Best Brunch Places in Waikiki: Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants!

Welcome to the world of amazing Waikiki brunch spots, dear food lovers!

Embarking on the mission to uncover the best brunch in Waikiki was a delicious endeavor. My boyfriend and I tasted our way through countless brunch places. From savory eggs Benedict to fluffy pancakes, we’ve experienced it all.

Through trial and error (and many plates later), we discovered the ultimate list of top-notch eateries based on quality, variety, atmosphere, and value. As an avid food enthusiast sharing these gems with you, rest assured that these suggestions won’t disappoint!

Warning: Indulging in these dishes may lead to insatiable weekend gastronomic adventures – consider yourself warned!

So, let’s embark on this appetizing journey that the best brunch Waikiki Beach has to offer!

The Cheesecake Factory – The Best Brunch Spot in Waikiki

The Cheesecake Factory - Comfort Food Paradise in Waikiki

The Cheesecake Factory, nestled in the heart of Waikiki, offers a cozy spot for heavenly comfort food. Despite its popularity and occasional crowds, this delightful restaurant made me feel right at home during my stay.

On a chilly winter morning, craving something warm and appetizing, we ventured into The Cheesecake Factory. As soon as I entered, visions of French toast with fresh fruit and sweet syrup filled my head. I ordered the Bruleed French Toast while my boyfriend opted for crispy chicken strips; both dishes were flawlessly prepared. To complement our meal, we enjoyed cups of rich and robust coffee sourced straight from Australia.

Their exceptional service was apparent from the generous portions that left us extremely satisfied after each visit. With friendly staff attending to every need despite high visitor numbers – no one is overlooked at The Cheesecake Factory.

Cheesecakes and smoothies abound here too; it’s impossible to go wrong when you find yourself a seat at this remarkable eatery! Ideal for gatherings with friends or romantic brunch dates alike, everyone leaves satisfied and smiling.

Here’s what captivated us about The Cheesecake Factory:

  • Stylish ambiance combined with excellent customer service
  • Generous portion sizes ensure satisfaction
  • Flavorful food packed full of delicious taste

Next time you find yourself longing for delicious comfort food or indulging in a special occasion brunch at Waikiki – don’t miss out on The Cheesecake Factory experience!

Orchids – Best Hotel Brunch Waikiki with a Spectacular Ocean View

Orchids - Best Hotel Brunch Waikiki with a Spectacular Ocean View

Orchids, a must-visit restaurant located inside the Halekulani Hotel, takes brunch to new heights. With an extensive array of mouthwatering offerings and stunning views of the ocean, Orchids will make every meal truly memorable.

As you step into this elegant yet laid-back space adorned with artistic touches, you’ll be immediately captivated by its beauty. The serene atmosphere at Orchids allows for leisurely dining while admiring mesmerizing seascapes.

The vast menu left us undecided about what to choose. Eventually, I settled on a classic Eggs Benedict – always a reliable choice when it comes to brunch fare. My boyfriend opted for English muffins topped with crisp bacon and poached eggs – too irresistible not to sneak in an extra bite!

By the end of our delectable meal, we were completely full but still yearned for more – that’s how irresistibly tasty everything was!

Reasons that make Orchids an absolute must-visit:

  • A diverse menu selection paired with generous serving sizes
  • Every dish brings exceptional aroma and taste
  • Traditional Eggs Benedict stands out as truly delightful
  • Gorgeous ambiance featuring art pieces and enchanting ocean views

Don’t miss out on experiencing the perfect blend of delicious cuisine and breathtaking surroundings at Orchids during your trip!

Basalt Restaurant – Classic Breakfast Experience in a Modern Marketplace

Basalt Restaurant - Classic Breakfast Experience in a Modern Marketplace

For breakfast enthusiasts seeking classic dishes with a twist, Basalt Restaurant at Dukes Lane Market is the perfect spot! This contemporary eatery offers you an incredible dining experience surrounded by unique market shops.

After wrapping up our shopping spree, we headed to Basalt and ordered refreshing lemonades. Bursting with zesty flavor and perfectly balanced, they were just what we needed to quench our thirst.

Delicious breakfast options are plentiful here – and even the possibility of enjoying your morning meal with a beer on the side! While I stuck with my citrusy beverage, my boyfriend appreciated the opportunity to mix things up.

I opted for their delicious pork belly fried rice dish, which turned out to be a delightful culinary surprise. Eggs, bacon, meat, and rice all harmoniously combined on one plate – simply mouthwatering. The scrumptious jams accompanying our food left us secretly longing for more!

During your visit to Waikiki, be sure not to miss out on this fantastic restaurant:

  • An extensive menu featuring both classic favorites and innovative takes
  • A lively ambiance that effortlessly blends modernity with tradition
  • A variety of refreshments including invigorating lemonades and hand-picked beers

Make it a point to satisfy your cravings at Basalt Restaurant; you’ll surely leave brimming with appreciation!

Hula Grill – A Tropical Brunch Oasis in Downtown Waikiki

Hula Grill - A Tropical Brunch Oasis in Downtown Waikiki

For an unmatched brunch experience right in the heart of Waikiki, head to Hula Grill. Regarded for its outstanding food quality and inviting atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for a delightful morning meal.

From mouthwatering omelets to traditional Hawaiian Loco Moco dishes featuring Portuguese sausages – expect your taste buds to be genuinely satisfied at Hula Grill. Each dish is paired with flavorful fried rice that will leave you craving more.

One of this restaurant’s standout features is its tropical ambiance. Adorned with charming plant-filled pots and vibrant art pieces, Hula Grill offers a feast for both the eyes and stomach. The addition of a cozy nipa-roofed bar ensures that visitors can enjoy refreshing drinks after a long day at the beach.

Here’s why you shouldn’t pass up on visiting Hula Grill:

  • Undoubtedly one of downtown Waikiki’s best brunch spots
  • Savory local flavors like their exceptional Loco Moco
  • A whimsical tropical setting filled with eye-catching art and lush plants
  • An inviting on-site bar offering respite from the warm sun

Make sure not to miss out on this stunning dining destination during your time in Waikiki!

House Without A Key – Best Sunday Brunch Waikiki with Scenic Ocean Views

House Without A Key - Best Sunday Brunch Waikiki with Scenic Ocean Views

House Without A Key serves up some of the finest sandwiches in Waikiki, making it an unmissable spot for food enthusiasts. Nestled amidst a picturesque landscape with stunning Pacific Ocean views, this restaurant is truly reminiscent of its namesake.

The warm and friendly service, coupled with the breathtaking environment, transforms House Without A Key into more than just an eatery – it’s a destination all on its own. The lush greenery of Hawaii creates the perfect backdrop as you savor their outstanding culinary offerings.

I highly recommend trying their signature Halekulani Burger – every bite filled with juicy goodness. With fresh lettuce, succulent tomato slices, crispy bacon strips, and an irresistible patty atop a soft bun – your taste buds will thank you.

Here are just a few reasons why you should make House Without A Key part of your Hawaiian adventure:

  • The inviting atmosphere makes dining here a delightful experience
  • Unbeatable ocean views paired with Waikiki’s natural beauty
  • Their scrumptious Halekulani Burger that keeps customers coming back for more
  • Exceptional service from welcoming and attentive staff

For those craving a hearty Sunday brunch or simply seeking an unforgettable meal surrounded by incredible scenery – don’t miss out on House Without A Key!

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Top Brunch Spots in Waikiki

Restaurant NameDescriptionKey Features
The Cheesecake FactoryA Comfort Food Paradise in Waikiki, known for its exceptional service, generous portion sizes and the flavorful food.Stylish ambiance, excellent customer service, variety of cheesecakes and smoothies
OrchidsLocated inside the Halekulani Hotel, it offers stunning views of the ocean and a diverse menu selection.Elegant space, diverse menu, traditional Eggs Benedict, art pieces, and ocean views
Basalt RestaurantA Classic Breakfast Experience in a Modern Marketplace, located at Dukes Lane Market. Known for its extensive menu and unique ambiance.Refreshing beverages, innovative takes on classic dishes, vibrant market atmosphere
Hula GrillA Tropical Brunch Oasis in Downtown Waikiki, known for its local flavors and inviting atmosphere.Tropical setting, local dishes like Loco Moco, on-site bar
House Without A KeyOffers the Best Sunday Brunch in Waikiki with Scenic Ocean Views. Known for its warm and friendly service and outstanding sandwiches.Inviting atmosphere, ocean views, signature Halekulani Burger, exceptional service

Wrap-Up: Best Brunch In Waikiki

There comes a point when hotel buffets become boring and, to some extent, tasteless [for me, they do]. Who would like to have some eggs, bread, coffee, and juice every morning on vacation?! It’s a big NO for me! 

Because I understand you, I have compiled a list of the hottest brunch spots in town serving delicious fresh foods. Get down to Waikiki and have the best brunch if you’re bored with the boring buffet and traditional brekkies in the hotels and resorts.

We’re not just talking about simple eggs and bread here, imagine savoring eggs benedict, pork adobo fried rice, or even vegan banana pancakes for breakfast. And let’s not forget the local cuisine. A breakfast bibimbap or some french toast generously drizzled with local honey? Yes, please!

The first on the list is Prince Waikiki. Aside from being a renowned hotel, they host an impressive brunch buffet at their 100 Sails Restaurant. Imagine an oceanfront view while you sip on your coffee or indulge in some beef with sauce.

Another gem is the Orchids restaurant, nestled in Honolulu, Hawaii. Known as one of the best breakfast restaurants in Honolulu HI, they offer a splendid variety of brunch food. How about some goat cheese with your eggs or the best breakfast burrito in town?

You won’t find any better places than the ones listed above. However, if you do, I will be happy to explore them, so don’t forget to share your favorite brunch place with me. 

Highest Rated Brunch Places with a view in Waikiki


What are the best breakfast restaurants in Honolulu, Hawaii?

Some of the best breakfast places and brunch spots in Honolulu, Hawaii include Prince Waikiki, Orchids Restaurant, 100 Sails Restaurant, Koko Head Café led by Chef Lee Anne Wong, Goofy Cafe & Dine for hearty local cuisine featuring sunny side up eggs with Portuguese sausage or poke omelet. These restaurants offer a variety of delicious food options such as French toast and pork adobo fried rice to cater to varied palates.

Where can I find a top-notch brunch buffet near Waikiki Beach?

Orchids Restaurant, located a stone’s throw from the beach, offers a top-notch brunch buffet in Waikiki. Also, the 100 Sails Restaurant at Prince Waikiki impresses with their signature seafood dinner buffet. Other brunch spots near Waikiki Beach worth mentioning include Ala Moana Center’s award-winning buffets and oceanfront restaurants, delighting guests with their dishes.

Are there any vegan-friendly breakfast places around Diamond Head, Hawaii?

Yes! Heavenly Island Lifestyle, one of the best brunch spots in Waikiki, serves delicious vegan banana pancakes cooked with locally sourced ingredients like guava chiffon and macadamia nuts. You will find several other cafes nearby offering healthy avocado omelets topped with onion spice or served alongside garden-fresh spinach for an authentic Hawaiian taste while exploring majestic Diamond Head Crater.

Can you recommend some coffee shops serving unique beverages along Kalākaua Avenue in Oahu?

Sure! In addition to specialty coffee drinks made from robust Kona Coffee beans sourced exclusively from Hawai’i Island farms-available throughout many Oahu kiosks-you’ll discover unforgettable concoctions like Açaí na tigela smoothie bowls sweetened by Passiflora edulis syrup complemented perfectly when paired next to crunchy cinnamon waffles drizzled simply sublime Strawberry cream sauce satisfying both sweet tooth cravings morning go-getters alike browsing through Kaimuki neighborhood shops lining bustling Kalakaua thoroughfare.

What exciting local dishes can I try at brunch restaurants in Honolulu, HI?

Brunch in Waikiki often involves indulging in heavenly island breakfasts like soufflé pancakes with a scoop of coconut pudding or chili pepper scrambled eggs. The best food in Waikiki includes authentic Hawaiian feast options such as kalua pork served atop steaming rice bowls, and colorful poke omelet garnished with fresh avocado and beans. Lee Anne Wong’s signature creation, the Breakfast Bibimbap, is another must-try.

Are there any oceanfront eateries near Ala Moana offering surf-themed treats and cocktails during weekend brunches?

Head on down to Surfing Monkey Café where you’ll satisfy your hunger pangs amid relaxing seating options featuring comfortable surfboard-inspired benches while sipping delightfully refreshing island-style cocktails expertly mixed behind nearby tiki huts waiting swallow just one undiscovered tropical fruit blended beverages made exclusively this unique dining paradise situated close proximity beautiful Waikiki Beach shoreline overlooking picturesque Pacific Ocean waves crashing beneath Diamond Head’s dramatic volcanic ridges visible distance unmatched views beyond compare happy taste buds aplenty guaranteed every weekend adventure! It’s a fantastic destination for Sunday brunch in Waikiki.

Where are some top-rated brunch spots in Waikiki with a relaxing setting and outdoor seating, especially for a Sunday brunch?

Waikiki has a variety of fantastic brunch spots with outdoor seating and a relaxing setting. Some of the top-rated places include Heavenly Island Lifestyle, known for their house-made biscuits and breakfast burritos, and Goofy Cafe, which has delicious eggs benedicts. Farmhouse Cafe is a great choice for a hearty breakfast, and Koko Head Cafe is popular for its unique fried rice omelet and crispy edge pancakes. If you’re looking for a buffet, the breakfast buffet in Waikiki is a must-try. Don’t forget to check out Bogart’s Cafe for their special breakfast congee and Scratch Kitchen and Bake Shop for their caramelized brown sugar treats.

What are some of the best brunch menus in Waikiki for someone who loves breakfast foods and wants to try something local like guava chiffon pancakes?

If you’re a fan of breakfast foods and want to try something uniquely Hawaiian, you’re in luck. Waikiki is home to a number of brunch spots that offer delicious local options. For instance, the Farmhouse Cafe’s menu features a range of breakfast foods, including their famous guava chiffon pancakes. Koko Head Cafe is another top brunch place in Waikiki where you can enjoy their signature crispy edge pancakes. Heavenly Island Lifestyle offers a variety of dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients, including their breakfast sandwich and breakfast burrito. Lastly, Goofy Cafe and Bogart’s Cafe are also known for their unique twists on traditional breakfast foods. Don’t forget to grab a coffee from Morning Glass Coffee Shop to complete your brunch experience.

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