Best Brunch in Honolulu: Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants!

Welcome fellow food lovers!

On a fantastic trip to Honolulu, my boyfriend and I indulged in incredible brunches that showcased Hawaii’s rich history and culture. As an avid food researcher, I’m thrilled to share with you my top picks for unforgettable brunch spots in this beautiful city.

These selections are perfect for locals or tourists seeking unique dining experiences. Each one provides not only scrumptious dishes but also cozy atmospheres and exceptional service. As someone who has personally tasted these delightful dishes (and would do so again in a heartbeat), let your taste buds rejoice because a tantalizing treat awaits them.

Warning: The temptation to extend your stay just for more mouth-watering meals may be strong, but remember – life is short, so savor every bite!

Ready to embark on our culinary journey through the best brunch restaurants of Honolulu has to offer? Let’s dive right in!

Goofy Café & Dine – An Unforgettable Brunch Experience in Honolulu

Welcome to one of the finest brunch restaurant in Honolulu, Goofy Café & Dine. The delectable food and charming atmosphere will make your taste buds dance and leave you craving more.

Delight in their heavenly French toast topped with perfectly sliced fresh fruit. Drizzled with local honey and served warm, this dish is sure to tantalize your senses even before your first bite. Complement it with a refreshing cup of iced coffee for an unbeatable treat.

While I enjoyed my French toast, my boyfriend ordered the mouthwatering Eggs Benedict featuring succulent salmon. Just sampling a bit was enough to convince me that they cooked both the eggs and salmon flawlessly. They also have an extensive menu with more options like the traditional breakfast congee and a twist on the classic with their breakfast bibimbap. A nod to their local cuisine includes a fried rice omelet and pork adobo fried rice.

Having indulged in countless brunches over the years, discovering Goofy Café & Dine felt like finding a hidden gem – truly authentic Hawaiian goodness on a plate! So rest assured; all their rave reviews are well-deserved.

Be prepared for possible wait times due to its popularity among locals and tourists alike, but don’t let that discourage you: every minute spent waiting is rewarded tenfold by mouthwatering meals once they arrive at your table.

The things we cherished about our experience at Goofy Café & Dine:

  • Rich aromas from dishes that filled the air and created an inviting ambiance
  • Friendly staff who made up for longer-than-normal waits
  • Genuine Hawaiian authenticity reflected through delicious cuisine
  • Vegan options available catering to diverse dietary preferences

Aloha Kitchen – Fancy Brunch in Honolulu

Be captivated by Aloha Kitchen, a delightful local establishment loved for its sumptuous brunch offerings. This charming and cozy restaurant is known for its warm ambiance and extraordinary friendly staff, perfect for savoring unforgettable meals.

While the popularity of this quaint spot can result in a bit of a wait at times, don’t be discouraged. The alluring atmosphere and scrumptious dishes more than make up for it!

During our stay in Honolulu, we were drawn back to Aloha Kitchen three times. We indulged in their banana chantilly pancakes and Kalua pork eggs – utterly divine! But how could we pass up another visit to try their brunch menu which includes innovative dishes like vegan banana pancakes and breakfast burritos? Months later, just thinking about its cloud-like texture still makes my mouth water.

This dreamy soufflé is neither too heavy nor overly sweet; it’s balanced beautifully with fresh berries on the side. Trust us: if you ever find yourself at Aloha Kitchen, trying their pancake soufflé is an absolute must!

Here are a few reasons that make Aloha Kitchen worth stopping by:

  • Outstanding food created from deliciously fresh ingredients
  • Exceptionally welcoming staff who enhance your experience
  • And of course, the star of the show – their heavenly pancake soufflé

Don’t miss out on this amazing culinary treat right in the heart of Honolulu!

YogurStory – A Flavorful and Vibrant Brunch Escape in Honolulu

For an irresistible brunch experience, YogurStory in Honolulu is a must-visit. With its enchanting atmosphere and delectable menu offerings, this eatery is the embodiment of leisurely dining.

One word to describe their cuisine: colorful! Their attention to presentation means you’ll be feasting with your eyes even before taking that first bite. From fried rice to sunny side up eggs, YogurStory truly takes dining seriously.

I joined my girls for a memorable meal here where we ordered egg Benedict accompanied by crab cakes, ube pancakes, and fried rice loco moco. Each dish was cooked flawlessly. To top it off, I treated myself to a delightful taro latte.

Due to its popularity, making reservations online is recommended. Keep in mind that parking may be limited during busy hours. The staff are incredibly friendly and helpful, adding charm to the already inviting ambiance of this trendy spot.

What stood out most at YogurStory:

  • Exquisite dishes paired with beverages that elevate each bite
  • Ample vegan options available
  • A welcoming setting perfect for brunch dates or quality time with friends

Get ready for an amazing culinary adventure amidst an alluring environment at YogurStory – it’s not just about food; it’s about creating memories!

Liliha Bakery – A Flavorful Morning Delight in Honolulu

Fans of the renowned TV show Hawaii Five-o may already be familiar with Liliha Bakery, but it’s definitely a must-visit for everyone seeking a unique and memorable brunch experience in Honolulu. If you’re ready to move away from the traditional fruit and egg breakfast, this bakery will not disappoint.

Their famous coco puffs stole my heart, and they’re instantly recognizable for fans of the show. But that’s not all! The pastry selection at Liliha Bakery is truly remarkable – there are countless options to satisfy your morning sugar cravings.

I was enamored by their Mahi Mahi dish while my boyfriend kept coming back for more pancakes. However, if you prefer savory over sweet, don’t worry; they also offer delicious poached eggs and omelets.

Here’s why I wholeheartedly recommend paying a visit to Liliha Bakery:

  • Unrivaled coco puffs that will leave you craving more
  • An extensive collection of pastries followed by numerous delightful brunch options
  • Scrumptious dishes like their exceptional Mahi Mahi

Don’t miss out on this enticing culinary treat – find your new favorite breakfast indulgence at Liliha Bakery!

Morning Glass Coffee – The Perfect Blend of Brunch Food and Coffee Drinks in Honolulu

Morning Glass Coffee is not just your ordinary coffee shop. This cafe offers an exceptional selection of brunch specials that will leave you satisfied, along with their top-quality coffee.

Savor their scrumptious honey butter biscuits or indulge in an appetizing loaded mushroom omelet paired with bran bread. As for drinks, don’t miss out on trying their one-of-a-kind espresso soda – it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a day spent at the beach.

Located on Manoa Street, Morning Glass Coffee is the ultimate haven for brunch lovers craving something light yet filling to start their day off right.

Reasons to stop by Morning Glass Coffee:

  • Delightful light brunch options that are perfect for a morning fuel-up
  • A refreshing espresso soda to cool down and caffeinate after a sun-soaked beach day
  • Famous honey butter biscuits that can’t be missed
  • Fulfilling savory dishes like their mouthwatering loaded mushroom omelet

Experience this cozy Sugar Eden and find joy in every bite as you unwind at Morning Glass Coffee.

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Cafe Kaila – The Best Sunday Brunch in Honolulu

Searching for the perfect family retreat? Look no further than Cafe Kaila, where you can enjoy some of the best waffles and scrambled eggs in town. My boyfriend and I couldn’t resist their tempting malted Belgian waffles, while we also delighted ourselves with scrumptious Italian omelets.

Catering to guests of all ages, children will find as much joy indulging in their dishes as adults do. Be sure to try the delectable traditional scramble and famous Hawaiian spam for an authentic island experience.

Favored by locals for many years, Cafe Kaila is steadily gaining popularity among visiting tourists. To secure a prime spot at this charming eatery, make sure to arrive early.

Here’s why I’m smitten with Cafe Kaila:

  • The vibrant tropical atmosphere that elevates your vacation experience
  • An extensive variety of mouthwatering menu items that cater to diverse preferences
  • An ideal destination equally enjoyable for kids and adults alike
  • Unforgettable culinary delights await you at this beloved Hawaii hotspot

Explore one of the most savory brunch gems on Oahu – Café Kaila is undeniably a must-visit!

Conclusion on Best Brunch In Honolulu

While selecting the places to visit on your vacation, don’t forget to check out some amazing brunch places in Honolulu. Or you can grab my list and fall in love with everything you have there.

You have my word for these places! Even if you are in the mood for a tasty omelet, a creamy waffle, or a coco puff, you will find it all! 

Have an amazing brunch vacation in Honolulu this year. 


Where can I find exceptional French toast and Eggs Benedict in Honolulu, HI?

In Honolulu, HI, Goofy Café & Dine is well-known for serving heavenly French toast and mouthwatering Eggs Benedict. Its brunch menu showcases authentic Hawaiian cuisine that makes it a popular spot among locals and tourists alike.

Which are the best brunch spots to enjoy local corn fried rice in Hawaii?

Koko Head Cafe, Scratch Kitchen, and Heavenly Island Lifestyle are top-notch brunch spots serving delicious dishes like local corn fried rice in their menus. These restaurants perfectly reflect the unique flavors of Hawaiian Islands combined with a beach house vibe.

Can you recommend a restaurant known for crispy edge pancakes created by Chef Lee Anne Wong?

Chef Lee Anne Wong’s Koko Head Café is widely recognized for its exceptional crispy edge pancakes served during morning brews. The cafe also offers various post swim brunch options such as short rib loco moco and avocado toast drizzled with caramelized brown sugar.

Looking for gluten-free pastries at Brunch? Where should I visit in Honolulu?

Sweet E’s Café alongside Island Brew Coffeehouse offer excellent gluten-free pastries selections due to their additional emphasis on health-conscious options within their culinary repertoire. Enjoy delightful treats while experiencing the warm hospitality of these cherished establishments.

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