Best Desserts in Honolulu

Welcome to the addictive, delightful world of Honolulu desserts!

I’ve been on a mission, along with my dessert-loving boyfriend, diving into towering stacks of pancakes, delighting in chocolate lava cakes and guiltlessly relishing sugar-free delicacies in Honolulu. Both our taste buds and waistlines were tested severely as we triumphed over dozens of delectable treats sprinkled all around this beautiful island just for you!

Now if loving sugary bites is your crime or weakness alike, then I’ll be glad to partner up with you! You see, dedicating years exploring the ins and outs of food critique has rewarded me not only an exceptional palate but also hefty knowledge about where to find the most satisfying sweet spots.

With the experience both myself and my always-hungry boyfriend collected from our countless jaunts through numerous pastry shops across Honolulu (yes buddy it’s a hard job!), I briskly sorted out myriad options offered around every corner by considering crucial aspects like quality standards, location convenience plus pricing harmonization.

Watch out! A cascade of laughter might free flow while appreciating how seriousness meets silliness here towards finding obscene pleasure amidst cream-filled buns.

So folks! Tighten your aprons; let’s dive together straight into the divine pool of irresistible sweetness waiting ahead!

Leonards Bakery – The Sweet Paradise in Honolulu

I’ll have you know, this isn’t just another bakery. Leonards Bakery on Kapahulu Avenue is a little slice of heaven right here in Honolulu. With prices that won’t take a bite out of your wallet and top-notch customer service, it’s a must-visit spot for dessert lovers.

My boyfriend and I found ourselves drawn to this crumbly oasis multiple times during our island stay. We instantly fell head-over-heels for their Portuguese sweetbread “Poa Doce,” totally unique with its luscious simplicity – truly one-of-a-kind taste sensation that I highly recommend when you’re in town. Additionally, they offer an eclectic mix of donuts, cookies, and cakes bursting with flavors – selecting just one seems near impossible! But let me give you an insider tip: the donuts filled with custard or strawberry are simply divine!

Here’s what charmed us about Leonard’s Bakery:

  • Parking: It’s ample! Either park up at their private parking area or bag yourself a straight-forward street spot.
  • Stellar Customer Service: The staff won the ‘warm and welcoming’ lottery – kind-hearted souls adding humor to respectful service.
  • Waiting Time: Fear not those lengthy queues; most often, your order will be ready within a breezy 10-minute wait.
  • Delightful Menu: Get ready to be floored by the variety offered here. Donuts galore alongside pastries, pies, muffins…and oh those malasadas!
  • Sips on Offer: Alongside all these baked goodies are non-alcoholic drink options inclusive of soft drinks and sodas.
  • Price Range: With treats priced between $1-$3 (yes really!), you can indulge without breaking the bank.
  • Outdoor Benches: Enjoy the Hawaiian breeze as you munch on their delightful offerings amidst outdoor seating nooks complete with inviting benches.
  • Gift Shop Treats: Their quaint souvenir section boasts cute mugs, artwork prints– perfect keepsakes from your visit!(or perhaps gifts for those back home)
  • Pet-Friendly Policy: They’ve got love (and room) enough even for our four-legged friends!

Open from 5.30 AM till 7 PM across all seven days,
Located at 933 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816 United States – make sure pencil them into your itinerary!

Island Vintage Shave Ice – A Colorful Delight in Honolulu

Remember the sweet, syrupy decadence of snow cones from your childhood? Well, welcome to its tropical cousin at Island Vintage Shave Ice! This festive little gem in Honolulu’s heart offers bountiful bowls of icy goodness that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. And with reasonable prices, it’s a pleasure without guilt!

In search of a change from classic cakes and pastries but still yearning for something cool and satiating? An excursion here will hit just the right note.

During our visit to the Royal Hawaiian Center, my boyfriend and I followed curiosity-lit faces queued up at their kiosk. Drawn by vibrant mountains of shave ice being served, we decided to explore beyond their famed coffee offerings. Intrigued by so many tantalizing options on offer, we happily gave into temptation. My choice fell on ‘Tropical Rainbow,’ generously sprinkled with almonds & suffused with creamy frozen yogurt – pure Bliss! Seeing our elated expressions after every bite sent our friends hurrying to order their favourite flavor variants.

Here’s why you’ll end up charmed by Island Vintage:

  • Parking: Enjoy inexpensive $2 validated parking or opt for available street slots.
  • Stellar Service: Kind-hearted servers offering sage advice, making dessert selection easy–plus free sample tastes before final orders!
  • The Dessert Extravaganza: Renowned for its shave ice treats, refreshing fruit bowls& delish frozen yogurt versions vie here equally for limelight.
  • A platter Rich In Flavors: The apple, Hawaiian,pink island,& numerous more make choosing hard. Infinite toppings lend added excitement.
  • Price Range: Pleasures priced between $2-$12 means savouring sweetness sans overspending.
  • Self-Serving Kiosks: For those prefering minimal social interaction, self-help screen stations outside let you pick and pay.
  • Televisions Within:The TV screens mounted keep you entertained as you dig in.
  • Wheelchair friendly nature: A conducive enviroment devoid of stairs ensures easy accessability.

Open all week round from 10 AM till 9 PM,
Located conveniently at 2201 Kalākaua Ave, Honolulu HI 96815 USA,a happy detour awaits!

Malu Honolulu – A Taste of Sweet Magic At The Pretty Pink Corner

Craving for desserts in an Instagram-worthy setting? Just see and experience the beautiful blend of taste, texture and aesthetic appeal at Malu Honolulu. Nestled on Keeaumoku Street, this unmissable pink dessert shop is truly a treasure trove where your sweet cravings meet photo-ops galore.

During our leisurely amble, my boyfriend and I couldn’t resist the charm oozing from this tantalizing little outlet (credit to its striking pink color). Photo ops screaming at us from every corner nudged me into capturing some beautiful snaps that were an instant hit on social media! Succumbing finally to its allure, we ordered up a slice of their heavenly chocolate cake accompanied by steaming coffee – sheer satisfaction guaranteed! If you’ve got a soft spot for all things pink or simply seek delightful delicacies in cozy settings–mark this place down!

Here’s why Malu Honolulu will work its spell on you:

  • Parking: Plentiful street parking allied with their private lot makes arriving here seamless.
  • Serene Ambiance: Fast service couples with tranquil surroundings here–no phonic disturbances. Plus it’s kid-friendly too!
  • Owner Presence: The friendly proprietress graces her establishment regularly lending added warmth to your visit.
  • Cozy Seating Areas: Adorably outfitted stools paired with wall tables ensure comfortable munching experiences amidst pleasing panoramas.
    -Dessert Wonderland: An array of delectable delights like chocolate strawberry cakes, cream puffs & matcha cups cater to all sweetness expectations.
    -Free Tasters:The servers are always game to offer samples making decisions easy when overwhelmed by choice!
    -Affordable Goodies:Desserts priced between $5-$20 make indulging quite wallet-friendly!

Open from 11 AM till 8 PM between Thursdays & Tuesdays,
Located charmingly at 661 Keeaumoku Street #106-E,Honolulu HI 96814 US,this quaint little dessert nook beckons you irresistibly!


Which dessert is famous in Hawaii?

The most popular dessert in Hawaii is called Malasadas, a Hawaiin doughnut with different fillings such as chocolate, vanilla, and custard. This dessert is very cheap, about $2 only, and can be found in almost every restaurant in Hawaii.

Where can I find traditional Hawaiian desserts in Honolulu?

Honolulu has many dessert places where you can find traditional desserts; some of the places are:

  • Leonards Bakery
  • Tex Drive
  • Liliha Bakery

Do I need to make a reservation before going to eat a dessert in Honolulu?

No, you do not need to make a reservation before going to eat a dessert, but it is better to book a reservation if the restaurant you are going to is a famous luxurious one so they can reserve your desserts for you.


Honolulu dessert spots are a haven for sweet treats lovers. Top dessert places in Honolulu are a must-visit if you’re looking for delicious desserts like blueberry cream cheese scones and homemade ice cream. Honolulu pastry shops like Liliha Bakery on King St stand out with their poi donuts and mochi donuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Tropical desserts in Honolulu offer unique flavors like passion fruit, green tea, and a special root crop called ube.

Crave a cold delight? Shave ice desserts with diverse syrup flavors or vanilla ice cream drizzled with condensed milk are absolutely delicious. Don’t miss out on the honey toast and bread pudding, often served hot. Uncle Clay’s House in Honolulu, HI is renowned for its shaved ice and soft serve. Always check Honolulu dessert reviews before heading to any dessert place. So, when wondering where to eat dessert in Honolulu, remember these local favorites and indulge in the best desserts the city offers.

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