for those who want to unwind with friends after a long day. Don’t miss their fantastic cheese spinach dip as well! This restaurant serves fantastic classic cocktails and signature cocktails such as the Paradisio Martini and Bahia Sangria.

Where can one find outdoor seating and great beer selections during happy hour in Waikiki?

Maui Brewing Co is an excellent choice for outdoor seating and a wide variety of beers during happy hour in Waikiki. They are also popular among craft beer lovers. Their half-price appetizers like fried calamari and waffle fries are also worth trying.

Are there any famous hotels with exciting places for happy hours near Waikiki Beach?

The Prince Waikiki Hotel has some incredible spots for enjoying happy hours near Waikiki Beach. Many visitors love their chicken lettuce wraps as part of their tasty food menu.

Can you suggest a place with great outdoor ambiance and diverse options on their great happy hour menu?

The Hideout at the Laylow offers not only a relaxing outdoor ambiance but also has an extensive great happy hour menu to choose from. It’s the perfect location to indulge in cocktail happy hour while savoring delicious dishes like the Baja Fish Tacos.

Which venue around Waikiki beach is known for its alluring cocktail offerings during Happy Hour?

The Yard House, located near the Waikiki Beach Walk, stands out among other venues around Waikiki beach when it comes to enticing cocktails available during Happy Hour. Additionally, they serve scrumptious coconut shrimp that pairs perfectly with your drinks.

Is there any specific restaurant where I can enjoy both exquisite seafood dishes and beautiful views of the oceanfront?

Tommy Bahama Restaurant offers an enjoyable happy hour experience with delicious seafood options like ceviche and mesmerizing oceanfront views that will take your breath away. This location provides both indoor and outdoor seating options.

What are some must-try items on a typical Hawaiian Happy Hour menu?

When it comes to a Hawaiian Happy Hour menu, some must-try items include chicken wings, four cheese spinach dip, and unique dishes like chicken lettuce wraps. Pair these delectable treats with tasty classic cocktails or locally brewed beers like Heineken for the ultimate island experience. Also, be sure to check out Tiki’s Grill for their live music and embrace the tiki culture while there.

What can you expect from Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante in Maui, Hawaii?

At Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante at Four Seasons Resort Maui, you can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine with a variety of dishes prepared using fresh ingredients like truffle, chicken, fish, crab and more. This resort restaurant in Lahaina embraces the ambiance of Maui and includes Wagyu burgers on their menu alongside elegant dishes that showcase Italian food tailored for the island atmosphere. The dining experience at Ferraro Maui provides stunning views by the oceanarium while offering delightful culinary surprises.

What makes an evening at Hula Grill unique when beachcombing during your stay at Outrigger Hotels & Resorts?

An evening spent at Hula Grill as part of your stay at Outrigger Hotels & Resorts will definitely be memorable due to its authentic Hawaiian charm. Located along the sands of Ka’anapali Beach near Lahaina in Maui, this vibrant establishment features herringbone patterned patio floors perfect for beachcombing after indulging in some Adobo Chicken Wings or savory Goat cheese hamburger accompanied by freshly brewed coffee or juice.

With friendly bartenders serving up innovative libations like Miso-infused cocktails and coral reef fish-inspired drinks made with ingredients sourced from Mahina, French Polynesia – such as Carbonated water infused with eggplant essence served by masterful mixologists inside stylish Surfjack Hotel premises – a night spent here allows guests immerse themselves into true Aloha spirit amidst beautiful surroundings including sandpit recreation areas overlooking picturesque ocean views reflecting off glass enclosures rendering it nothing short but a fantastic all-around vacationing experience on this slice paradise known widely worldwide Hawaii!

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