The 4 Best Beaches in Maui for Boogie Boarding

Aloha fellow boogie boarding fanatics!

I’ve spent countless hours riding the waves with my trusty board, and let me tell you, there’s no place like Maui for catching the perfect wave. My boyfriend and I have had our fair share of wipeouts and laughs along the way, but we always keep coming back for more. So, I’ve decided to share my expertise and reveal the best beaches in Maui for boogie boarding enthusiasts like you and me.

Picture this: you’re standing on a gorgeous Maui beach with the sun shining down and the waves crashing at your feet. It’s the perfect day to dive into the water and let the tide carry you along for an exhilarating ride. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding beginner, I’ve got you covered with the best beaches on this beautiful island to fulfill your boogie boarding dreams.

Warning: Once you experience the thrill of bodysurfing in Maui, you may find yourself daydreaming about the next big wave while sitting at your office desk!

Now, let’s grab our boards and dive into the ultimate guide to the best boogie boarding beaches in Maui. Trust me, after reading this, you’ll be itching to hit the sand and ride the waves!

Kamaole Beach III – Best Boogie Boarding Beach in Maui

Kamaole Beach III - Best Boogie Boarding Beach in Maui

Head to the rustic Kihei for laid-back towns and the best shores for boogie boarding. You’ll find three beaches named Kamaole, separated by rocky outcropped areas, from which Kamaole Beach III on Kihei’s south side is terrific for the sport. However, tourists also frequent the shores, so plan your trip later in the day to enjoy secluded shores. 

The regular shore break is perfect for boogie boarding, as all skill levels can ride the waves. However, watch out for swells coming from the South, which can get pretty big depending on the weather.

My boyfriend and I often stopped by Kamaole Beach III while learning to bodyboard since the waves here were consistent, and we could ride them easily. In addition, the other two Kamaole beaches are great to practice with your boards, as the water is calmer on them. 

Make sure to drop by Kamaole Beach III when in Kihei, as its reliable waves offer the best boogie boarding in Maui. 

  • The rocky outcrops on the three beaches attract lots of fish, making them great for snorkelling.
  • Visit these beaches during the afternoon for the least crowds, and enjoy a lovely sunset.
  • This Beach has great facilities like ample parking, restrooms, and a picnic area.

D.T Fleming Beach – Best Boogie Boarding Beach in West Maui

D.T Fleming Beach - Best Boogie Boarding Beach in West Maui

West Maui offers a line of beaches on its wide shores, from which you want to visit D.T Fleming beach for fantastic boogie boarding. The Beach has shady trees covering its shores, under which spectators sit to watch boogie boarders ride the waves. In addition, the Beach gets crowded when the waves build, but you’ll have plenty of room in the expansive waters.

The breaks at this Beach stay long and appear often, so you won’t be waiting for each one to build. Off-shore winds make for the best waves at D.T Fleming Beach, so don’t hesitate to ride one when you see it and impress onlookers with your skills.

Experts boogie board at this Beach during the winter season when the waves are rough, but if you’re a beginner, avoid the waves as they can sweep people away.

Don’t miss D.T Fleming Beach if you’re on the West shore, as it has the best boogie boarding in Maui.

  • The summer swells are smaller at this Beach and ideal for beginners to ride.
  • The Beach has lifeguards at all times on the shore.
  • As it’s at the Ritz Carlton, you can rent equipment or beach chairs from there.

Big Beach

Big Beach

Makena State Park in West Maui has gorgeous beaches, and Big Beach among them is amazing for boogie boarding. Spreading for half a mile, you won’t have to worry about crowds here as there’s always enough room to spread out and find a secluded spot. 

During the summer, boogie boarders from around the island gather at Big Beach for its impeccable shore break, making for impressive barrels. However, when the waves are calmer, the water is good for beginners to test their boogie boarding skills. 

When the waves get a meter or higher, sit back and watch locals and experts try tricks from their boards, making for an unmissable sight. 

We love coming to Big Beach for all kinds of water sports and the best boogie boarding in Maui.

  • Lifeguards on the shore always stay alert in case of accidents.
  • Little Beach nearby has a protected swimming pool that’s great for kids.
  • The Beach has ample parking space, restrooms and a picnic area.

Baldwin Beach

Baldwin Beach

If you’re on Maui’s North shore, head to Baldwin Beach, which has the biggest shore break, making it ideal for boogie boarding. The water here is terrific for all kinds of water sports and swimming but tends to get rough during winter. 

Although the sands get crowded by families, you can find plenty of room in the water to ride your board.

If you’re looking for a challenge and a chance to improve your skills, brave the early winter waves, which can be tricky to ride but super fun as well. However, avoid boogie boarding here in late December and January, when the waves are dangerous.

We usually come to Baldwin beach during summer, as smaller swells offer great boogie boarding for beginners. There’s also Baby Beach nearby, where the waters are calm and relaxing for swimming. 

Don’t miss Baldwin Beach on your next trip, as it offers the best boogie boarding in Maui.

  • You can take a scenic walk along the white sands of this shore.
  • Families with children will love Baby Beach, owing to its safe waters. 
  • This Beach has great facilities and parking space.

Best Places to Boogie Board in Maui

Beach NameLocationKey FeaturesBest Time for VisitAdditional Amenities
Kamaole Beach IIIKihei, South MauiBest for boogie boarding, perfect for all skill levels, reliable waves, great for snorkelingAfternoon for least crowdsAmple parking, restrooms, picnic area
D.T Fleming BeachWest MauiLong, frequent breaks, best waves with off-shore winds, suitable for experts in winterSummer for beginners with smaller swellsLifeguards, equipment rental from Ritz Carlton
Big BeachMakena State Park, West MauiIdeal for boogie boarding, good for beginners when waves are calm, impressive shore breakSummer for gatherings of boogie boardersLifeguards, nearby Little Beach with protected swimming pool, ample parking, restrooms, picnic area
Baldwin BeachNorth MauiBiggest shore break, ideal for boogie boarding, good for water sports, tricky waves in early winterSummer for smaller swells and beginnersScenic walk along the white sands, nearby Baby Beach for families, good facilities, ample parking

Wrap-Up: The Best Beaches for Boogie Boarding in Maui

Surfing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially in Maui, where the weather makes the waves unpredictable. However, those looking for water adventure should try boogie boarding, as Maui has the best beaches that offer strong swells for this sport year-round. 

Boogie boarders from all around the world enjoy the thrill that the best beaches in Maui provide. Located on the western coast of Oahu, Maui is home to the beautiful Ka’anapali Beach that draws tourists with its golden sand and inviting waters. But, it’s not just about the popular beach destinations; there are plenty of less crowded beaches for those who prefer a more serene environment.

If you’re an expert boogie boarder, head to the beaches mentioned in this article during winter when the big waves are present. And if you’re starting out, try boogie boarding during the summer in Maui, which is fun-filled and safe. Lahaina, Hawaii, is particularly known for its more gentle waves suitable for beginners.

For a beach with consistently soft sand and fewer crowds, Keawakapu Beach is an excellent choice. For those who wish to explore the North Shore’s beaches, Baldwin Beach Park and Paia Bay are fantastic options. There are also beautiful beach parks with picnic areas, such as Baldwin Beach Park, which offers the convenience of street parking.

Apart from Ka’anapali Beach, Kapalua Beach is another tourist destination in Maui, known for its crystal clear waters, abundant marine life, and its famous Black Rock diving spot near the Sheraton Resort. Additionally, Oneloa Beach, also known as Slaughterhouse Beach, is a pretty beach that is less crowded, making it a unique destination in Maui.

With plentiful palm trees providing natural shade, and the provision of picnic tables, these beaches not only offer fantastic boogie boarding opportunities but also ensure a relaxing beach time. For gear and equipment, numerous surf shops are conveniently located nearby.

Maui’s shores guarantee terrific boogie boarding for everyone!


What can you tell me about the best Maui beaches for boogie boarding?

Having spent a significant amount of time exploring Maui’s amazing beaches, I can confidently say that Kamaole Beach III in South Maui and Baldwin Beach Park on the North Shore are some of the best spots for boogie board enthusiasts. Both offer consistent waves suitable for all skill levels, providing an enjoyable experience.

Are there any quiet beach options with soft sand in Maui?

Yes! You can find several beaches in Maui with soft sand and fewer crowds than popular ones like Ka’anapali Beach or Wailea Beach. For instance, Baldwin Beach Park offers a long sandy beach that feels more secluded while still being perfect for various activities.

How does Kaanapali Beach compare to other local beach options in terms of popularity?

Kaanapali Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Maui due to its stunning beauty and variety of amenities. However, if you’re looking for a slightly less crowded alternative with similar offerings, consider visiting Wailea Beach or Napili Bay.

Can I rent equipment like boogie boards from nearby surf shops at Kamaole Beach Park?

Absolutely! Kamaole Beach Park is close to several surf shops where you can conveniently rent equipment such as boogie boards before hitting the waves on this beautiful South Maui beach.

Is Little Beach a good option if I’m seeking a nude beach experience in Maui?

Yes, Little Beach located near Makena Beach is known as one of Hawaii’s few nude beaches offering visitors an opportunity to sunbathe and swim without restrictions amid stunning natural scenery.

Do any crescent-shaped beach options stand out among other beaches in Maui?

Wailea Beach, situated in South Maui, is notable for its crescent-shaped shoreline that provides a picturesque setting for relaxing, swimming or engaging in water activities. Its outstanding beauty sets it apart from other beaches.

Are there any beach parks in North Shore perfect for a day out with the family?

Baldwin Beach Park in North Shore is an excellent choice for families seeking a fun-filled day near the ocean. The park offers ample parking, restrooms and picnic areas while boasting stunning white sands and welcoming waters perfect for swimming and boogie boarding.

What are the most popular beaches in Maui?

The most popular beaches in Maui are: Kapalua Bay Beach, Kaanapali Beach, Keawakapu Beach, Napili Bay, Kamaole Beach Park III, Hamoa Beach, Ho’okipa Beach Park, Baldwin Beach Park, Kahekili Beach Park.

Where can I boogie board in Maui?

You can boogie board at various beaches in Maui, such as Kamaole Beach III, D.T Fleming Beach, Big Beach in Makena State Park, and Baldwin Beach on the North shore. Each beach offers unique wave conditions suitable for different skill levels.

What is the best beach on Maui for body surfing?

The best beach for body surfing in Maui would be Kamaole Beach III, located on Kihei’s south side. With its reliable waves and facilities like parking and restrooms, it is a great spot for both beginners and expert body surfers to enjoy.

What beach is best for bodyboarding?

Kamaole Beach III stands out as an excellent option because of its consistent shoreline breaks perfect for all levels of experience. Other noteworthy choices include D.T Fleming Beach, known for longer breaks and off-shore winds; Big Beach famed for impressive shore breaks during summer months.

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