Best Desserts in Waikiki: Experience the Sweetest Paradise!

Dessert fanatics, let’s embark on a tantalizing journey of the sweetest treats you’ll ever encounter in Waikiki!

As fervent foodies, my boyfriend and I have a particular infatuation with desserts. In our numerous escapades to Waikiki Beach, our craving for sugary delights has guided us through sampling an assortment of sweet treats; from traditional Hawaiian delights such as Haupia pie to invigorating shaved ice infused with local flavors of tropical fruits. A myriad of dessert places, including bakeries, ice cream shops, and donut stores, have been our frequented destinations. Unquestionably, our journey has been peppered with countless sugar highs and belly-laughs.

Exploring the dessert scene isn’t about finding ‘a’ good spot – it’s about the thrill of discovering an abundance of them. So, trust me when I declare that our painstakingly curated and tasted guide brings the crème de la crème of best desserts right to you.

Caution: This read might trigger an insatiable yearning for something sinfully sweet and provoke bouts of drooling. It might even inspire your next vacation planning to revolve around dessert-hopping – not as irrational as it sounds…

Now, equipped with my extensive research and firsthand experience (admittedly accompanied by an abundance of chocolate stains), let’s embark on the sweet voyage of exploring the best desserts in Waikiki!

The Cheesecake Factory – The Sweet Stop in the Heart of Waikiki

The Cheesecake Factory - The Sweet Stop in the Heart of Waikiki

Waikiki dessert spots are plentiful, but the standout among them is The Cheesecake Factory. This top dessert place in Waikiki is a Hawaii sweets and desserts hotspot. It’s located within the Royal Hawaiian Center, this factory-style building is known for its variety of heavenly cheesecakes.

The famous desserts in Waikiki we enjoyed were the Oreo and Strawberry cheesecakes, as suggested by the excellent server, Chloe. Each one was a mouthwatering blend that compelled us to order seconds instantly. So creamy and soft, they were a testament to the popular Waikiki dessert places.

One of the best Hawaiian desserts in Waikiki is offered at The Cheesecake Factory. This destination also offers Waikiki sweet treats like fruit bowls and carrot cakes. Gluten-free options are also available, proving their dessert recommendations in Waikiki to be diverse and inclusive.

What truly stood out as delightful experiences were their:

  • Customer-oriented Parking: They sport garage parking facilities exclusively designed for their customers with two hours validated free parking.
  • Comfortable Outdoor Seating: If al fresco dining is more your style – like us on great days – request a prime outdoor spot under the rooftop from your friendly waiter.
  • Exceptional Service standards: The accommodating servers prioritize customer satisfaction above everything else, making any mealtime fuss-free.
  • Diverse Dessert Menu: Different flavored cheesecakes ruled, but they also offered carrot cakes, fruit bowls even gluten-free cheesecakes for interested patrons!
  • Well-stocked Full Bar system: Everything from alcoholic beverages such as tantalizing cocktails and juices are thoughtfully provided at their bar station.

Hinting toward innovation:
Innovative measures are being taken by The Cheesecake Factory, an entity that supports global eco-green initiatives. It avoids using plastic bags or containers, making a considerable impact. The must-try desserts in Waikiki are undoubtedly here, and the establishment’s eco-friendly measures enhance the Waikiki dessert restaurant experience.

Catering Hours
Keeping it open from 11 AM until 11 PM Monday through Friday while extending weekend hours starting at 10AM assured that flavor-rich desserts available every day!

Well then, are you prepared to weave beautiful memories over delicious cheese-loaded surprises just like we did?

Estimated Price Range: $7 – $12
Happy Hour Timings: Daily between 3 PM – 5 PM

2301 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu,
HI 96815,
United States

Tommy Bahama – Honolulu’s Heavenly Dessert Destination

Tommy Bahama - Honolulu's Heavenly Dessert Destination

Tommy Bahama, a gem among the top dessert places in Waikiki, invites dessert-loving folks to a heavenly experience. My partner and I found this Hawaii sweet haven after a sun-soaked day. From its three-tiered artful design to its famous desserts in Waikiki, this popular Waikiki dessert place stands out in all aspects.

This dessert recommendation in Waikiki boasts a dessert menu that skipped our focus from dinner to the best Hawaiian desserts in Waikiki. Be it the pina colada cake or the triple-layered chocolate delicacy; each dessert tasted like a piece of heaven.

Among the Waikiki dessert restaurants, Tommy Bahama holds a special place for its variety and aesthetics. Providing an indulgence for the senses, it doesn’t just stop at desserts. We enjoyed the convenience of street parking at only $6 and the tranquility of stunning rooftop dining under balmy skies.

For those seeking Waikiki sweet treats, the local desserts in Waikiki offered here can’t be missed. You can also join the Waikiki dessert food tours that include this destination. With wheelchair-friendly accessibility, this venue leaves no room for exclusivity.

Here’s why this place became one of our favorites:

  • Parking Convenience: They offer street parking at just $6. Tongue-tied about your beloved bike’s safety? They got that covered too!
  • Stunning Rooftop Dining: We relaxed under balmy skies around their central fireplace set up in luxury seating offerings.
  • Gorgeous Array of Desserts: Going beyond regulars like pies, their special treats such as the pina colada cake will leave you craving for more!
  • Memorable Drinks & Beverages: Their full-service bar provides alcoholic/non-alcoholic choices along with appetizing coffee recipes and smoothies.

Be sure not to miss:
Their live music adds that soothing vibe transforming any dull moment into spectacular musical one! Not forgetting how wheelchair-friendly they are, showcasing appreciable inclusivity!

Just remember:

Estimated Price Range: $10 – $100
Happy Hour Timings: Daily between 2 PM – 5 PM
Reservations Recommended: The exquisite experience drives demand making reservations essential for optimal service.

Hours: Open all week long from 2:00PM till 9PM
298 Beach Walk,
HI 96815,
United States

Cafe Glace Hawaii – Your Dream Desserts by the Beach

Cafe Glace Hawaii - Your Dream Desserts by the Beach

Waikiki dessert spots hold a special charm, and Cafe Glace Hawaii stands out prominently. As one of the top dessert places in Waikiki, it garners much attention from both locals and tourists.

Nestled in the heart of Waikiki Aston Beach, Cafe Glace Hawaii indulges your senses with its tantalizing array of Hawaii sweets and desserts. It’s definitely one of the famous desserts spots in Waikiki, thanks to its fusion of luscious treats and rejuvenating drinks.

On a hot day at Waikiki Beach, my partner and I were drawn to this popular Waikiki dessert place. Embracing the spontaneity, we treated ourselves to a zingy orange slush and decadent chocolate ice cream, both of which were absolutely delightful.

Key elements rendering this place as “not-to-miss” are:

  • Parking ease: Though no specific cafe parking is available, rest assured of ample street spots around even during peak hours.
  • Seating Choices: Choosing between inviting outdoor arrangements or cozy indoor seats won’t be easy; don’t get us started on their dreamy front-beach seating!
  • Awe-inspiring Views: Strategically located next to iconic Waikiki beach promises jaw-dropping vistas complementing your chosen treats.
  • Diverse Menu Offerings: Pause over 30 ice cream flavors adding numerous fruit bowls and tempting home-style cakes! Yes – making decisions wasn’t easy here either!
  • Taster’s Treats: They offer free dessert samples before settling down on one (or more!). Hearteningly helpful staff encourages taste tour without hesitation.

Additional Café Features:
Varied hot/cold beverage assortments ensure no craving remains unsatiated, while coffee aficionados can swear by their creamy blends. Their affordable pricing between $3 – $15 won’t break anyone’s bank. Plus, it’s always fun when restaurants permit pet friends (animal lovers delight in this!)

Really then, scoop up your favorite flavors while embracing nature’s calm?

Cafe Hours: Open daily from 8 AM till 7.30 PM

2570 Kalākaua Ave,
HI 96815,
United States

NameDescriptionKey FeaturesHoursAddressPrice Range
The Cheesecake Factory
The Sweet Stop in the Heart of Waikiki
Hawaii sweets hotspot located within the Royal Hawaiian Center, offering a variety of heavenly cheesecakes.– Customer-oriented Parking
– Comfortable Outdoor Seating
– Exceptional Service standards
– Diverse Dessert Menu
– Well-stocked Full Bar system
Mon-Fri: 11 AM – 11 PM
Weekends: 10 AM onwards
2301 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States$7 – $12
Tommy Bahama
Honolulu’s Heavenly Dessert Destination
Three-tiered artful design dessert place in Waikiki offering delicious treats like pina colada cake and triple-layered chocolate delicacy.– Parking Convenience
– Stunning Rooftop Dining
– Gorgeous Array of Desserts
– Memorable Drinks & Beverages
– Live music and wheelchair-friendly
Open all week: 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM298 Beach Walk, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States$10 – $100
Cafe Glace Hawaii
Your Dream Desserts by the Beach
Located at Waikiki Aston Beach offering a fusion of treats and rejuvenating drinks.– Parking ease
– Seating Choices
– Awe-inspiring Views
– Diverse Menu Offerings
– Taster’s Treats
Daily: 8 AM – 7.30 PM2570 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States$3 – $15


Waikiki, a major tourist magnet, boasts top-rated dessert shops within its boundaries, each ready to satisfy chocolate enthusiasts and sweet-toothed visitors alike. It’s a paradise for the dessert devotee, located in places like the Royal Hawaiian Center or the International Market Place.

Whether you have a hankering for a simple Acai bowl at the Island Vintage Coffee or you’re dreaming about biting into a caramel-dripping chocolate pastry, these dessert havens are ready to welcome you. Indulge in peanut butter bars harmonized with a cup of strong Kona coffee at Hilton Hawaiian Village, or find solace in the divine combination of a waffle cone crowned with two scoops of soft serve ice cream. Don’t forget to savor the whipped cream topping, it’s a small pleasure you shouldn’t miss!

Dessert lovers, it’s time to make a swift beeline to Waikiki. Those warm cinnamon rolls, tempting cookies, creamy cheesecakes, and crispy waffles await your arrival, fresh from the oven of the Liliha Bakery on King St. And if you’re looking for something local, remember to try the Dole Whip or green tea flavored desserts from Matcha Cafe Maiko or Il Gelato. Don’t forget to save room for a scoop of locally-grown passion fruit or banana ice cream!

Small but significant delights are crafted in small batches at these dessert shops. Waikiki, indeed, is your one-stop shop for exploring an array of enticing flavors.


Are desserts in Waikiki expensive?

No, desserts in Waikiki are not expensive. The well-loved mochi donuts, Manju, and cocoa puffs sell for around $2 – $10, while other sugary delights such as angel food cake, donuts, and pies, all remain pocket-friendly, within the range of $2 – $6.

What’s the renowned dessert of Waikiki?

The dessert receiving the spotlight in Waikiki is the Hula Pie. Imagine a taco-like chocolate cookie crust laden with macadamia nuts and ice cream. This popular treat can be found across numerous establishments, including the renowned Dukes Waikiki. With an affordable price tag of $13 – $15, it’s an indulgence anyone can enjoy.

Where can I find a unique ice cream flavor in Honolulu, HI?

In my experience, one of the best ice cream spots is Island Vintage Coffee along Kalakaua Ave Honolulu HI. They offer absolutely delicious homemade ice cream with unique flavors using locally grown bananas and macadamia nut. The matcha soft serve is another delightful option that stands out.

What is so special about shave ice at Royal Hawaiian Bakery?

At the Royal Hawaiian Bakery, their version of shave ice goes beyond just being cooling. It’s served hot with a delectable dressing of mac nut honey butter which is not overly sweet but enhances the taste making it absolutely amazing. Their take on this traditional delicacy providing an added layer of burstiness is truly worth trying when in Waikiki!

Besides its great location, what makes Kamehameha Bakery worth visiting?

Kamehameha bakery offers more than just baked goods like blueberry cream cheese scones or cinnamon sugar donuts; they include other flavors such as ube crinkle cookies or their standout hula pie! Also notable was the fact they only use cane sugar and avoid any added sugar which to me assures natural sweetness levels thereby delivering wholesome treats every time.

How does one scoop make for an exceptional dessert experience in Waikiki?

When looking for delicious ice cream around Waikiki, do try “one scoop” at Ice Cream Spot near Aston Beach since proceeds from your indulgence support local community services there too! This place gives you quality homemade waffle cones filled high with your chosen flavor-topped off by a richly fluffy whipped cream finish undoubtedly proving itself a memorable dessert stop showcasing perplexity through generosity indeed!

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