The 6 Best Fishing Charters in Hawaii

Aloha fellow fishing enthusiasts!

Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like reeling in a massive catch off the stunning shores of Hawaii. My boyfriend and I, both novice anglers at the time, took it upon ourselves to hop from island to island, trying out various fishing charters for the ultimate deep-sea experience. And boy, did we learn a thing or two about this exhilarating sport!

You see, Hawaii is an angler’s paradise with its glistening waters teeming with Ahi (yellowfin), Mahi Mahi, Ono, tuna, and Pacific blue marlin – you name it! But finding the right charter can be overwhelming when faced with so many options. That’s why I’ve taken all that we learned during our adventures and put together this nifty guide for folks like you who are itching to cast a line.

Trust me when I say that these charters have everything you need: cutting-edge equipment, and experienced crews who know their way around those elusive hotspots on islands like Kona on the Big Island or South and West shores in Maui and Oahu. Get ready for your next unforgettable adventure!

Warning: You might find yourself telling everyone back home about “the one that got away” while secretly planning your return trip.

Now let’s dive into my top picks for the best Hawaiian fishing charters!

Honolulu Bottom Fishing Adventure

Start your fishing adventures in Hawaii from Oahu, where the best fishing charters depart from the Kewalo basin Harbor in Honolulu. The Ohana Fun Fishing charters is a terrific boat for this bottom fishing adventure, which is ideal for small groups like families and friends. 

The 3-hour trip has a well-trained crew on board who sails passengers to nearshore and offshore grounds in search of prized fish. The crew also teaches you the basics of fishing so you can cast and angle independently on the trip. 

Expect to see tropical fish species flitting past your ship, and if you’re lucky, reel in your first big one! The ship also sails past the gorgeous Honolulu shores, which offer incredible views of Oahu from the ocean. 

My boyfriend and I have sailed with Ohana Fun Fishing on multiple occasions, and their expert crew and comfortable boat make them one of the best fishing charters in Oahu. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The trip is ideal for beginner anglers as no prior fishing experience is necessary.
  • The boat provides all the necessary fishing equipment and bait.
  • You’ll receive complimentary refreshments on board.

Private Fishing Charter in Honolulu

People looking for a fishing trip with their loved ones should book a private fishing charter in Honolulu, which sails private parties out to marine life hotspots. Oahu Pelagic Sportfishing takes small groups of up to six people on a well-equipped boat to a coral reef for some fantastic fishing. 

On the two-hour trip, you’ll bottom fish for reef fish and island catch like Mahi Mahi and Ahi while the crew guides passengers in learning fishing basics. In addition, you’ll sail to marine life hubs on the trip and spot Hawaiian green sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and humpback whales breaking the shore. 

Enjoy fishing and taking in views of the Honolulu cityscape, the Diamond Head volcano and lighthouse, and Waikiki from a distance as your boat sails past them.

My boyfriend and I loved this all-in-one experience with Oahu Pelagic Fishing, and we consider it one of the best fishing charters in Hawaii. Here’s why you will too:

  • The boat has all the important fishing equipment and ice boxes to store the fish.
  • Guests can opt for multiple departure times according to their schedule.
  • The crew is terrific and makes sure everyone enjoys themselves on the trip.

Light Tackle Bottom Fishing from Lahaina Harbor

The best fishing in Maui takes place from Lahaina in West Maui, which attracts a ton of island fishes to its shores. You can try light tackle bottom fishing from this terrific fishing charter in Maui, which takes small groups alongside an experienced crew.

The half-day trip sets off from Lahaina Harbor, where you’ll encounter fish like snappers, jacks, and wrasses. Learn the basics of fishing from your crew and catch your first few big ones on this trip, which get stored in coolers until the trip’s end. 

In addition, the crew will clean and fillet your fish, which you can take to restaurants after the trip to cook it for you. 

My boyfriend and I love fishing from Maui’s shores , and we highly recommend this great fishing charterin Hawaii to everyone. 

  • You’ll enjoy coastal views of Maui while sailing. 
  • The trip is designed for small groups, allowing for more privacy and attention from the captain. 
  • The trip includes high-quality fishing equipment, which makes the experience smooth.

Sportsman/Enthusiast Charter from Big Island

Some of the best fishing in Hawaii takes place from Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, whose waters attract tons of island catch year-round. So try this small group fishing charter which boards four anglers per trip and sets off on the blue waters of Kona for an incredible fishing adventure. 

Led by the experienced Captain Gaige, both beginners and fishing enthusiasts will enjoy this trip, as you’ll catch plenty of Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, and more. In addition, the captain has you trolling as soon as you leave the harbour and provides you with top-quality fishing gear to help you battle and reel in your dream catch.

We had a lot of fun fishing on the Kailua-Kona shores with Captain Gaige, as it’s one of the best fishing charters in Hawaii. 

  • The boat is a 35-foot sport fishing vessel with the best fishing gear.
  • You can reserve the trip for private parties, like family and friends. 
  • There’s a cooler for storing food on the boat so make sure to bring some for the full-day trip. 

Morning Charter from Kailua-Kona

Expert anglers and first-timers alike will love fishing on this half-day tour from Kailua-Kona, which sails on a 40-foot sport-fishing boat. The trip is ideal for small groups, as it sails with only four people, and engages passengers in catching great seasonal fish. 

The private big game fishing trip is led by Captain Shawn, who shows you the ropes, gets you trolling when you’re ready, and helps you reel in a catch of a lifetime. You’re likely to catch blue marlin, Mahi Mahi, tuna and more with help from the captain and your newfound fishing skills. 

My boyfriend and I had a great time fishing on this laid-back trip, and we consider it one of the best fishing trips in Hawaii. 

  • This trip is great for families with younger children as they’ll learn how to fish.
  • You’ll enjoy the stunning sights of coastal Kailua-Kona while sailing. 
  •  The boat has all the necessary fishing equipment and coolers to store the fish. 

Kauai’s Best Sport Fishing Adventure 

Enjoy all the wonders of fishing combined with the beauty of Kauai on this full-day fishing charter which sets off from Lihue. You’ll board one of Kauai’s best sport fishing vessels, the 45-foot Grander, which sails with a captain and crew having 25 years of experience fishing on the island. 

You’ll sail from Nawiliwili Boat Harbor and fish in productive big game waters offshore. In addition, depending on the season, you can expect to catch Pacific blue or striped marlin, Mahi Mahi, Ahi, ono and the occasional Sailfish, with help from your crew. 

My boyfriend and I had a terrific time fishing in Kauai with the experienced crew on this trip, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best fishing charters in Maui.

  • The trip includes custom rods and high-quality reels to attract the best trophy fish. 
  • The captain and crew share great insights of big game fishing in Kauai. 
  • You’ll take in panoramic views of Kauai’s gorgeous shores from your boat.


What is the best month to fish in Hawaii?

The best months to fish in Hawaii are the summer months from July to September, as it’s the peak season for catching yellowfin tuna, Ono, Mahi Mahi, and blue marlin.

How much does it cost to fish in Hawaii?

Fishing rates in Hawaii are different across the islands, with Oahu being the most expensive, and Kauai being the cheapest. So on average, half-day fishing charters will cost between $800-900, and full-day charters will cost between $1500-1800. 

Which Hawaii island is best for fishing?

The Big Island is the best island for fishing in Hawaii, as it has the largest charter fleet and legendary fishing grounds. In addition, its Kailua-Kona shores have the most abundant fish populations, ideal for fishing year-round.

Wrapping Up The Best Fishing Charters in Hawaii

Fishing from Hawaii’s shores is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which is also incredibly fun for people of all ages and skill levels. You can find terrific fishing charters on all the Hawaiian islands, which sail out to fishing hotspots and help you catch island fish with help from well-trained crews. 

The Big Island is ideal for fishing in Hawaii, as its waters are a mecca for big game fish. However, the islands of Maui, and Oahu also have incredible fishing opportunities, and you can expect to catch Mahi Mahi, Ahi, tuna, Ono, and marlin fish from their shores.

My boyfriend and I love fishing from Hawaii’s shores, and it’s also a great way to spend a day out on the water. 

So make sure to try the best fishing charters in Hawaii on your next trip, which offers something fun for everyone!

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