The 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Honolulu

Welcome fellow foodies!

I’ve spent the past few weeks digging up the best Chinese restaurants in Honolulu. My boyfriend is a fan of Chinese cuisine, so I decided to tag along on our trip to Oahu this year and experience some of his favorite spots. Yup – chopsticks at the ready!

For more than 10 years, I’ve been a fervent foodie sampling various cuisines from all around the world. When it comes to comfort food, Chinese cuisine definitely takes it up a notch. Downtown Honolulu’s Chinatown has an abundance of authentic recipes bursting with flavor and color that even the pickiest palate will love. From dim sum to dumplings and delicious fried rice, there’s something for everyone!

That is why I’ve decided to sort through countless menus in order to find the very best places. I will now reveal to you my list of the top five best Chinese restaurants in Honolulu, based on taste, service, price, and atmosphere.

Warning: After visiting these eateries, you might be desperately craving Chinese food at any time!

Ready? Get ready to eat delicious Chinese food!

House of Wong Restaurant

Stepping into House of Wong feels like entering a genuine Chinese restaurant, with its East Asian interior, casual dining tables, and homely feel. However, since they’re close to Waikiki beach, locals and Chinese tourists keep this restaurant crowded. 

We were pleased to get a complimentary glass of cold water and a large pot of Chinese tea on arrival. You want to start with the crispy spring rolls and potstickers, served straight from the pan and delicious. For mains, we tried the House Lemon Chicken, Peking Duck, and Mongolian Beef, which were well-seasoned and had generous portions.  

If you like experimenting with flavors, try their mango koi pudding for dessert (hint: it’s delicious!) In addition, the variety on their menu was impressive, with seafood classics and many noodle dishes. 

You’ll love the delectable food at House of Wong, undoubtedly one of the best Chinese restaurants in Honolulu.

  • Their service is excellent, and the waitstaff checks up on you often. 
  • Their Kung Pao Chicken is the best in Hawaii!
  • Prices range from $11-20. 

Address: 477 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

Little Village Noodle House

Heading to Chinatown for the day? Don’t miss Little Village Noodle House, an award-winning restaurant for its North Chinese food. Their dishes are made to order from the freshest ingredients and served piping hot. 

You want to start with their Lettuce Wraps filled with minced chicken, chestnuts, and crunchy shell Pork Pot Stickers. Then, try the Orange Chicken, which is undoubtedly the best in Honolulu, sweet and tangy with a steady heat from Chinese spices. 

We’re fans of their Singaporean noodles, crispy noodles, and the crowd-favorite Honey Walnut Shrimp, with large shrimps tossed in a cream sauce and nuts. 

We love the food at Little Village Noodle House, and it’ll become your Chinatown favorite, as they’re the best Chinese restaurant in Honolulu.

  • They won the Hale Aina Chinese restaurant award for 11 years straight. 
  • They provide catering for meetings and events on 24-hour notice. 
  • Their prices range from $20-30 per person.

Address: 1113 Smith St, Honolulu, Oahu, HI. 

Legend Seafood Restaurant

This restaurant has been serving authentic Cantonese cuisine in Honolulu since its opening in 1995, in a casual and relaxed dining atmosphere. Their seafood dishes made from fresh catch and the delicious dim sum served at lunch set them apart from other places. 

You’ll enjoy the traditional feel of this place, with tableside trolleys bringing steaming hot, ready-to-eat treats with complimentary sauces and dips. 

Remember that you’re here for the dim sum before anything else, which has so much variety it’s hard to choose! We loved their famous taro puffs, dumplings, flavorful spareribs, and tripe. Also, try the egg custard for dessert, made with a flaky pastry.

They’re legends indeed at this restaurant, as the staff accommodates large crowds well with their quick service. Here’s why they’re the best Chinese restaurant in Honolulu:

  • They have a banquet menu comprising a 9-course meal of Chinese classics. 
  • The servings are family-sized and enough to feed a crowd. 
  • They have low prices, nearly $10 per person. 

Address: 100 N Beretania St Ste 108 Chinese Cultural Plaza Ground Floor, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

Lam’s Kitchen

This no-frills, family-run business is the best place in Chinatown for a steaming bowl of noodles and beef mains. The people running Lam’s Kitchen moved from China and brought authentic Guangdong beef shank flavors unmatched by any other beef sold in Honolulu. 

At Lam’s, the chefs know their Cantonese noodles, especially the mouth-watering Beef Chow Fun with beef slices and bean sprouts. We loved the Beef Brisket Wonton Mein, which has juicy, flavorful meat with hand-cut noodles.

My boyfriend loved the Beef Flank Tendon, paired with rice and Saimin noodles in soup, a terrific meal if you like meaty flavors. 

We highly recommend Lam’s Kitchen to everyone, as they’re one of the best Chinese restaurants in Honolulu.

  • Their dishes come in a rich broth made with fresh vegetables and beef.
  • The restaurant is mostly crowded, but the waitstaff can find you a space to eat.
  • The prices are as low as $8 per person.

Address: 1152 Maunakea St Ste A, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

P.F. Chang’s

Don’t be surprised to see a world-famous chain restaurant on this list because P.F. Chang’s has great Chinese food, hands down! Their Honolulu branch on Kalakaua Avenue overlooks the lively street and offers authentic Chinese flavors at pretty low prices for Waikiki. 

We loved their Kung Pao Brussel sprouts appetizer, nicely spiced with chilies and crispy lettuce wraps. The Honey Crispy Chicken was perfectly sweet and savory, paired with crunchy noodles and white rice, which made it even better.

Their crab wontons and dynamite shrimp are excellent options if you’re craving seafood. And you can’t go wrong with crowd favorites like Orange Chicken and Mongolian Beef. 

P.F. Chang’s is an excellent choice if you don’t feel like trying something new but are still craving Chinese food. Here’s why they’re the best Chinese restaurant in Honolulu:

  • The service is efficient and friendly.
  • Try their chilled Kona beer with your food that washes the flavors down well.
  • Their casual atmosphere and low prices are unmatched.

Address: 2201 Kalakaua Ave A500, Honolulu, Oahu, HI.

Wrapping Up: Best Chinese Restaurant Honolulu

Chinese cuisine has become a staple in Honolulu over the years, with casual dine-in restaurants and street stalls opening on every corner. One thing’s for sure; the eateries deliver on original flavors and quantity, two essentials of East Asian cuisine. 

You’ll love the rich broths, meats, fresh veggies, and handmade noodles served in every restaurant, as they’re a much-needed break from greasy island food. 

 The Chinese food in Honolulu is *chef’s kiss*!

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