The 5 Best Chinese Restaurants in Hilo

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My boyfriend and I recently took a trip to Big Island and had the pleasure of discovering the hidden gem that is Hilo. From its picturesque setting to its burgeoning food scene, we were delighted by all it had to offer!

One cuisine that absolutely blew us away was Chinese – prepared by native chefs with recipes passed down through generations. We sampled classics like Chop Suey, Orange Chicken, and Dim Sum, as well as Chinese fusion food that only heightened our experience. Trust me when I say; Chinese food doesn’t get better than this!


During our stay, we made sure to compile a list of the best restaurants in town so you, too, can enjoy the incredible flavors they have to offer. I’m ranking 5 of the best Chinese eateries in Hilo based on taste, authenticity, atmosphere, service quality, price range, and overall experience.

Warning: After you’ve tried these amazing restaurants, you might be coming up with all sorts of excuses to stay on (or return) to Hawaii!

Let’s go grab some Chinese food already!

Leung’s Chop Suey House – The Best Chinese Restaurant in Hilo

This hole-in-the-wall restaurant looks unassuming, but they’ve been serving local Cantonese-style food in the Hilo community since 1975. Locals and Chinese tourists frequent this place for its traditional flavors and huge portion sizes that feed large groups. 

They have various options to choose from, like piping-hot bowls of noodle soup, cake noodles, a steam table with a range of meats, and much more. 

We tried their Beef Broccoli Cake Noodles, Char Siu Ribs, Roast Pork, and Fried Rice (when I tell you the food could feed an army, I’m not kidding) which tasted like a big bowl of home!

Don’t be shy; try the whole range from their menu, and watch as they become your favorite place to eat out! It’s no wonder they’re the best Chinese restaurant in Hilo.

  • The waitstaff helps you make a selection if you’re unfamiliar with the menu.
  • Come before the evening rush, and you’ll get good parking outside.
  • They have ‘make your own plates’ ready if you’re on the go.

Address: 530 E Lanikaula St, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI.

1 Plus 1 Cafe 

A one-stop eatery for all your Chinese food cravings, 1 Plus 1 Cafe brings the original flavors of this cuisine forward. They’re famous for the Duck and Char Siu, roasted in-house, and delivering unique meaty flavors.

We tried the duck and pork plates, duck veggie soup, and stir-fried bok choy with mushrooms, and everything tasted incredible. You could feel each dish carried its flavor, made even better with the seasoning, and fat from the duck.

Also try their seafood special crab rangoon and chow mein, which are crowd favorites. 

We love the never-changing menu at 1 Plus 1 Cafe, and their home-style food makes them the best Chinese restaurant in Hilo.

  • The staff is friendly and helps you pick out options.
  • Parking can get tricky in the area, so try walking here. 
  • They have reasonable prices for generous portions.

Address: 315 Makaʻala St., Suite #110 Waiakea Center, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI.

Panda Express 

You’ll be surprised that Panda Express is a local favorite in Hilo for Chinese cuisine, for their no-nonsense comfort food that’s predictable – and delicious! In addition, they’re close to Lihue Airport and a great spot to grab a meal before or after your flight.

Although their meals are pre-prepared, the food is always cooked fresh and never compromises on flavor or quality. We love their Honey Walnut Shrimp, Green Bean Chicken, and classic Chowmein – all packed with authentic Chinese flavors and so delicious. 

If you’re watching your calories, they have healthy food options like brown rice, mixed veggies, and a grilled Teriyaki Chicken plate.  

We love Panda Express and highly recommend it if you’re looking for great Chinese food in Hilo.

  • They often have live free tasters at the branch. 
  • You can get catering for your parties or events with Panda Express.
  • Don’t miss their delicious, local favorite Orange Chicken.

Address: 368 E Makaala St, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI.

Lam’s Garden

Downtown Hilo is the place to go if you want authentic Asian flavors and aren’t concerned about the ambiance. Lam’s Garden is just that, with Vietnamese and Chinese food on their menu and a delicious fusion of the cuisines. 

Most people come here for the pho (beef rice noodle soup), which has a rich broth and perfectly cooked beef. But the winning dishes for us were Kung Pao Chicken, nutty and aromatic, Mongolian Beef with juicy meat (their beef is seriously good), and BBQ Pork. 

Pair your mains with a generous serving of fried rice on the side and the crispy spring rolls. 

Lam’s Garden delivered the flavors of each cuisine so well, and they’re undoubtedly one of the best Chinese restaurants in Hilo.

  • Service is quick and friendly here. 
  • Their serving sizes are generous, so you’ll have plenty of leftovers. 
  • The prices are low at $11-12 for a large plate. 

Address: 172 Kilauea Ave, Island of Hawaii, HI.

Sum Leung Chinese Kitchen 

A family-run business for the past 42 years in Hilo, Sum Leung Chinese Kitchen is a busy steam table takeout place with some cozy indoor seating. They serve local-style Chinese food, which the people of Hilo love, as it delivers authentic flavors with a Hawaiian twist. 

We visited Sum Leung’s on a local’s recommendation and were very pleased with the food. Try their Beef Broccoli, Char Siu, Spicy Eggplant, and Chow Mein, which are big on quantity and delicious options for all palates. 

My boyfriend loved their wontons and devoured the plate! They also have terrific Manapua (pork-filled bao) prepared fresh every day. 

With full tummies and packs of leftovers, we deem Sum Leung the best Chinese restaurant in Maui. 

  • Their takeout food is prepared piping-hot and stays fresh for long. 
  • Their menu caters to many East Asian favorites like crispy cake noodles, lemon chicken, pork adobo, kau yook, and cascaron.

Address: 50 E Puainako St, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI.

Top Chinese Restaurants in Hilo

Restaurant NameNotable FeaturesPopular DishesOther NotesAddress
Leung’s Chop Suey HouseTraditional Cantonese-style, huge portion sizesBeef Broccoli Cake Noodles, Char Siu Ribs, Roast Pork, Fried RiceWaitstaff assist with menu choices, best before evening rush for parking, ‘make your own plates’ available530 E Lanikaula St, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI
1 Plus 1 CafeIn-house roasted Duck and Char Siu, home-style foodDuck and Pork plates, Duck Veggie Soup, Bok Choy with Mushrooms, Crab Rangoon, Chow MeinFriendly staff, parking can be tricky, reasonable prices for portions315 Makaʻala St., Suite #110 Waiakea Center, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI
Panda ExpressClose to Lihue Airport, predictable and delicious mealsHoney Walnut Shrimp, Green Bean Chicken, Chow Mein, Orange ChickenLive free tasters often, catering available368 E Makaala St, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI
Lam’s GardenFusion of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines, authentic flavorsPho, Kung Pao Chicken, Mongolian Beef, BBQ PorkQuick and friendly service, large servings, prices range $11-12 for a large plate172 Kilauea Ave, Island of Hawaii, HI
Sum Leung Chinese KitchenFamily-run, local-style Chinese with a Hawaiian twistBeef Broccoli, Char Siu, Spicy Eggplant, Chow Mein, ManapuaPiping-hot takeout, menu caters to many East Asian favorites50 E Puainako St, Hilo, Island of Hawaii, HI

Wrap Up: Best Chinese Restaurants in Hilo

Chinese restaurants in Hilo stand out as top choices among the best Hilo dining spots. When searching for Chinese food Hilo offers, you’ll discover establishments that have enriched the Hilo food guide for years with their flavorful Asian cuisine.

Dim sum Hilo enthusiasts frequently visit places like Lam’s Garden, where a blend of Chinese-Vietnamese fusion dishes await. For those in search of authentic Chinese Hilo flavors, Leung’s Chop Suey House presents a delightful array of Chinese dishes Hilo patrons love. With the vast Chinese menu Hilo provides, from Cantonese food Hilo specialties to a fiery Sichuan restaurant experience, there’s something for everyone.

Many of these eateries, such as those on Kilauea Ave Hilo Hi, are wheelchair accessible and offer outdoor seating. Considering hilo restaurant reviews, it’s clear that when it comes to good food, especially authentic Chinese food, Hilo doesn’t fall short. Looking for more? Explore nearby cities or try vietnamese restaurant options in the area.

The Chinese food in Hilo is unmissable!

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