Best Fish Tacos in Oahu

Welcome, Oahu-bound travelers!

Immerse yourself in my world of gastronomic adventures, and let me be your guide to the culinary paradise of fish tacos. Imagine me, a regular Jane with a ravenous appetite for exploring flavors, bitten by the travel bug that took me and my better half on an epic journey to Hawaii.

Trust me when I say this; one bite into those scrumptious fish tacos at Oahu changed everything!

After devouring these delicacies across multiple stops around the island, you could say we’ve developed quite the knack for discerning mediocre from magnificent. In our quest for the perfect taco, we even sacrificed beach lounging hours to ensure no restaurant went untested.

Enter ‘The Great Taco Hunt’ – curated based on first-hand experiences and countless taste tests spread over many sun-soaked afternoons. This article cuts through all fluff and gets straight down to business: saving you from wasting precious vacation time (and money) on less-than-stellar eateries.

So sit tight as I unveil my top 5 picks that turn up the heat in Oahu’s vibrant fish taco scene…it ain’t just another food review post but more like your ticket to experiencing soul-sizzling seafood bliss!

Time then, folks…let’s dive right into delectable waters of…you guessed it right…Oahu’s best Fish Tacos!

Duke’s Waikiki – Supreme Beachside Fish Tacos

Let me tell you about my favorite seaside taco haven in Oahu: Duke’s Waikiki. Their fish tacos are simply remarkable, and the beachfront view elevates each bite into a gastronomic experience!

My boyfriend and I were initially wary of crowd rumors that swirled around this hotspot but decided to book a reservation regardless. This move paid off brilliantly as we got to relish their delectable offerings without a hitch.

We both opted for one fish taco each and split an order of coconut shrimp—highly lauded by fellow diners—and believe me, they didn’t disappoint!

Here’s what impressed us at Duke’s Waikiki:

  • Prime Position: Situated just 0.4 miles from Waikiki Beach.
  • Alfresco Arrangement: With outdoor seating, savor your meal alongside stunning ocean views.
  • Full Bar Service: Enjoy an array of cocktails with your food—all reasonably priced!
  • All-day Buffet: Dig into their broad-ranging breakfast and lunch buffet options without breaking the bank.
  • Variety Diets: They offer accommodating options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free eaters too.
  • Musical Evenings: The ambiance is further enhanced with live music during dinner hours.

Note: If you find you’ve missed out on making reservations at Duke’s Waikiki—try getting there early in the morning; chances are you’ll snag yourself a table!

In short: if divine fish tacos coupled with mesmerizing beach views sound like your kind of feast, there’s no place better than Duke’s Waikaki.

ADDRESS: 2335 Kalakaua Ave Suite 116, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815-2941 United States

Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar – Unbeatable Rooftop Fish Tacos

Allow me to share my newest find on the always bustling Oahu: Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar. While you may not be dining beside the waves, I assure you that their top-notch service and unbelievably delicious food will compel you to revisit.

Perched atop a shop, this restaurant-bar combo is Oahu’s tucked-away jewel everyone needs to experience at least once. Word of advice—don’t forego making a reservation; it helps avoid potential wait times!

As a special treat, my boyfriend arranged for our meal here during our second night in Oahu. Every aspect about Tommy’s won us over—the blackened fish tacos and scallops were seasoned impeccably, while live music under the stars set an unbeatably enchanting ambiance.

Completing our delightful evening was a trip to the bar post-meal where we discovered their drinks rivaled—and maybe even somewhat exceeded—their renowned fish tacos!

Our personal highlights from Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar included:

  • Personable Staff: The hosts and servers are warm-hearted, friendly individuals.
  • Musical Evenings: Their regular live music sessions enhance dining experiences considerably.
  • Ideal Location: Situated 0.8 miles away from Waikiki Beach—it’s conveniently located!
  • Gentle Crowd: Limited seating ensures it remains less populated compared to other popular spots across Oahu.

So, if your quest is for exceptional fish tacos paired with superior cocktails within an intimate setting—look no further than Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar.

ADDRESS: 298 Beach Walk, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815-1970 United States

Fresh Catch – Top-Notch Fresh Fish Tacos

True to its name, Fresh Catch is the go-to spot for the freshest seafood in town. But here’s a fun insider tip—Thursday is your golden ticket here since that’s when they roll out their extraordinarily fresh fish tacos!

As you can imagine, my boyfriend and I made sure our Thursday afternoon was booked at Fresh Catch. Despite visiting during peak hours, we quickly found a cozy corner to ourselves.

Our order included delectable cheesy fries and meat bits besides the elusive Thursday-special fish tacos—with beers served alongside (although remember—you can’t enjoy those on-premise). Safe to say every bite surpassed our expectations—the tacos were phenomenal and paired perfectly with their mouth-wateringly good cheesy fries.

This is what makes Fresh Catch stand apart:

  • Welcoming Staff: Count on being treated just like a local by Sweetheart city’s friendliest crew.
  • Generous Servings: Their epic-sized fish tacos are guaranteed to satiate even the heartiest eater!

So if it’s an authentic local eating experience you’re after—Fresh Catch should top of your list. Just make sure you catch them on Taco Thursdays!

ADDRESS: 3109 Waialae Ave Kaimuki, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96816-1509 United States

South Shore Grill – Premier Local’s Choice for Fish Tacos

For an authentic local hangout frequented by the young and hip of Oahu, head to South Shore Grill. Their menu offers a variety of tasty choices, but it’s their fish tacos that have the neighborhood talking! Plus, its relaxed vibe sparsely speckled with tourists gives you an insider feel.

Prompted by a friendly beachgoer in Waikiki, my boyfriend and I decided to give this place a shot. We were greeted by quite a line—this place is popular! (Note: Many savvy patrons opt to order ahead of time to skip the wait.)

Once we landed our turn, we scored some fish tacos accompanied by coleslaw – and without exaggeration they tasted absolutely phenomenal!

Why South Shore Grill left us impressed:

  • Central Location: Situated just 0.7 miles from Waikiki Beach.
  • Affordable Pricing: Considering their high-quality ingredients and generous portion sizes, their prices are reasonable.

So if you’re game for stunningly flavorful fish tacos that won’t break your holiday budget—and don’t mind waiting—it would be best not to miss out on South Shore Grill!

ADDRESS: 3114 Monsarrat Ave, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815-4441 United States

Paia Fish Market – Unrivalled Choice for a Fish Taco Feast

For an exhaustive range of seafood delights inclusive of everything from fish tacos to fish burgers, the Paia Fish Market will not disappoint. Rest assured their fish tacos are nothing short of spectacular!

Our visit to the market followed a strenuous zipline tour—needless to say, we were famished! Despite navigating through quite a crowd, we finally got our order: deep-fried shrimp and fish tacos. The generously portioned food was enough to sate our hunger for hours.

Here’s why I highly recommend Paia Fish Market:

  • Value-for-money: The pricing for all seafood items on offer is very reasonable.

If variety is as much your spice in life as it is in your choice of seafood, then look no further than Paia Fish Market.

ADDRESS: 100 Hana Hwy, Paia, Maui, HI 96779 United States


Honolulu, HI is a hotspot for Mexican food enthusiasts. While Oahu might not initially scream “fish tacos,” there are hidden gems that offer great fish tacos. Head over to South Shore Grill in Honolulu HI 96815 for some of the best fish tacos.

Fancy some shrimp tacos or crab cakes made from local fish? They’ve got you covered. Waikiki Beach boasts hula grill, known for its authentic Hawaiian tacos. For cheap eats, lucky belly on hotel st is a must-visit. Don’t forget to check out Honolulu magazine for more Oahu food recommendations.

In the mood for baja fish tacos during happy hour? Your taste buds will thank you after a meal in these local taco spots in Oahu. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, Oahu’s seafood restaurants are a treat.

Remember, for the top dining in Oahu, always pick fresh and local.

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