Best Food Trucks in Maui: Taste Epic Island Eats!

Welcome Maui food truck lovers!

My boyfriend and I have spent the last few trips exploring the amazing variety of options available for eating out in Hawaii. With so many restaurants, it can be difficult to find the ones you love that also fit your budget. Fortunately, Maui has an abundance of food trucks that offer delicious meals at low prices. Not only are there plenty of great options, but some have even won awards for their cuisine, so you know it’ll taste excellent. 

We’ve had our fair share of trial and error with finding good eats while on vacation, so I’m quite familiar with how much time it takes to research and find a great spot. To save others from that struggle, my boyfriend and I embarked on a mission around Maui’s streets to find the best Maui food trucks with tasty treats while keeping our wallets happy.

The result? A list of awesome food trucks featuring different cuisines such as Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Hawaiian – plus prices and vegan-friendly options where applicable.

Get ready to enjoy some amazing street food from the best food trucks in Maui!

Thai Mee Up – Best Food Truck in Maui

Thai Mee Up - Best Food Truck in Maui

This chef-run food truck serves gourmet-quality Thai food that’s won several awards for its epic flavors – need I say more? Thai Mee Up is Maui’s most famous food truck as the owner used to work at Mama’s Fish House, an island-famous eatery.

They’re in a parking lot across from Costco, so long lines stand outside, especially at rush hours.  

But the wait is worth their terrific food. Try the Pad Thai Noodles, Fried Pork Ribs, Crispy Garlic Shrimp, and Papaya Salad, all crowd favorites for their incredible flavors and served piping hot.

They also have great vegetarian options like the Tofu steak with fresh veggies that are well seasoned and come in big portions. Pair your meal with their chilled Thai iced teas and coffees for the best Thai food you’ll ever have.

We loved the mouth-watering food at Thai Mee Up, and you will too, as they’re the best thai food truck in Maui.

  • The wait time is usually 25 minutes and nearly one hour at lunch and dinner hours. 
  • Their portion sizes are huge and enough for two people. 
  • The food at Thai Mee Up costs $10-15 per person. 

Address: 591 Haleakala Hwy, Kahului, Maui, HI.

South Maui Fish Company – Best Food Truck in Kihei 

South Maui Fish Company - Best Food Truck in Kihei 

Fresh island catch and the best poke in Maui come together at South Maui Fish Company. This small truck outside a strip mall is run by two men who fish for the seafood served in their poke daily, so the menu changes seasonally. 

Their poke bowls come in half-pound, and one-third-pound bowls served with rice and slaw. We tried their spicy poke bowls with sweet onion and Ahi, which were super fresh and tasty. Plus, you can buy poke by the pound at market prices. 

They also serve great crispy fish tacos and fish plate lunches with a delicious house sauce in big portions.

You’ll love the quality of fish, and the incredible poke at South Maui Fish Company, as they’re the best food truck in Kihei, Maui. 

  • The food truck has an outdoor seating area. 
  • The poke bowl costs $20 for a huge serving and $17 for a bento.
  • Their pineapple coconut slaw and spicy aioli are great sauces to get on the side of your poke.

Address: 1794 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, Maui, HI.

Ono Tacos – Best Food Truck in Lahaina

Ono Tacos - Best Food Truck in Lahaina

Mexican tacos get a delicious Hawaiian twist at Ono Tacos, which serves traditional favorites like burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and tortas in incredible flavors. However, they’re famous in Lahaina and sell out soon, so go earlier in the day. 

Their best tacos are the ones with shrimp, fresh fish, and steak, with homemade salsa topped with slaw and a generous dollop of sauce. My boyfriend tried their beef burrito with rice, beans, and chipotle, that’s super flavorful. 

If you love the tacos, try their larger combo serving of two tacos, rice, and beans, that’s really filling. 

We loved the amazing food and quick service at Ono Tacos, a must-try if you’re in the area, as they’re the best food truck in Lahaina Maui.  

  • Tacos are cheap at $5, and the combo costs $11. 
  • They have a delicious Horchata on the menu. 
  • There’s a casual seating area outside the food truck.

Address: 910 Honoapiilani Hwy, Lahaina, Maui, HI.

Earth Aloha Eats – Best Vegan Food Truck in Maui

Earth Aloha Eats - Best Vegan Food Truck in Maui

Earth Aloha Eats is a famous food truck chain in Hawaii, serving excellent vegan food that’s healthy and delicious. The one in Maui is run by two friendly guys who make fresh vegan fare daily, along with meat-based options. 

You’ll love their Golden Fish tacos, Falafel wrap, Gyro, and Aloha burger, all vegan, served with delicious fresh veggies and sauces. Get the crispy pulled-pork fries on the side with a chilled Hibiscus Tea for a gourmet-quality meal. 

They also have a range of gluten-free bowls like the Buddha bowl, Asian Teriyaki, and Falafel salad served with seasonal veggies over brown rice. 

We loved the unique flavors, and tasty options at Earth Aloha Eats, as they’re the best vegan food truck in Maui.

  • The prices are between $15-20, and they have big portions. 
  • There’s nice outdoor seating under shady trees beside the food truck.
  • They also have a great vegan keiki (kids) menu.

Address: 520 Keolani Pl, Kahului, Maui, HI

Horhitos Taqueria – Best Mexican Food Truck in Maui

Horhitos Taqueria - Best Mexican Food Truck in Maui

This family-owned Taqueria serves authentic Mexican food like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and wraps with amazing flavors and low prices. They’re located across the street from Kihei’s Kalama Beach Park, so grab a bite from Horhitos and enjoy it on the beach.

Their most famous items are street-style tacos, especially the whitefish and shrimp ones. My boyfriend tried the Al Pastor and Chili Verde tacos, and loved the spicy flavors, served with fresh pico di gallo and salsa. 

Their menu also has classics like a bacon-wrapped hotdog and a juicy cheeseburger that come in huge portions. 

If you aren’t sold on these amazing tacos yet, just give them a try for the low prices and homely feel, as they’re the best food truck in Maui.

  • Try their taco lunch box with five tacos and soda for $10. 
  • The tacos cost an all-time low of $3!
  • The location is hard to find, so drive to Kihei Market Place, and you’ll find Horhitos in their parking lot.  

Address: 1941 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, Maui,.

Kina’ole Grill Food Truck – Best Hawaiian Food Truck in Maui

Kina'ole Grill Food Truck - Best Hawaiian Food Truck in Maui

If someone hands you a plate of gourmet food without mentioning where it’s from, you’d never be able to guess it came from a food truck! But that’s the beauty of Kina’ole Grill Food Truck, which serves the most delicious meals with rich flavors.  

You can find this food truck across the street from Kamaole Beach, which is also a great spot to enjoy your food.

Everything here is spectacular, but try the Coconut Shrimp and Seared Ahi with wasabi cream sauce, made from fresh catch that’s mouthwatering-ingly good. Plus, the owners let you substitute sides like rice for salad and have extra sauces with all the meals.

We always stop by here in Kihei, as my boyfriend loves their chicken katsu, and I can’t get enough of the fried calamari, shrimp, and Mahi Mahi. 

Leaving the island without having a meal from Kina’ole Grill is a terrible idea, as they’re the best food truck in Maui.

  • Try their delectable lilikoi cheesecake with a fruity sauce for dessert.
  • Prices are higher than most food trucks, at $21 per plate.
  • Pack a picnic meal from this food truck and enjoy it with the lovely beach sunset.  

Address: 73 Alanui Kealii Dr, Kihei, Maui, HI. 

Aloha Aina BBQ – Best Hana Food Truck Maui  

Aloha Aina BBQ - Best Hana Food Truck Maui

If you’re taking the Road to Hana, stop by this spectacular food truck in Paia town that serves the best traditional Hawaiian BBQ. They’re dedicated to keeping things natural and serve all their BBQs on platters made from bamboo stalks with homemade bamboo chopsticks. 

Their menu serves two things; a classic BBQ plate with your choice of meat and specialty plates with different meats. 

We tried the flavorsome 12-hour beef brisket and juicy Huli Huli Chicken BBQ, served with cilantro sticky coconut rice, salad, and guava cornbread. The entire platter is super delicious, no matter which meat you choose, especially when paired with their Kale slaw and creamy wasabi potato salad. 

The BBQ is enough for two to four people, and we even had leftovers. However, if you’re on your own, try their tasty lunch plates like the Smoked 5-meat Chili and the Beef Brisket Loco Moco.

The meat quality at Aloha Aina BBQ was unmatched; no wonder they’re the best food truck in Hana, Maui.

  • The owners are friendly and have a nice chat with you while serving. 
  • The food truck offers spectacular views of the nearby beach.
  • The BBQ costs $17 and comes in huge portions. 

Address: 2250 Hana Hwy Maliko Country Farms, Haiku, Maui, HI.

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Da Nani Pirates – Best Food Truck in Kaanapali

Da Nani Pirates - Best Food Truck in Kaanapali

With locations in Kaanapali and Kihei, Da Nani Pirates food truck serves restaurant-quality food prepared fresh daily. They’re most famous for the delicious seafood rolling out in delectable dishes like coconut shrimp and fish and chips. 

Some popular items are the garlic shrimp plate, pulled pork sliders, and fish tacos with a passion fruit sauce. Pair your meals with the pineapple slaw and macaroni salad that really elevates the flavors.

You also want to try their amazing guava passion fruit sliders with your choice of meat, like pulled pork or Ahi, and a side of coleslaw and curly fries. Their sliders are our favorites, and we try to get some packed for the trip home!

We loved the delicious food and great service at Da Nani Pirates, no wonder they’re the best food truck in Kaanapali, Maui.

  • The food truck also covers catering for big events like weddings.
  • Their prices are between $15-20 per plate.
  • They have a great kids menu as well. 

Address: 1 Piikea Ave, Kihei, Maui, HI.

Like Poke? – Best Food Truck in Kahului

Like Poke? - Best Food Truck in Kahului

This is another great food truck from the Costco parking lot, alongside Thai Mee Up. We stopped here on our way from the airport, as it’s close by, and ate their terrific poke bowls. However, they sell out early, so make sure to come earlier in the day.

In addition, there are tables with umbrellas set up in the lot, so it’s a cozy spot to eat and chat with the locals. 

They have a variety of poke flavors like Shoyu Wasabi, Spicy Ahi, a Raw Poke bowl, and Hurricane Poke, made from fresh island catch packed with flavor. You can also get a combo bowl with two poke flavors, which is really filling. 

Some other tasty items on their menu include the crispy Furikake fries and panko-coated katsu fish, served with a tangy sauce. 

We loved this food truck’s delicious poke and lively atmosphere, a must-try if you’re in the area.

  • Like Poke’s poke bowls were featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. 
  • The poke costs $15 and has huge portion sizes. 
  • Get the delicious combo plate; Ahi Katsu, Shoyu Ginger, and Shoyu Wasabi Poke.

Address: 591 Haleakala Hwy, Kahului, Maui, HI. 

Wrapping Up: Best Food Trucks in Maui

Maui’s food truck scene is top-notch; you get delicious meals at low prices, and they’re made from the best local produce. You can’t go wrong with most food trucks in Maui, but try the ones mentioned in this article for the best taste of different cuisines.

In fact, food trucks are such an integral part of Maui that there are different food parks scattered across the island with a few trucks parked all day, like the one in Costco. 

For instance, in Kihei, a town in South Maui, food trucks gather in designated areas where you can find everything from fresh chicken tacos to Mediterranean Grill items, decadent desserts, and of course, the classic sandwich. You may even stumble upon Kalei’s food truck that’s known for its delicious braising techniques. A similar scene can be found in Lahaina Maui, Makena State Park, and the bustling town of Makena, Hawaii.

Want to try the best Hawaiian food truck? Try Kinaole Grill food truck and Aloha Aina BBQ. They offer gourmet cuisine, incorporating local staples like cattle and sugar in their recipes.

Craving delicious Mexican food? Don’t miss Ono Tacos, and Horhitos Taqueria. Their chimichangas with a twist of jalapeño are a treat for your stomach.

Looking for the best gourmet food trucks in Maui? Try Thai Mee Up and Da Nani Pirates. Their plant-based diet options are to die for, with unique recipes that include banana and spice. Don’t forget to try the Kraken smoothie at Kraken Coffee.

The best Maui food trucks are a treat for everyone! Some serve breakfast options such as bacon, bread, and iced coffee, while others offer gourmet lunch and dinner options like shawarma, pizza, and protein-rich dishes.


What makes Maui food trucks a popular dining option for locals and tourists alike?

Maui food trucks, particularly those in locations like Kihei and Lahaina Maui, are known for offering a wide variety of delicious meals at affordable prices, using fresh and locally caught fish. They provide a unique and memorable dining experience for both locals and visitors to the island, contributing to the vibrant Maui, Hawaii dining scene.

Which dishes should I try when visiting the best Maui food trucks?

Some must-try dishes from Maui food truck cuisine include ramen, spicy garlic shrimp, organic green salads, white rice, and peanut butter infused recipes. Don’t miss the chance to try their curry, sushi, and if you’re lucky, a pizza or a Mediterranean grill menu item. These flavorful dishes showcase the fresh ingredients used by local vendors like Kinaole Grill and El Taco Borracho. The shrimp truck is especially known for its variety, including the famous garlic butter shrimp and crab scampi.

Are there any specific locations where I can find multiple Maui food trucks parked together?

Yes, you can often find a collection of Maui food trucks in designated truck parks across the island, such as South Maui and Kaanapali. These parking lot spaces usually have picnic tables available for customers to enjoy their meals in a comfortable outdoor seating area.

How do haiku food trucks contribute to the vibrant North Shore Noodle Bar scene on Maui?

Haiku food trucks offer diverse menu options that complement the existing North Shore Noodle Bar scene on Maui. Their tasty meal offerings add variety and excitement to an already bustling culinary landscape, providing a fusion cuisine experience with dishes inspired from all over the world. For instance, Kusina Ni Jayboy, a popular food truck in Haiku, brings Filipino flavors to the North Shore with its luau and adobo dishes.

Is it common to find organic green salad options at most Maui food truck venues?

Many of the best Maui food trucks, like Satori in Makawao, Hawaii or the famous trucks in Hana, Hawaii, prioritize using high-quality ingredients in their dishes, which includes offering organic green salads made with fresh vegetables sourced from local farm-to-table operations. These salads often feature unique additions like granola, kalei leaves, and local Hawaiian food specialties.

Remember, when visiting these food trucks, it’s always a good idea to check their Instagram pages for updates on their location and daily specials. It’s also important to note that while most vendors accept credit cards, having some cash on hand is a smart move. After your meal, why not try some snorkeling or whale watching in the beautiful waters of Maui, Hawaii to fully experience all that this stunning island has to offer? And if you’re just landing at Kahului Airport, you’ll be pleased to know that a vibrant food truck scene is just a short car drive away, ready to welcome you with the umami flavors of the island.

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