The 6 Best Dolphin Tours in Maui

Hey there, fellow dolphin lover!

I’m so thrilled to share my personal experiences and knowledge about spotting dolphins on the breathtaking island of Maui! Over the years, my boyfriend and I have become deeply passionate about Hawaii’s native marine life, which has led us on countless adventures to witness these magnificent creatures up close. Trust me; you’re in for a real treat!

Now, I know that planning the perfect dolphin-watching tour can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and let’s face it – we all want our time with these playful creatures to be nothing short of magical. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! After studying and researching every nook and cranny of Maui’s waters, combined with our numerous personal encounters (which we just can’t get enough of!), I’ve put together an unforgettable lineup of the top dolphin tours for folks like you who share my enthusiasm.

Just imagine: as you hop on one of these fantastic tours destined for places like Lanai Island or Shark Fin Cove – two prime locations replete with spinner dolphins – you’ll feel your heart race with excitement at the sight of a pod surfacing right before your eyes! Oh yeah – this is what dreams are made of!

Warning: You might find yourself daydreaming about frolicking alongside these gregarious dolphins long after returning home… but hey, who could blame you?

Alright then, let’s not waste any more time chatting! Time to dive into this wonderful world where majestic dolphins await our arrival in beautiful Maui!

Lanai Dolphin Adventure With 2 Snorkel Sites

Set off on an intimate boat tour from the Lahaina Harbor in West Maui towards Lanai on this tour, which has great opportunities to spot sea creatures on the way. The 4-hour tour includes a stop at two marine life hotspots for snorkeling and dolphin watching on Lanai’s shores. 

Once the boat stops on a snorkeling site, you’ll spot tons of tropical and flying fish, turtles, octopus, and manta rays and get to swim alongside them for nearly an hour. As the tour nears Lanai, you’ll see dolphins breaking the shore and performing little feats on the waters, which makes for an unmissable sight. 

Make sure to bring an action camera to capture the dolphins performing playful tricks live, and ask the crew to take pictures of you with the marine life. 

We loved taking this fun dolphin tour in Maui, and here’s why you will too:

  • The boat only boards 22 passengers per trip to keep the tour less crowded.
  • You’ll get breakfast on arrival and snacks throughout the trip.
  • Your ticket supports marine research and the whale entanglement response in Maui.

Lanai Snorkeling & Dolphin Encounter on a Catamaran

Get on board a comfortable catamaran as you spend 5+ hours on the waters from Lahaina, snorkeling and seeing the resident dolphin pod in Lanai’s waters. This tour is ideal for families and large groups, as there’s narration for the sites you pass and fun activities for kids. 

The tour sets off at a relaxed pace, stopping at terrific snorkel sites like Shark’s Fin and Manale Bay, with 300-foot tall underwater cliffs. Here, you’ll swim with a variety of marine life with the tour’s high-quality snorkeling equipment. In addition, a pod of nearly 100 dolphins lives offshore from Lanai, which the ship sails past, allowing guests to see wild dolphins swimming all around. 

My boyfriend and I loved this half-day trip aboard the Quicksilver catamaran, and it’s definitely one of the best dolphin tours in Maui. Here’s why you’ll agree:

  • The tour includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages on board.
  • Their crew is terrific and keeps guests entertained throughout. 
  • They offer special prices for groups with children. 

Eco-Raft Snorkeling Tour With Dolphins

Get up close and personal with the dolphins in Maui on this 4-hour tour on an eco-raft, which sails with a small group. You’ll also stop by remote snorkel spots in Lanai, which attract a ton of sea life, like colorful tropical fish and green sea turtles. 

The raft sets sail to two remote snorkeling spots near Lanai, where guests can swim beside the island’s gigantic sea cliffs. Here you’ll see a wide range of wild dolphins on the shore, especially spinner dolphins who put on a playful show for onlookers. However, keep a safe distance from the sea creatures, so you don’t disturb their natural habitat.

In addition, if your tour falls between December to April, it will also include whale watching, so don’t miss out on this incredible trip!

We loved this intimate trip, and here’s why it’s is the best dolphin tour in Maui:

  • The tour includes homemade breakfast, snacks like banana bread with cream cheese frosting, and fresh fruits.
  • A guide onboard provides each guest with attention and helps them in snorkeling.
  • The experienced captain guarantees dolphin sightings on every tour.

Lanai Deluxe Dolphin Adventure & 3 Snorkel Sites

Get away from the crowded city on this incredible half-day excursion to Lanai for snorkeling and dolphin watching. You’ll spend six hours on a comfortable rafting vessel, stopping by three unique snorkeling spots with lots of marine life activity, and spotting wild dolphins.

The captain on this tour sails to the best snorkeling hotspots near Lanai, where guests can swim with Hawaiian green sea turtles, manta rays, and tropical fish and even spot an octopus or two. You’ll also see many dolphins flitting past your vessel and get a close eye-level encounter with them from the raft’s low level.

My boyfriend and I loved this marine life-centric experience, and here’s why it’s one of the best dolphin tours in Maui:

  • The tour boards the smallest groups, giving each guest a personal experience. 
  • You’ll get a delicious breakfast and lunch for the trip, with snacks and beverages.
  • The crew is amazing and makes sure each guest can enjoy the experience.

Lanai Snorkel & Dolphin Watch from Lahaina Harbor

Sail to Lanai aboard a 65-foot, double-deck catamaran from Lahaina Harbor for some incredible snorkeling and dolphin watching. This 5-hour tour includes snorkeling from Lanai’s incredible reefs and spotting the largest range of dolphins compared to any other tour. 

You’ll be guided by an onboard marine naturalist, who provides a free guided reef tour of the snorkel sites and points out the different marine life species. Since Lanai is famous for its populations of wild dolphins, toothed whales, sea turtles, and the occasional Hawaiian monk seal, expect to run into these creatures throughout your trip. 

In addition, you’ll watch spinner, bottlenose, and spotted dolphins break the shore and swim alongside your cruise while listening to your guide tell exciting facts about their habitat. 

We loved taking this fun-filled trip and consider it one of the best dolphin tours in Maui. Here’s why you will too:

  • The tour guarantees dolphin sightings as it passes known wild dolphin habitats.
  • There’s a continental breakfast and BBQ lunch included in the tour. 
  • The sheltered cruise is spacious and allows plenty of room to move around.

Dolphin Sailing Adventure with Lunch and Drinks

Enjoy all the fun of sailing with a guaranteed dolphin watch on this short trip aboard a luxury sailing vessel. On this terrific tour, you’ll be sailing to dolphin hotspots from Maui’s shores and spot plenty of other marine animals along the way. 

With a certified marine naturalist on board, guests will get great insights into dolphin behaviors and environments in Maui. In addition, you’ll enjoy the antics of acrobatic spinner dolphins and see friendly bottlenose dolphins and curious spotted dolphins on this tour. 

Make sure to snap pictures of these incredible creatures, and enjoy the delicious lunch and complimentary drinks served on board. 

We loved taking this dolphin tour in Maui, and here’s why you will too:

  • If you don’t see dolphins on the tour your next trip is free!
  • The tour is ideal for families as there’s a Junior Naturalist Program for kids.
  • The tour provides complimentary marine life photo cards and postcards. 


What time of year do you see dolphins in Maui?

You won’t have to wait for a particular season to see dolphins in Maui, as these creatures reside permanently in Maui’s waters all year long. However, you’ll need to take a guided tour by raft or cruise to sail to dolphin hotspots, as they guarantee dolphin sightings. 

Where is the best place to see dolphins Maui?

The shore between Lahaina and Lanai island is the best place to see dolphins in Maui, as a population of resident dolphins resides in pods here. In addition, the Shark Fin Cove outside Hulopoe Bay and Manele Bay are terrific spots to see the native Hawaiian spinner dolphins. 

Is there swimming with dolphins in Maui?

You probably want to swim with the beautiful dolphins in Maui, however, the state of Hawaii prohibits swimming with dolphins intentionally since they’re a protected species and largely considered wild marine animals. 

Wrapping Up The Best Dolphin Tours in Maui

Maui tours offer abundant opportunities to explore its rich Maui marine wildlife. Dolphin watching in Maui reveals pods of spinner dolphins, especially near the secluded Lanai island. For those keen on observing these creatures, consider a Maui dolphin excursion. Not only will you see spinner dolphins showcasing their acrobatics, but onboard marine experts will also share intriguing insights about them.

Moreover, many Maui boat tours last half a day, featuring meals and chances for snorkeling trips in Maui. Encounter vibrant sea life, such as green sea turtles, tropical fish, and manta rays. Among the top experiences are sunset cruises, dinner cruises, and whale watching near coral reefs. The Maui dolphin safari and pacific dolphin tours Maui rank among the best places to see dolphins in Maui.

Experiencing the Maui coast dolphin watch and Hawaii dolphin encounters is truly unforgettable!

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