The 8 Best Escape Rooms in Hawaii

Aloha, fellow escape room enthusiasts!

You know, I used to rely on Hawaii’s beautiful beaches for entertainment during my vacations, but then something unexpected happened – an overcast sky. It was a real bummer and put a damper on our plans. But that’s when my boyfriend and I stumbled upon the world of indoor activities in Hawaii, particularly the thrilling universe of escape rooms.

We’ve spent countless hours researching, visiting, and solving numerous escape rooms across various islands. No matter if you’re traveling with family, friends, or solo like us, trust me – you won’t want to miss out on these exciting challenges. They aren’t just perfect alternatives for gloomy days; they are brilliant ways to mix up your sunny outdoor adventures too!

Warning: Once you get hooked on Hawaiian escape rooms like me and my boyfriend did (we even made it a personal competition between us), beach lounging may take a back seat!

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the top-notch Hawaii escape rooms that we have experienced firsthand. You’ll find out why their unique themes kept pulling us back for more brain-teasing action.

So join me as we uncover the best-hidden gems that await our puzzle-solving skills in paradise!

Breakout Waikiki

One of Oahu’s most popular escape rooms, Breakout Waikiki, offers high-quality rooms with varying themes and difficulty levels. Their rooms are ideal for more advanced escape room users, as their lowest difficulty level is a 6 out of 10. However, call ahead and get reservations online, as their rooms get booked quickly.

They offer six main escape rooms with new additions often; Ala Moana Stock Exchange, Oceanside Casino, Y2K, Mission Manoa, the Hatch, and Room 13, offering precise details to each room’s theme and puzzles. Newcomers should try Room 13, which has the lowest difficulty level and is still fun to solve. 

My boyfriend and I tried the Y2K, as it’s voted the most challenging, but we also enjoyed the experience, especially with songs from the 2000s playing in the background. Also try the Heroes room if you’re with a group, as it’s an exciting puzzle that requires all hands on deck.

Stop by Breakout Waikiki on your next trip, as it offers the best escape rooms in Hawaii. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • None of their rooms are locked while you play, so a player can walk out at any time (ideal for children.)
  • Experts have designed the rooms, so it feels like entering your favourite movie.
  • Their staff is nice and gives great hints during the game.

Address: 227 Lewers St, Suite 112, Honolulu, Oahu.

Room With a Clue

Another famous escape room in Oahu is Room With a Clue, which offers rooms for families, younger children and friends to solve. Some of their best rooms are Lost in Paradise, Island Task Force, Haunted Manor, A Strange Case, The White Room, and Santa’s Naughty List, designed for children and adults. 

If you’re with kids, try the Santa room and Island Missile Crisis, which has lasers, magnets, lights, themed locks, and logic and visual puzzles that kids enjoy. In addition, adults will like A Strange Case, set in the 80s, and involves solving a murder mystery and locating the killer’s weapon. 

We’ve tried the White Room, and it’s challenging to complete with just two people, so bring a group, and you’re bound to enjoy solving the nerve-racking puzzles before the time runs out. 

Make your bookings ahead and try Room With a Clue, as it’s one of the best escape rooms in Hawaii. 

  • The game masters designed each room well and with great attention to detail.
  • If you play three rooms in three days, they offer a good discount on the bill.
  • Their staff is helpful and aids kids in solving the room independently.

Address: 1130 N Nimitz Hwy Unit B-295, Honolulu, Oahu.

Hawaii Escape Challenge

With multiple locations on the islands, Hawaii Escape Challenge is one of Hawaii’s most famous escape rooms and the most difficult one too. You’ll want to take at least 5-7 people along as the rooms often separate players suddenly, and it helps to have support. 

Newer players should try the Nuclear Launch and Diamond Heist rooms, which have moderate difficulty, and follow similar themes. For example, in Nuclear Launch, you’ll be in the White House, looking for a way out to disarm a nuclear bomb and save Earth, which is loads of fun even if you’re an expert player. 

For experienced players or those seeking a challenge, try The Cellar, which has spooky lighting, and themes of kidnapping and escaping the dark rooms before the timers run out. And with only a 10-20 percent success rate, the Cellar is a must-try.

You’ll love the well-planned rooms in Hawaii Escape Challenge, as they offer some of the best escape rooms in Hawaii.

  • You can take children into the Flush room, which is super easy.
  • Their escape room locations are in Kaneohe, Kahului and Aiea. 
  • Their staff is great and helps younger and newer players a lot.

Address: 98-1005 Moanalua Rd, Aiea, Oahu.

Chambers Escape Games 

In the age of advanced technology, escape rooms haven’t stayed behind, and you can play Virtual Reality rooms in Hawaii. Head to Chambers Escape Games in Honolulu, which offers each player an immersive VR room experience with high-tech equipment. The best part is you won’t be confined to small rooms at Chambers and get to explore huge themed spaces through the 3D graphics of your game. 

The Astronaut and Temple VR escape rooms are the best, transporting you to a space station and a hidden temple with limited time to break out. Each game includes avatars of the players, which work together to solve the intricate rooms. We were delighted with the graphic quality and the VR headsets, which prevented players from bumping into each other while playing. 

They also have regular escape rooms, which are well-designed, and feature themed puzzles with high difficulty levels. Fortunately, there are guides hidden inside the rooms who pop out when you need them and give helpful hints. 

We had a great time at Chambers Escape Games and highly recommend everyone to try their escape rooms. 

  • After the game, you can wander a Halloween VR scenario of a haunted hospital. 
  • The virtual games have incredible plots and storylines to solve.
  • Their rooms with lower difficulty levels are good for kids.

Address: 550 Halekauwila St, Unit 201, Honolulu, Oahu.

Maui Escape Rooms

If you’re in West Maui, stop by Maui Escape Rooms in Whalers Village to experience an excellent escape room adventure with friends and family. The rooms here are challenging and require good teamwork but can be done easily with four or more people per group. 

They offer four different themed rooms, of which Prison Break and Tesla’s Secret are the most famous. Try Prison Break for a more challenging puzzle, and with a group, as the room splits players into two prison cells, which requires a lot of teamwork to break out. 

Their Pirate Room is great for kids or newbies, as the staff often drops hints while you play. We’ve done the Maui Escape Rooms a few times when visiting with family, and it’s a great place to leave kids and teenagers in while adults shop in the Village.  

Don’t miss Maui Escape Rooms when visiting Lahaina, as they have some of the best escape rooms in Hawaii.

  • You can choose a difficulty level like easy or hard for the different themes. 
  • Players can solve the rooms solo or as a group.
  • The game master watches players during the game and gives great hints.

Address: 2435 Kaanapali Pkwy 3rd Floor Whaler’s Village Mall, Lahaina, Maui.

Scaventour – Outdoor Escape Game

Escape rooms get increasingly creative with new trends, and at Scaventour, you’ll find a hybrid between an escape room, a scavenger hunt, and geocaching, set in an open-air outdoor area. A game master present on-ground coordinates the games and feature escape themes for up to 500 people to solve together. 

Smaller groups will like the family-friendly Duke’s Revenge and Tourist Trap games, which have moderate difficulty levels. The real challenge is collecting all the clues and opening locks from the game master. The best part is interacting with the natural environment, which makes the experience more lifelike and fun.

Scaventour’s larger puzzles are King’s Battle and Double Agents, which are great for big groups like corporations on vacation, as you need substantial teams to solve the riddles. 

Try Scaventour’s games when you visit Waikiki, as they make the best outdoor escape rooms in Hawaii. 

  • The games are great for expert gamers who’ve tried all indoor escape rooms.
  • The guides let you take extra time if sudden rain or wind interferes with the game.
  • Game masters give helpful hints along the way.

Address: 2425 Kalakaua Ave Honolulu. 

Escape Hilo

Escape rooms aren’t only in Hawaii’s major islands, as this new escape room in Hilo on the Big Island has terrific rooms designed with challenging puzzles and many twists and turns along the way. Their game master, Ryan, has made the experience super immersive and reveals secrets of the rooms after the game.

You want to try the Jungle Mystery Escape Room, which involves uncovering a lost family heirloom while lighting tikis and playing the ukulele to uncover clues, all in an indoor-outdoor room setup. The game is definitely challenging, and few groups are able to complete it in time, but the well-detailed rooms make it worth the effort. 

We tried this room with a group of friends, and it was a real head-scratcher, as we finished with only forty seconds to spare! 

Don’t miss Escape Hilo if you’re visiting Big Island, as they make some of the best escape rooms in Hawaii. 

  • Players get briefed about the game’s rules and instructions before starting.
  • You’ll find hints throughout the game from the guides. 
  • The escape room is great for families.

Address: 308 Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, Island of Hawaii.

Mystery Maui Escape Room

Heading back home after a fun-filled trip to Maui? End your vacation with a bang by solving an escape room before your flight. Mystery Maui Escape Room is close to the Kahului Airport in Maui, making them a perfect last stop before your departure. The best part is that their rooms are private, so there won’t be any teaming up with strangers. 

They have some incredibly designed rooms, with new ones popping up every now and then. Their best ones are Ramen Shop, ideal for bigger groups, and Stella Superstar, with moderate difficulty, perfect for younger children.

We loved the Ramen Shop, which involved finding a lost Chef with his assistant’s help, and the Stella room featuring an escape from an estranged singer’s private home concert. The game masters make the escape rooms so realistic it feels like being transported to the game world and only coming out when it ends.

We recommend trying Maui Escape Rooms on your trip, as they make some of the best escape rooms in Hawaii. 

  • They also offer corporate escape rooms, which make for great team-building activities.
  • The game masters are experts and have made well-planned rooms with great detail.
  • The staff is very accommodating, and their rooms are accessible for those with mobility issues. 

Address: 81 N Market St, Suite 200, Wailuku, Maui.

Winding Up The Best Escape Rooms in Hawaii

Your Hawaii vacation won’t be all days in the sun, as the weather can get pretty hot or overcast during the changing seasons. So beat the indoor blues by solving Hawaii’s most famous escape rooms, which guarantee a nerve-racking 60 minutes of puzzles and challenges to solve.

You’ll find terrific escape rooms on all the islands, from which I’ve listed the best ones in this article. So make sure to put your smarty pants on and solve one on your next trip. 

Want to experience a VR escape room? Head to Chambers Escape Games in Oahu.

Looking for family-friendly escape rooms? Try Room With a Clue in Oahu, Maui Escape Rooms, and Mystery Maui Escape Room. 

Want to try an outdoor experience for escape rooms? Head to Scaventour in Waikiki.

The best escape rooms in Hawaii are a must-try for everyone!

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