Best Desserts in Oahu: Sink into a Heavenly Sweetness!

Welcome to the sweet-treat oasis, dessert lovers!

Nestled in the heart of Hawaii’s picturesque beach island, Oahu’s reputation extends beyond swaying palms and vibrant hibiscus blooms, priding itself on an overwhelming assortment of popular desserts in Hawaii. For those seeking the best desserts in Oahu, sit back and savor as I unveil the tantalizing sweets this tropical paradise generously provides.

Let me be honest. My boyfriend and I treaded through a maze of syrupy quandaries, engrossed in exploring the diverse, local desserts in Oahu. We engaged in passionate deliberation, especially on the subject of Malasadas—Leonard’s Bakery versus Agnes Bakeshop, a hot topic!

Now, envisage me as your trustworthy sweet tooth guide, on a mission on finding Oahu’s famous dessert places. Through our frequent visits to Oahu (and countless hours spent compensating in the gym), we’ve savored a myriad of desserts to try in Honolulu from assorted bakeries, resorts, and quaint local haunts scattered island-wide.

Warning: embarking on this flavorful quest might pull you into an irresistible whirlpool of Hawaiian dessert recipes and Hawaiian tropical desserts.

Let us plunge, spoon in hand, into the crème de la creme of Oahu’s dessert food tour, exploring the best dessert restaurants in Oahu and unearthing the top sweet treats in Oahu!

Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery – The Best Dessert Spot in Oahu

Craving for Top Sweet Treats in Oahu? Let me introduce you to Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery, hidden gem within the Franklin Building Centre on Oahu. This charming shop is your one-stop shop for Popular Desserts in Hawaii, and their unrivaled customer service combined with nearly non-existent waiting time is the icing on the cake.

On a quest to experience Local Desserts in Oahu, specifically, the Best Malasadas in Oahu, my partner and I stumbled upon this dessert haven recommended by a friendly native. We popped in post-lunch and were not only charmed by their extensive range of Desserts to Try in Honolulu but also supremely satisfied with their quick service. We chose cinnamon malasadas and delightfully sour lemon cake bombs, whose soft textures transported us into a state of sweet remembrance.

Why did we become completely smitten with Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery?

  • Plenty of Parking: Convenient parking spaces directly outside or just a few blocks away.
  • Kid-friendly Atmosphere: A captivating place filled with enticing treats bound to be a hit with children.
  • Seating Area: Comfortable seating available for immediate indulgence in their mouthwatering bites.
  • A Plethora of Choices: An extensive variety of tempting desserts, think mouthwatering Ice Cream Flavors, cake bombs, malasadas, malamodes, waffles complemented by Best Ice Cream flavors such as delightful vanilla, chocolate cream, sourly delightful lemon, truly strawberry, and more.
  • Merchandise Galore: Souvenir aficionados can explore a wide range of charming merchandise such as cups, t-shirts, paintings, bottles, and bags, all reasonably priced between $10 -$30.
  • Pet-friendly Policy: Bring your furry friend along; their friendly policy allows dogs inside the bakery.
  • Accessibility For All: Entry & exit facilities for wheelchair users.
  • A Step Towards Green: A proud initiative towards plastic-free packaging, say goodbye to meals served in plastic containers!
  • Best Value: Affordable Oahu Dessert Spots with prices ranging from $1 – $15 per item.

Operating Hours :
Friday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

3632 Waialae Ave, Honolulu,
HI 96816,
United States

MoDo Hawaii – Oahu’s Famous Dessert Place for Mochi Donuts in Honolulu

Honolulu, HI, a gem of Hawaii, teems with dessert places, each unique in its offering. Among the best dessert restaurants in Oahu is MoDo, a treasured institution revered for its mouthwatering mochi donuts and refined coffee selection.

On a dessert expedition in the International Market Place with my boyfriend and friends, we stumbled upon a MoDo outlet. Drawn by the animated crowd, we couldn’t resist the lure. True to the hype, it was a dessert haven, delivering a mochi donut experience that remains etched in our taste buds. No other dessert spots in Oahu quite compare!

What makes MoDo a standout among dessert places in Oahu?

  • Convenient Parking: Within the market complex, ample parking spots are available, making it a perfect dessert shops near Oahu beaches.
  • Spacious Seating: The open-air market boasts plenty of seating areas, including right outside MoDo, ideal for enjoying the best pastries in Oahu.
  • Warm Hospitality: The cordial staff offers attentive service, ensuring customers find their perfect dessert delight.
  • Flavorsome Variety: Dive into a range of mochi donuts such as indulgent chocolate cream, luscious strawberry, delicate sesame, and irresistible matcha. The soft texture combined with a warm center is absolutely delicious.
  • Coffee Delight: Pair your hot mochi donuts with a selection of aromatic coffees and teas, making it one of the best dessert cafes in Waikiki.
  • Affordable Indulgence: Enjoy these top sweet treats in Oahu at pocket-friendly rates, ranging from $2-$4 per piece.

Please Note:
Finding the exact location can be tricky due to its somewhat hidden setup. You may need to navigate through the second floor of the Japanese market to reach this delightful destination.

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sun 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

2330 Kalākaua Ave #250,
Honolulu HI 96815,
United States

Jejubing Dessert Cafe – Your Sweet Oasis in Oahu

Tackling the chills would usually seem quite far-fetched in tropical Hawaii, unless you’re savoring frosted desserts that hold the promise of rejuvenation. Wondering where to find such a treat? Look no further because Jejubing Dessert Cafe, located right within Ala Moana Mall’s bustling food court, stands as your answered prayer!

On one of our retail therapy excursions at this renowned mall, my boyfriend and I happened upon this sizable cafe beckoning us with its dessert delights. We committed ourselves to trying their mango bingsu; an enormous serving of heavenly flavors married to perfection! The plentiful nuts, jelly pieces and milk all came together beautifully. You’ll seldom come across bingsu as appetizing elsewhere.

What charmed us about Jejubing Dessert Cafe?

  • Accessible Parking: There is readily available street parking conveniently placed just outside the mall; plus with the cafe near the parking entrance
    your trekking worries are put at ease.
  • Seating: Upon entering, the servers promptly assign customers free tables while ensuring waitlisted individuals don’t miss out on indulging in these delightful treats.
  • Customer Service Extraordinaire: Exhibiting utmost respect coupled with patience while placing orders was indeed commendable gesture displayed by these kind-hearted servers. Curiously they even hand you a bell to ring once you are done ordering!
  • Diverse Flavor Explosion: Indulge freely into divine selection like ices having a shaved texture,bingsu,toast-based treats, cakes capable of melting hearts & smoothies, and many more. It comes loaded with enticing fruit or nut toppings & not forgetting an additional side condensed milk container!
  • Economically Priced: Eyes close experience won’t have your wallets crying as prices range from $4-$12 only!

Brace yourself for possible waiting queue but rest assured it’s totally worth-while pausing if it means laying hands on their irresistible dessert offerings.

Operating Hours
Mon-Sun 12:00 PM –8:00 PM

1450 Ala Moana Blvd Ste1201,
Honolulu HI96814,
United States


Diving into Oahu’s dessert scene, you’ll discover a world of delicious food at each unique dessert shop. Renowned for their shaved ice, establishments like the ice cream shop Pipeline Bakeshop and Creamery are hard to miss. Specializing in the comforting fluffiness of malasadas, it’s a dessert place that locals and visitors both rave about. Another must-visit is MoDo, the amazing place for those hypnotically delightful mochi donuts.

Exploring further, you’ll encounter the refreshing bingsu at Jejubing Dessert Cafe. This dessert shop on King St is not just about its mouth-watering offerings, but also its commitment to the environment. You’ll relish every bit of your experience here, from the enchanting ambiance to the warm customer service.

No visit to Oahu would be complete without a taste of the best shaved ice on Oahu. Take your taste buds on an unprecedented adventure as you navigate through these sweet oases located throughout the city. You might also want to visit the food truck at Royal Hawaiian Center or try the great ice cream at Hilton Hawaiian Village.

If your sweet tooth craves more, consider trying the irresistible ube ice cream at Island Vintage Coffee or the scrumptious coconut pie and banana bread at Leonard’s Bakery on Kuakini St. The classic rainbow flavor at the pop shop is a local favorite, while waffle cones filled with soft serve ice cream are always a hit.

Though some may find these places a bit pricey, the deliciousness they offer is worth every penny. The diversity and quality of dessert places in Honolulu, HI make it a sought-after destination for locals alike and visitors. The North Shore is also home to a wide variety of dessert options, from shave ice to apple pie.

For the die-hard dessert lovers, coco puffs at the dessert shop on Ave Honolulu, HI or Kona coffee at Island Vintage Coffee are other mouth-watering treats not to be missed. Being a huge fan of these delectable delights is not uncommon. So, as you embark on this sweet exploration, this guide will be your companion, pointing out the spots to savor the most beloved desserts of Honolulu. Indulge in the wide range of tantalizing options and let your sweet tooth guide your way!

How’s the taste of blueberry cream cheese scones at popular spots like Liliha bakery or Kamehameha bakery?

The blueberry cream cheese scones are absolutely amazing. What sets them apart is the perfect balance between the tartness of fresh blueberries and creamy indulgence from the cream cheese, neither overly sweet nor bland. Biting into these goodies might take you on a sensory trip back to those quaint local haunts, either it’d be Liliha Bakery or Kamehameha one.

What should I expect when trying shave ice with different flavors such as green tea and cinnamon sugar syrup flavors?

Shaved ice in Oahu provides an exceptional flavorful burstiness that leaves your palate satisfied but craving for more. Amongst different flavors popularly paired with this tropical delight are exotic green tea which adds a delicate freshness and contrastingly warm cinnamon sugar syrup known for inducing familiarity yet intrigue in every scoop served hot over soft serve or traditional ice cream!

Can one get unique items like poi donuts and offerings made from root crop called ube at Uncle Clay’s House?

Yes indeed! Pure Aloha spirit beams from each creatively-curated dessert offered by Uncle Clay’s house including their famed poi donuts – a palpable form of heritage incorporating taro (poi) creating palatable wonders. And if your adventurous buds guide you, try out treats made from purple yam too – a root crop called ‘ube’ fostering desserts characterized by vibrant color & sublime sweetness.

Are there any options for savory lovers such as corned beef hash at great food hubs overshadowed by dessert paradise?

Absolutely! Amidst all the sugary splurge, savories artfully claim space contributing to good food culture across corners of Oahu. Corned beef hash stands noteworthy amongst others being hearty comfort food finding base primarily within breakfast menus yet versatile accompaniment especially served hot off griddle thus couldn’t be missed while reminiscing about great foods authenticated within spots nested island-wide.

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