Best Bakery in Maui: Sink Your Teeth into Heavenly Delights!

Maui’s finest bakeries welcome you, food enthusiasts!

Imagine a Maui vacation filled to the brim with tantalizing pastries and sweet treats. For years, my partner and I have sampled the delights of local Maui bakeries, each bite a heavenly mouthful, ranging from fresh bread in Maui to specialized cakes.

We’ve journeyed far and wide (with perhaps a few additional pounds to show for it), and I can’t wait to share our ultimate checklist of top Maui pastry shops with you. Envision sumptuous Filipino treats, irresistible Portuguese delights, delectable Italian concoctions – all with a distinct Hawaiian spin that’ll have you coming back for more. Let’s not skip over the fact that many of these Maui top bakeries specialize in both sweet and savory pies, featuring delights like coconut cream and banana cream pies.

With a focus on freshness, inventiveness, superior customer service, and let’s not forget – irresistible taste, I’ll guide you through these culinary hotspots. Believe me; from aromatic artisan bread in Maui to mouthwatering pastries and the best cupcakes in Maui, you’re in for a treat following this appetizing guide.

Here’s a word to the wise: Approach these bakery visits on a full stomach, because once you start, let’s just say your wardrobe might need a few more stretchy pants!

Whether it’s the best donuts in Maui you crave, or you’re hunting for a gluten-free bakery in Maui or a vegan bakery in Maui, this island has got you covered. Even if you prefer organic bakeries in Maui or crave the unique flavor of Hawaiian bakeries in Maui, we’ve got all the best Maui baked goods on this list.

Enjoy the journey through these gourmet bakery Maui hotspots and don’t miss out on the fantastic Maui cake shops!

#1. Sugar Beach Bake Shop – Best Desserts and Birthday Cakes in Maui

Sugar Beach Bake Shop – Best Desserts and Birthday Cakes in Maui

This funky local bakery has it all. From delicious cakes to custom cakes, this place is a delight. We visit it every time we visit Maui. From the door, you can smell sugary and freshly baked goods. They have friendly smiling servers, they have an amazing coffee shop experience, and they have a sandy beach nearby to enjoy your food in the shade.

You will first notice the funky 60s decor and colorful wood seating outside the shop. Right across is a sandy beach with shade (so pick your seat before even going in!) Both my boyfriend and I love sweets, so we get super excited and order way too much food!

Everyone should start with the malasadas – I recommend the Ube or Lilikai cream filling. They are fluffy, creamy, and chewy at the same time. The amount of sugar on the outside is just right. This is my boyfriend’s favorite by far! The macaroons are large, perfectly crumbly, and sweet (try the fruity pebbles).

My favorite is their sweet and savory pies (Lilikoi key lime, mango strawberry, and banana cream pie!) Each pie has the perfect summer taste! The mango tastes juicy and fresh. The crust is crumbly, and there is just the right amount in each bite.

With our order, we always get their strong, robust-tasting coffee (Iced OMA coffee) and house-made lemonade (I like the strawberry).

We love this place every time we visit. You will too because:

  • There is a huge variety of freshly baked pastries, desserts, sandwiches, and in-house-made drinks.
  • The atmosphere is friendly and informative. There is plenty of seating outside.
  • A beach is nearby where you can enjoy a snack or have a picnic.
  • The whole family will love the desserts, and you can take some yummy pies for later.

Address: 61 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753

#2. Maui Bread Company – Best Bread and Breakfast Pastries Bakery Kihei

Maui Bread Company – Best Bread and Breakfast Pastries Bakery Kihei

This bakery is the second best choice and the best place to get high-quality bread. We grab fresh breakfast here whenever it’s on the way. It is a German artesian bakery with pretzels, rolls, and hardy loaves of bread (salty, sweet, or sour!).

I prefer their salty treats like the paprika onion cheese roll and the jalapeno cheese twist (there is also a bacon option). The dough is flaky and perfectly done. Also, the bread loaves are delicious for homemade sandwiches or with some fresh butter.

Of the sweets, my favorite is the lemon Danish. The filling is very zesty and refreshing. They also have a great ube mocha bar that tastes mild, fragrant, and sweet. My boyfriend’s favorite bread is pineapple and banana walnut bread. He loves that they are super moist, cake-like, and pair well with coffee. Orange, passion fruit and guava juices are available for non-coffee drinkers.

The bakery has comfortable seating outside with great shade. Just be careful to arrive on time, because they sometimes sell out.

Note: Gluten-free loaves of bread, power bars, and cookies are available.

Don’t miss out on checking out this one-of-a-kind bakery because:

  • They have a delicious breakfast menu with lots of sweet and salty options.
  • The loaves of bread are unique, hardy, and fresh.
  • They have some great juices to pair with your food.
  • The seating is spacious and gets a lot of shade if you enjoy your meal at the bakery.

Address: 2395 S Kihei Rd #117, Kihei, HI 96753

#3. Coppa’s Maui Bakery – Best Cookies in Maui

Coppa's Maui Bakery – Best Cookies in Maui

If you are new to Maui, don’t get confused. Coppa’s isn’t a place you go – the food comes to you (free delivery in Central Maui). This Italian and Portuguese Bakery has a wonderful menu and delivers your fresh goods quickly. (They are open Wednesday through Saturday, so plan).

We usually order several types of malasadas by the dozen. My favorites are glazed malasadas like strawberry or blueberry. The dough is pillow-like, and the outside has the right slight crunch. The delivery doesn’t diminish anything here; they are always super fresh.

My boyfriend likes apple pie-filled malasadas and cannoli filled with smooth and rich cream. Each month they have a special so that you can try something new.

They also make delicious cheesecake (Ube or cookies and cream are the best!) But the cheesecake needs to be ordered several days ahead. We usually order one on the nights we watch the sunset at the beach. It’s always extremely fresh and rich.

If you’re having a picnic or staying in, order some amazing dessert! 

Not to forget, their apple crumble is to die for! Additionally, they offer a specialty mango cheesecake that is a must-try if you love unique flavors.

This bakery is a smart choice because:

  • They have the largest variety of malasadas in Maui, including glazed options.
  • Everything is made to order and super fresh.
  • They have free delivery in most parts of Maui.
  • The cheesecake is a well-kept secret and worth ordering in advance!

Address: 62 N Market St Wailuku, HI (Delivery only – to order: (808) 793-2032)

#4. Komoda Store and Bakery – Best Malasadas in Maui

Komoda Store and Bakery – Best Malasadas in Maui

It has been a local staple since the 1950s, and with good reason. The family-owned bakery makes everything from scratch and utilizes locally grown ingredients. The employees are friendly, informative, and happy to help. The store looks more like a local market than a fancy bakery.

We love this place because it has the traditional local flavor, and the dough always tastes homemade. The stick donuts are my obvious favorite. The dough is thicker than traditional donuts but still perfectly puffed and light. It reminds me of cake. The cinnamon sugar, sugar glaze, and chocolate are all great choices (the chocolate does get messy in this sunny weather – but worth it!)

My boyfriend loves their guava malasadas and pear-peach turnover. The jelly filling in both is refreshing and very Hawaiian. They also serve the island’s famous cocoa puff pastry, which is flaky and creamy at the same time.

It’s best to arrive in the morning because the bakery usually sells out.

It is a must-visit bakery because:

  • They serve authentic and traditional treats for the region.
  • They focus on the local flavors like mango, guava, peach, and other fruity flavors.
  • Everything here is made from scratch by the local family that owns the bakery.
  • Everything is fresh, and the service is friendly.

Address: 3674 Baldwin Ave, Makawao, HI 96768

The Top Rated Bakeries in Maui

Bakery NameSpecialtyStyleUnique FeaturesAddress
Sugar Beach Bake ShopDesserts and Birthday CakesFunky LocalHuge variety, in-house-made drinks61 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI
Maui Bread CompanyBread and Breakfast PastriesGerman ArtesianPretzels, rolls, hardy loaves of bread2395 S Kihei Rd #117, Kihei
Coppa’s Maui BakeryCookiesItalian/PortugueseFree delivery in Central MauiDelivery only (Wailuku)
Komoda Store & BakeryBest MalasadasFamily-owned (Local)Traditional Hawaiian treats3674 Baldwin Ave Makawao

Conclusion: The Best Bakeries in Maui

Maui is an extraordinary place to visit. Even after many visits, we are discovering new and exciting experiences. Asides from the beautiful beaches and hiking trails, they have an amazing food tradition, which includes some remarkable bakeries.

We have tried and tested a lot of baked goodness in Maui, and we know the best – firsthand.

That’s why each of our picks is well worth the visit. The quality, freshness, and original taste are guaranteed.

If you are looking for some amazing breakfast items or savory bread, visit the Maui Bread Company.

If you want the traditional made-to-order malasadas, order them from Coppa’s Maui Bakery.

Don’t miss the delicious food and hang out at Sugar Beach Bake Shop, Komoda Store, and Bakery.

All of these places get our top score!

We hope you enjoy your trip to Maui and share your favorite baked goods with us. Bon appetite.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Where is Coppa’s Maui bakery located?

Coppa’s Maui Bakery is located in Wailuku, HI. However, they do not have a traditional bakery. All their food is made to order, very much like a home maid bakery. This means no fancy glass displays or a gathering place. It also means that the food is fresh, especially for your delivery. They offer free delivery in most of central Maui.

What are the different types of bakeries?

In Hawaii, you can find several types of bakeries. Many have the influence of Italian, Filipino or Portuguese cuisine. There are also traditional Chinese and German artisan bakeries.

Places like Cravings Bakery and Komoda Store Bakery.

The most popular types are:

  • wholesale,
  • bread shops,
  • donut shops or donut trucks like Krispy Kreme,
  • Home bakeries or café bakeries like the Maui Cookie Lady’s home base.

What do most bakeries sell in Hawaii?

The most popular baked product in Hawaiian bakeries is the traditional malasadas (or cream-filled donuts). But there are also some bakeries known for their butter rolls and simple dinner rolls. There are several variations with different fillings and glazes. Other popular products include savory breads, banana bread, custom cakes, and sweet and savory pies. In fact, some would argue the best banana bread comes from Maui. Other delights include apple crumble, crispy manju, and breakfast items like the beloved breakfast sandwich or Cocoa Puffs from Donut Dynamite.

What are some popular activities to do in Maui?

Some popular activities to do in Maui include visiting the beaches, hiking to waterfalls, attending a luau, snorkeling and diving, and visiting the various museums and cultural centers. After these activities, stopping by a bakery like Maui Pie or Sisters Bakery to get some freshly baked goods is the perfect way to refuel. It’s one of the highlights when visiting Maui.

What Maui bakeries offer the best coconut cream pies and banana bread options?

In Maui, Sugar Beach Bake Shop and Komoda Store & Bakery are known for offering some of the best coconut cream pies and delicious banana bread. These Maui bakeries have a wide assortment of treats that satisfy every craving!

Where can I find vegan bread options, passion fruit dishes, or strawberry rhubarb delights in Maui?

The Maui Bread Company is an excellent choice when looking for vegan bread options, as they offer a variety of flavors incorporating ingredients like passion fruit in their artisanal creations. Additionally, you may explore other local maui bakeries to discover menu items featuring components such as strawberry rhubarb.

Are there any bakery spots in Maui with unique dessert offerings like purple sweet potato treats or cinnamon rolls from a dedicated cinnamon roll place?

Maui boasts various distinctive dessert offerings at its resident bakeries; many establishments specialize in creating innovative recipes often including decadent ingredients like purple sweet potatoes. While not specifically categorized as solely specialized cinnamon roll places, most reputed bakery shops across the island will also serve up some irresistible cinnamon rolls to try!

Can I order wedding cakes from Hawaiian artisan lahaina bakery shops on Maui Island while indulging in cream puffs or manju?

Yes! Many Lahaina-based Hawaiian artisan bakery shops like Home Maid Bakery can create exquisite wedding cakes tailored to your preferences while still providing delightfully crafted cream puffs and crispy Manju pastries catering to everyone’s taste buds. It’s always worth exploring what each particular bakery has to offer regarding specialty desserts and bespoke creations.

Which Maui bakery offers delicious lunch items like quiche and pot pie?

Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop, in the charming village of Olowalu, is among the best bakeries in Maui that serve delectable quiches and pot pies for a satisfying lunch. With an Aloha spirit and mouthwatering traditional Hawaiian treats on the menu, you’ll find unique culinary delights here.

Where can I find tart mochi pastries such as T. Komoda Store’s shortbread cookies filled with sweet bean paste in Honolulu?

In Honolulu, many exceptional bakeries offer Hawaii-inspired mochi desserts similar to those at T. Komoda Store, well-known for its shortbread cookies with sweet bean paste filling and perfectly balanced flavors. The iconic empire of Japan-inspired treats found in these specialty bakeries will satisfy your craving for tasty tarts fused with diverse cultural influences.

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