Best Fish Tacos in Kauai 

Welcome, fellow fish taco enthusiasts! I’ve spent the last five days immersing myself in the cozy, vibrant eateries of Kauai. And I’m ready to share with you the finest fish tacos this tropical paradise has to offer.

Over countless trips to Hawaii’s paradisiacal island, Kauai, my boyfriend and I have made it our mission to savor every bite of every unique fish taco creation we could get our hands on. Being dedicated foodies with a soft spot for seafood, we’ve tasted hundreds of fish tacos throughout our gastronomic journey.

With so many varieties and flavors under one sky, choosing just three places was quite a task. The only thing that helped me was remembering each mouthwatering texture, explosive flavor bursts and moments shared over these delectable bites. You see: after all those visits – more than what my waistline approves – here I am sharing the cream of the crop based on quality ingredients, flavorful balance, atmosphere…oh yes…and robust margaritas!

A word of caution, though; once you experience these palate pleasers wrapped in warm tortillas at my top picks —you might just turn into a tacoholic too!

So let’s dive straight into this world brimming with tangy lime coleslaw crunches paired perfectly with seasoned-to-perfection catch-of-the-day bites!

Tiki Tacos – Authentic Mexican Delights in Kauai

If an insatiable craving for scrumptious homemade Mexican food stirs your palate, then look no further! Tiki Tacos is the perfect destination ahead. More than just a restaurant, it’s a haven where you indulge in vast and vibrant tacos oozing with delicious stuffing.

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon Tiki Tacos during our culinary adventure across Kauai. An old friend suggested this local gem; their claim of serving ‘the best homemade Mexican cuisine’ was indeed irrefutable. From fish to chicken, every taco was infused perfectly with flavors that left us mesmerized.

Our experience at Tiki Taco was outstanding:

  • The staff were swift yet patient, gracefully handling each order amidst the rush.
  • Each taco we relished was crammed generously, causing delightful struggles to devour them entirely.
  • Prices weren’t overly taxing on our wallets; the dishes felt value-for-money given their serving sizes!

Reasons why you’ll enjoy dining here:

  • Convenient Parking: A private lot right outside ensures hassle-free parking without any safety concerns owing to adequate security measures in place.
  • Friendly Staff: Their compassionate team is ever-ready to help or provide recommendations based on individual preferences.
  • Fair Pricing: At approximately $9 for fish tacos and other meals, not exceeding $15—enjoy savory cuisine paired with generous portions at reasonable prices.
  • Hygienic Amenities: Separate restrooms for men and women are maintained meticulously ensuring proper hygiene standards.

Operation Hours: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Seven days a week)
Address: 4-971 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa HI 96746

Sharing lighter moments between bites, my boyfriend humorously pointed out how these stuffed delights resembled his packed suitcase—brimming beyond its capacity!

Paco’s Tacos – Savor the Taste of Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Kauai

When your taste buds yearn for a trip to Mexico without leaving the paradise that is Kauai, Paco’s Tacos provides the ideal culinary gateway. Known widely for its authentic tacos and burritos, this restaurant offers both takeout and delivery options, letting you enjoy their succulent fish taco wherever you please!

A fun girls’ night out with local amigos introduced me to Paco’s Tacos. The tantalizing kitchen aromas were an irresistible call while I poured over their extensive menu. From fish tacos to beef burritos and delectable nachos—each dish was a ticket to Mexican flavor town.

Their stand-out dish—the fish taco—with special sauce and fresh veggies made such an impression on my palate that seconds became inevitable. My boyfriend shared this sentiment wholeheartedly when I introduced him to this place during our last Hawaiian day.

Here are some features of Paco’s Tacos that heighten your dining experience:

  • Outdoor Seating: Enjoy Hawaii’s natural beauty as you dine al fresco under colorful sheet covers designed true-to-local style.
  • Entertainment: Keep up with sports, tune into music, or catch up on news via their large installed TV screen.
  • Comfort Heaters: Unfazed by chilly nights? You won’t be! Their provision of heaters ensures warm vibes continue through dinner.
  • Affordable Pricing: Get hooked onto the flavorful fish taco priced only at $6 amongst other delicacies ranging between $6-$15.

Restaurant Hours: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Thursday-Tuesday)
Address: 1292 Kuhio Hwy #4, Kapaa HI 96746

I still giggle recalling how my boyfriend likened his overstuffed beef burrito experience similar to tackling his suitcase before check-out – both full yet impossible not to love!

Monico’s Taqueria – Mexican Gastronomical Adventure in Kauai

Craving for stellar quality fish tacos that dance with spices on your tongue? Monico’s Taqueria guarantees this taste voyage. The joint’s popularity is undeniable, continually buzzing with approving patrons hunting down the perfect fish taco.

It was our friends who led us to this culinary cornerstone during a visit to Kauai. Initially hesitant, we soon found ourselves returning time and again for an obligatory taco fix each time we ventured into town!

The restaurant greets you with curious goats out front—a local staple—making our first impression delightfully quirky yet unforgettable. Inside, it bristles with vibrant energy as throngs of satisfied diners relish every bite they take. We tried pork dishes and salad platters apart from the must-have fish tacos—all undeniably exceptional!

Here are some reasons why you won’t regret making a stop at Monico’s:

  • Stellar Quality: With Mexican cuisine blended seamlessly into Hawaiian style, their food quality is unparalleled—enticing customers near and far.
  • Superlative Service: Despite their constant busyness, staff members never fail to give individual attention; ensuring no patron feels neglected.
  • Competitive Pricing: A delightful fish taco experience awaits here costs approximately $17 while most items—including kids’ menu options—are priced under $20.
  • Accessibility Accommodations: An inclusive establishment offering special entrances for wheelchair access makes everyone feel welcome.

Operating Hours: 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Tuesday-Saturday)
Address: 4-733 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa HI 96746

Reminiscing about our visits there always brings back memories of my boyfriend’s quest—to create space in his stomach through sheer determination—to squeeze one more delectable taco!


Fish tacos are a staple in Kauai. Whether it’s fresh ahi or another best fish variety, Kauai seafood restaurants offer diverse flavors. Kilauea Fish Market on Kuhio Hwy and Island Taco on Kaumualii Hwy Waimea Hi stand out for their good food. Seeking authentic Hawaiian cuisine? Dive into generous portions featuring homemade tortillas, caramelized onions, queso fresco, and salsa fresca. Don’t miss the garlic cilantro ranch or the tang of sour cream. For a quick bite, their homemade salsa enhances the flavor. For those on the north shore, a food truck might serve up great food with fresh ingredients.

With Kauai local eats like these, who needs to search multiple sites? Why wait? Delight in Kauai’s best fish dishes today!

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